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“Got'ch your back!” A Procreate sketch of everyone’s favorite lombax and robot tag-team of galaxy savers: Ratchet and Clank! I absolutely love those games and hope playstation and insomniac churn out some more.
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DOCTOR ANON-TFP autobots react to human wanting soft headbumps ;U;

D’aaawwwww!  That’s so cute!  ^___^

Optimus:  You approach him playfully, asking for him to lift you up in his hands.  He does so with a twinge of curiosity, bringing you up to optic level.  “Yes, y/n. What can I do for you?”  You gently headbut him on the chin with an affectionate giggle.  “Bomp!” His optics widen slightly and he looks down at you like you’re the most precious thing in the universe.  Very gently, he touches his helm lightly against your forehead with a soft chuckle.  “Well, ‘bomp’ to you as well.”

Ratchet:  He gets all grumbly if you’re the one to initiate the headbump.  For heaven’s sakes!  He’s a doctor.  He doesn’t have time for your childish games.  Sometimes though, you’ll lightly headbut him on the leg, or wherever you can reach, just to show him you care.  He gives off a soft snort but otherwise doesn’t mention it.  However, if you’re sick or feeling sad, he’ll tenderly scoop you up and bring you up to his face to gently nuzzle your head (not that he’ll ever admit this to the others though.)

Bumblebee:  He’s so freaking tickled by the concept of headbuts.  Whenever you give him one he gets all dancey and excited, little doorwings fluttering and vocalizer buzzing ecstatically.  He thinks you’re the cutest thing on the entire planet!  After the first one, he’s always looking for a chance to headbomp with you again.  He’ll come up behind you when you’re not doing anything and buzz happily, indicating his desire for affection (he’s like a little kitty.)  If you’ll let him, he’ll lift you up to his face to gently bonk heads, letting out a happy little whirling noise.

Arcee:  “Bonk,” you say, butting your head against the side of Arcee’s leg as you pass by. She turns to you with an arched optic ridge, a wry smile pulling at the corners of her lips.  “Did you just ‘bonk’ me?”  “I might have.  What are you going to do about it?” you ask with a playful grin.  She smirks and reaches down to tickle you along your stomach, chuckling softly at your shrieks of laughter as you squirm.   It’s a rare moment of playfulness from her, but then again, you bring out the best in her.

Bulkhead:  This guy was made for headbomps.  It’s your go-to sign of affection for each other.  Some people kiss on the cheek, some people are huggers, you guys are headbutters.  Since you’re usually always on his shoulder anyway, it makes things easier when you get the sudden urge to bomp heads.  He likes for you to headbump with him before he heads off on a mission, “for good luck” he says.

Wheeljack:  While it’s not something that he’d normally initiate himself, he thinks it’s absolutely slagging adorable when you do it!  “Come bomp with me, Jackie!” you shout, while motioning for him to pick you up. He’ll laugh and scoop you up to place on his shoulder, offering you an endearing bonk of the head.  “Easy there, kid.  You could hurt somebody with that thing,” he rumbles with a smirk, “You got a real Wrecker style headbut.”  You guys are bonk buddies.

Smokescreen:  He’s a very outwardly affectionate guy, so things like headbumps are right up his alley. The two of you make a game out of it, each one trying o see who can get in the most bomps in one day.  Sometimes you have to be sneaky about it.  “Smokescreen, I think I have something in my eye.  Can you bend down and check it for me?” (Bonk!)  Occasionally however, his enthusiasm gets the better of him and he’ll bonk you just a bit too hard.  He always feels like absolute scrap when it happens, and will practically implode on himself if he actually made you cry.  He’ll apologize by taking you anywhere you want to go later.

Ultra Magnus:  You approach him very seriously, shoulders back, eyes up, legs straight.  He glances down at you quizzically, wondering what prompted this unusual (yet welcome) change in behavior.  “Sir!” you say, snapping a firm salute.  “Permission to bomp with you, sir!”  He can’t help it.  He cracks a soft smile at that.  If there’s no one else around, he’ll let you climb up on his hand and bring you to optic level.  “You get one ‘bomp,” he says with the barest trace of amusement in his voice.

Since Insomniac won’t give us a design for Ratchet’s mom, I guess I have to come up with my own headcanon instead >:(

(Part 1): HERE

(Part 2):

(Part 3):

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Hi! First! I love your posts, they’re very cute. And now, just because I’m a sucker for parental autobots; a human baby is found on the Lost Light (MTMTE) and before they can take it back some mysterious force death star’s the planet (I just saw a Star Wars trailer). [Optimus and crew weren’t on it at the time.] Reactions and headcanons for the crew caring for the last human in the galaxy?

Hello Hello!! Thank you so much! :D
And now, because I am also a sucker for parental bots, your wish is my command~~

Transformers MTMTE

  • Rodimus: Worst. Babysitter. Imaginable. DON’T GIVE RODIMUS A BABY. He will forget basic needs until the baby start wailing. He freaks out and just rushes to literally every bot he comes across asking for help. He barely knows how to take care of himself let alone a tiny human child. Primus help him.
  • Ultra Magnus is so confused. He doesn’t even want to touch the baby in fear that he’ll hurt it due to his size. He thinks the little fella’s adorable and all, but he just has no idea what to do with it. (He does however love it when the baby giggles at his confused and mortified expression) Keep Mags away from children.
  • Swerve: BEST. SPACE-DAD. EVER. Give Swerve all of the babies. He thinks they’re just the cutest and most precious things in the galaxy. He’ll play with them, tell them stories and sing lullabies, rock them to sleep, he can do it all, and his knowledge of sit-coms as well as his size allows him to take care of the kid more easily. His favourite game to play is Peek-a-Boo, he loves making silly faces. He also loves the fact that he can make the baby laugh so easily. (Do anything to make the kid cry and be prepared for something unpleasent in your engex, pal.)
  • Megatron, Ratchet, and Cyclonus are the sassy, grumpy, grandpas. They’ll play with and coddle the baby when no one is looking, but the moment they’re no longer alone with the kid, they pretend to be above such things. They think they’re being inconspicuous, but everyone knows what these old saps are really feeling.
  • Whirl is the crazy older brother type who is always trying to do crazy and dangerous things with the kid. No Whirl, they’re not even big enough to hold a gu- oh Primus where did they get a gun- WhiRL WAIT NO-!!
    He also makes it his mission to kill anyone involved with destroying your home-world…painfully.
  • Tailgate is like a doting aunt that just showers the kid with praise and affection, but the moment it comes time to actually do something important, he’s suddenly got somewhere he needs to be. Yeah, thanks Tailgate.
Movie Night Headcanons with Team Prime

Optimus:  He’s… not really a fan of movie nights at first.  “Hey, Optimus?  Wanna watch a movie with us?”  “No.” You refuse to give up however. You make it your personal goal to find the perfect movie for the stoic leader of the Autobots.  You catch him on a good day after a particularly satisfying win against the cons and convince him to reward himself with some much needed r&r.  You decide to show him the best Earth cinema has to offer: Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia, the works.  It becomes a Hollywood classics marathon.  Optimus finds himself enjoying the movies more than he thought, and uses this as an opportunity to study human culture.  He takes a particular interest in the old Charlton Heston version of The Ten Commandments as Moses’ struggle with Ramses is something he relates to 1000%. Little do you know however, that you have now have created a monster.  Whenever no one else is around, Optimus will pop in the absolute corniest and/or funniest movies he can find and use them to build his repertoire of Earth dad humor.  One day, he walks by you and Raf playing with Raf’s toy racecars and without missing a beat says, “What is this?  A convertible for ants?”  He smiles and walks away leaving you and Raf both utterly speechless.  Optimus, why are you like this???

Ratchet:  He’s actually a pretty fun guy when he’s not stressed 24/7.  He enjoys classic comedies from the 80’s like Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Caddyshack, and pretty much anything by Mel Brooks.  (He won’t admit it, but he secretly enjoys the raunchier comedies too, not that he’d ever let you watch them with him.)  He also loves movies about astronauts, but always forgets how much our limited knowledge of interplanetary travel annoys him. “There is NO WAY that a human would be able to survive a tear in his protective suit, let alone use it as a source of adequate propulsion to reach an orbiting space station!”  “Ratchet, just watch the movie!”  Another one of his favorite genres are movies that have a real emotional connection.  One of his favorite movies of all time is Good Will Hunting.  He finds Robin Williams’ portrayal of the snarky yet caring psychiatrist to be immensely relatable.  

Bumblebee:  It’s no secret that this bot loves his cowboys!  The two of you get together and have a total western classics marathon with movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, True Grit, and The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  He gets super into it, pointing his guns at the screen during a fight, and buzzing happily throughout the film.  He also loves helping you make popcorn for the movie because he loves the sound it makes. You usually end up with about a bathtub’s worth of popcorn by the end of it.  You two also love to build pillow forts and pretend to stage shoot-outs in them during the film.  After the movie ends, the two of you run around the base playing cowboys together, which usually involves a lot of shouting, laughter, and throwing cushions at each other.  Ratchet hates cowboy movie nights.

Arcee:  She tends to favor historical dramas, especially those based on true stories or featuring female leads.  Movies like Atonement, The King’s Speech, and The Imitation Game are all right up her alley. You have to be careful what you watch with her though, as some of those war movies hit her a little too close to home, especially if one of the main characters dies.  (She had to walk out of the room at one point during Saving Private Ryan.)  Surprisingly, as tough a bot as she is, she doesn’t mind the occasional romance movie. Mind you, they have to be good, not some frivolous romantic comedy made for a quick buck.  But stuff like Pride and Prejudice, Ever After, and The Age of Innocence are movies that Arcee enjoys from time to time.

Bulkhead:  He likes movies featuring ‘the everyman”.  Something like Armageddon where the hero of the movie is an oil rig worker, or movies featuring a strong group camaraderie like he had in The Wreckers. It’s no surprise to anyone that he likes big, explosive action movies.  (They don’t even necessarily have to be that good either.)  Movie nights with Bulkhead are a ton of fun!  You, Bulkhead, and Miko all cheer at the screen, or shout things at the characters, and pretty much just talk the entire time.  In fact, a lot of times one of you has to rewind part of it because you were all talking and missed a crucial scene.  He gets Wheeljack to build some supersonic subwoofers to make those awesome explosion noises even awesomer!  Ratchet hates action movie nights even more than cowboy nights.  

Wheeljack:  He’s a huge fan of action movies too, but he’s a bit pickier about what he watches than Bulkhead.  He loves the original Die Hard, but his preference tends to lean more towards classic spy movies, or something with sword fighting (he likes to critique the choreography.)  He likes those mad sciencey type movies as well, but more often than not finds himself disappointed at the lack of realism.  “That’s not how teleportation works.”  “I… don’t think most people know that’s a legit thing, Wheeljack.”  Movie nights with Wheeljack can include anything from the Sean Connery Bond films, to The Fly, to Kill Bill, to Fight Club.  He loves all of those classic movie quotes. The two of you practically have your own secret code’s worth of quotable lines.  He’ll walk up to you at random intervals and say something like, “What’s the first rule of Fight Club, kid?”  “Don’t talk about Fight Club.”  (finger guns.)

Smokescreen:  He’s so excited for movie night!!!  He really doesn’t even care what the movie is, so long as you two get to hang out together and have a ton of fun.  He’s happy to let you pick the movies for the evening, so you show him a number of your favorites.  He tends to talk a lot and ask a lot of questions, so be prepared for that.  “Oh, man!  I can’t believe they just did that!” “ Wait, so he was dead the whole time?!” “So does this mean that the princess and that blond guy are brother and sister?”  He ends up getting really into Star Wars, and tries to get Wheeljack to construct him a working lightsaber.  Back to the Future is another one of his favorites.  He likes to quote lines from it whenever you two ride together.  “Smokescreen, you’re going to run us off the road!”  “Where we’re going we don’t need roads!”  (Smokescreen, pls.)

Ultra Magnus:  You’re almost kind of scared to ask him to join you for movie nights, tbh.  It’s only after one night when he walks by you watching a film with one of the other bots that he questions you about it. Despite his usual no-nonsense outlook, he’s… just a bit offended that you didn’t invite him to one of your “camaraderie building exercises” as he calls them.  You make it up to him by picking out a collection of movies specially selected for him.  You go with a good selection of classics, hoping that he’ll be impressed.   You start out with The Godfather, and then move on to The Bridge on the Rive Kwai, and To Kill a Mockingbird.  He compliments you on your movie selection, and agrees that he finds the movies very much to his taste.  You apologize for not including him earlier, and make a special effort to invite him for a private movie night session at least once a week.

So, @libraryminion were talking about “Rogue One” tonight and she mentioned how she liked Baze and Chirrut and how they were the new “space husbands”. And it hit me. 

They’re Dratchet. Seriously. Ratchet and Drift, right there on screen in human form. XD Spiritual warrior monk and the cranky, snarky partner who just wants to help everyone!

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