space seed

The Seed of Life.

The Seed of Life represents the seven stages, steps, or days of Creation. The Creation of a Vibrating Pattern of Space (electromagnetic radiation) is the actual process of Creation itself which otherwise is symbolized by various concepts such as “Days of Creation” to make something otherwise almost impossible to explain, much easier to handle.

The Seed of Life is a primary building block of the Flower of Life, from which comes forth the Fruit of Life. Another blueprint for Everything, the Fruit of Life creates all elements, molecules, organisms, and even everything else in the Universe. In other words, everything that abides in Reality comes from the form of the Seed of Life.

New favorite Star Trek character

So I got to the episode where Khan is introduced.  I didn’t know it was in the first season!

Bones is my new favorite character.  Bones is my new favorite character oh my god.

He’s treating a stranger in sickbay and the man suddenly sits up, grabs him by the neck and holds a scalpel up to his throat.

And Bones response is to sass this man.  This is some grade-A sass too.  Like, I have a blade at my throat, this occasion for calls for a serving of Grandma’s Good Sass.

I just, you know what?  Here.  Skip to 1:10 for Bones being amazing.