space race part i

the garde x disneyland headcanons

• nine’s the little dick that breaks out of the group just so he can go to the shorter single rider line at splash mountain. by the time everyone else has finally got on the ride once, he comes back all soaked and goes “yo I’ve been on that stupid ride ELEVEN FUCKING TIMES and where have *you* been”

• ella spends half her time chasing down all the characters to take pictures with. she turns into a little girl so no one looks at her weirdly and wonders why someone who could pass for a high schooler wants to take a picture with anna

• no one takes pictures of the parades and castle bc they know that sarah’s pictures will be better anyway and they steal them from her

• ella probably collects mickey ear hats tbh, sarah and marina just have a generic one

• “oh my gosh, there you are six, we’ve been looking forever for you and—are you wearing a pair minnie ears” “waIT DONT TAKE A PICTUR—” “im selling this to nine for twenty bucks”

• nine takes a picture of the picture they show at the end of the ride of each rider going down the drop and he blackmails the others with those pictures

• line too long? six makes people invisible so they can cut and eight teleports them to the front and oh shit is that a security camera ABORT ABORT ABORT

• sam and john spend all their time at the space part of the park and race each other on autopia

• “EIGHT I AM NEVER GOING TO SPACE MOUNTAIN WITH YOU EVER AGAIN, now let’s go ride that it’s a small world one” “no marina the dolls creep me out”

• “where the fuck did adam go???” “i think he fell asleep on the railroad train”

• marina and ella arrive at a show place two minutes early so marina sends ella in to go find them seats while she uses the restroom but oops she spends a bit too long in there and by the time she gets out the doors are closed and ella’s in the theater by herself

• the olaf character eagerly motioned adam to go over and take a picture with him adam didn’t want to say no and now they have a picture of adam and olaf

• “damn i’m sure our johnny boy over here can make a better fireworks show *wink*” “shut up nine”

• sarah drags nine and john to all the cutesy innocent rides at fantasyland. nine secretly loves the it’s a small world ride

• “do you think i’d get in trouble if i used my telekinesis to make this slow ass ride go faster”

• eight spends all his money on the churros and the light up balloons, fight me on this

• even adam is impressed by the parade: “the music was catchy okay”

• the girls (except six…okay six included) are obsessed with the disney merch. marina gets eight a little mickey mouse churro magnet since he loves the actual thing so much

• honestly i think sarah might have a problem with buying too many tsum tsums

• nine tells NO ONE this but he loves pooh bear. he snuck away from the others to take a picture with pooh bear in peace

• nine also does a hell lot ranting when he sees two kids wearing MINION SHIRTS, a UNIVERSAL STUDIOS thing, to DISNEYLAND

SpaceX Failed

The rocket returned but smashed into the landing platform too hard.
They’ve stated that they got useful information and experience from the test and will make more attempts during future missions to land a rocket and reuse it.
Although I’m sad it didn’t work this time, I’m extremely relieved the company isn’t giving up. We need this project to succeed if we hope to make space exploration a larger part of the human race.
I really need to commend everyone on the SpaceX team for their hard work and dedication to this goal