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Making cc that looks like it could be made by EA, is pretty hard when you are creating something completely from scratch. It helps to use the textures the game provides (I’ve used floor textures for some of my objects for example), but to completely create a texture from scratch that looks like it’s right out of the game is something I always had trouble with.

Sometimes I’m just putting all sorts of EA furniture in a room and just study the objects to see how they shade them, map them, mesh them etc etc. One thing I always notice is how EA objects have brighter lines along the edges of furniture. With all my research in mind I started meshing a new object for a new mini-set and I gotta say I think I’m getting closer. I’ve only done one test swatch so far, but I’m just going to play around a bit until it looks like it actually comes from the game lol.

tldr; i made a hallway bench that provides two places to sit, one table surface and all of that only on two tiles ay. 

How I Study @ College

Hey everyone! Here are some quick general tips about studying successfully that I’ve learned from experience! I’m currently a rising senior at my university and figured I could help out some incoming freshman :) I go to a very small university with the average class size of 25 so these might not all apply to larger schools. This is my very first study tips post, hope you like it!

1. Study Groups - Some of your classes will have TAs; use them - they’re there to a) grade your assignments and b) hold study groups. Get in contact with them ASAP and find out their plans for the semester so you can add the study sessions to your planner! For the classes that don’t have TAs: schedule your own study sessions! Pass around a sheet of paper with info @ the top (possible times/locations) and ask for names/emails/#s of anyone interested in weekly study groups. This shows initiative and is a great way to make friends who are focused on studying like you!

2. Library - I know it’s tempting to study on your bed, but DON’T!!! It makes it harder to sleep because your neurons are actually changing their connections and associating things other than bed=sleep which is BAD! I occasionally use the desk in my room for arts and crafts, but I prefer going to the library for studying for so so so many reasons:

  • My library has lots of windows and I find it easier to study with all the natural light
  • Looking around, everyone is there to work, which is motivating in and of itself
  • If you have a noisy roommate, the library is a literal life saver, trust me
  • Just don’t study in your dorm. Don’t do it. Dorm rooms are too small and full of distractions.
  • At the beginning of the school year we can sign up to keep a desk on the mezzanine where we can leave our study materials/anything we want; not only is this time saving, but it also saves desk space in my room. Find out if your library offers anything like this!
  • The staff are very friendly and always help if I need to find certain articles or books - they help me get the gears going for research projects :)
  • The library is usually the quietest place on campus and I love the atmosphere so much

3. Sleep and study time - When I was a freshman I was constantly saving all my homework until 10pm which resulted in me being tired, grumpy, and getting bad grades. If you have later classes (10am or later) I suggest setting aside an hour or two in the morning for studying. Last semester I had an 8am class on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I wanted to keep a consistent sleep schedule so I studied starting at 8am the other school days too. I plan each school day hour by hour, every day. I never stay up past midnight on a school night - always try and get 8+ hours of sleep! 

4. Print the Syllabus - you want to have all your syllabuses on hand if possible - print them, write the dates in your planner, put sticky notes all over your wall for each class, whatever you need to do. There is no good excuse for turning in assignments late because you forgot the due date. Some professors will give ZEROS on late assignments. Don’t let that poor kid whose grade drops a letter just because of homework be you.

Good luck to anyone starting college in the fall!


seriously. i’m so tired of seeing the same 4 posts on my dash when I’m trying to efficiently reblog and inspire my blog’s followers… i’ve seen other blogs post about this too.

please reblog if to find other blogs that may be just getting started and have a variety of posts, or even better - post their own photos and updates!  i really may have to start unfollowing blogs if they only reblog! :(

please realize these study posts, techniques, study spaces, etc. don’t just magically appear. these are real students with real studying habits and such they share to inspire you. the least you could do is post some of your own work and inspiration. we would LOVE to reblog and share!!

anonymous asked:

So I'm looking at getting some new things to enable more efficient studying. I'd like to have the PERFECT desk. What pens, highlighters, pencils, etc. do you recommend? Also, how do you recommend organizing everything on your desk? What about papers? What things should I get to make my study space clean, pretty, and efficient?

Sorry for the late answer. I was very busy with my (extra) summer classes. I even go back to school  o(╥﹏╥)o

How I organize my study space

Managing Your Literature

there are undoubtedly textbooks, magazines, and binders floating around your room. Keeping these organized will help you tremendously when you’re packing your bag for a sojourn at the library, and will also help you keep track of every printed work so that you leave with the same number you came with. 

You should get:

  • colorful magazine holders are chic and functional, and can be labeled however you want! I would recommend labeling them first by issue title, then by date.
  • Bookends are adorable and come in virtually every shape and size!
  • Vertical literature organizers like metal tier are especially handy because they use wall space. Try using these to store important papers for class, or even smaller textbooks that you can easily reach.
  • I can’t overstress the importance of bookshelves as a simple and chic way to store literature. My bookshelf is organized by color. Bonus: the bookshelf can double as a display case, and you can even group your collectibles and displays to match the colors of the books they’re next to!

Pens, Pencils, Markers


Try a unique-looking coffee mug to store your pens and pencils!

  • Glass jars lined up against the wall on your desk or dresser and labeled with chalkboard labels are absolutely fantastic and such a creative way to organize your writing utensils. They’re also inexpensive and can be easily re-purposed. I really wanted to do this, but I decided on another way to store mine, which I’ll talk about below.
  • Of course, simple pencil cups like this feminine brocade one are a sweet way to add some life to your desk.
  • Tin pails are clever and unique ways to store your pens and pencils. Target has them for $1 each in the dollar section, which is where I stocked up on about 20 of them. You can also try sticking Command hooks to the wall above your desk and hanging the pails on them to hold your writing implements!
  • A nice spinning desktop organizer is functional and also saves space on your desk, leaving you free to spread out your books and laptop.

Don’t go overboard.

Remember that the purpose of a study space is to help you study more effectively. If you spend too long trying to set up your space just so and end up significantly reducing your actual study time, you will be doing yourself a disservice. A study space meant to limit distractions can become a distraction itself.

  • Remember: You’re better off studying in a less-than-ideal space than not studying in a perfect space.