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A strange stranger has beamed down to your ankles from an unidentified (but familiar) flying object. I wonder what they want? Probably to tell you that those are a great pair of shoes.

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NASA with the help of Harold White, have taken on a very special project. They are on the speculation stage of developing a warp machine. They are trying to determine if a faster-than-light warp drive is actually possible and, if it is, how to create one.

The pictures you see are the prototypes of the first theoretical warp ship concept. This ship is called, The IXS Enterprise (oh yeah).
Its design is an improvement on the UEV-47.

Like I said before, this is all in the speculation stage. There is still not enough information to determine if faster than the speed of light-travel is even possible, but research is still on-going and hopes to soon move to the science stage of things.