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Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 1

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. Now that I’ve finally finished the story, I can get started on them!

This is series 1 with Eos, Havarl, Voeld, and H-047C. Series 2 will cover Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya (feel like it belongs in the lineup).

Prints available at my Society6 store if anyone wants!

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It’s Shiro’s birthday! It’s not exactly a happy thing, but I drew something I’ve been meaning to draw since I first watched the show: Shiro as a poster boy for old space race propaganda. Because you just know it’s something the Garrison would do. :’) Happy birthday!


Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 2

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. This is series 2 with Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya. I know, I know; not a Golden World. But! I do what I want. 

Messed around with some shelesh in there, hopefully didn’t screw up the wording; also had to make up a location for Habitat-7 since nothing’s listed in-canon. Tried to keep it poignant.

I loved working on these so fricking much. Prints are available, for both Series 1 and 2.

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I'll admit, I'm on of those who don't get the excitation over space puffins given Star Wars bad reps with cutesy creatures . No wonder Mark told Rian he disagreed about everything he wrote for Luke at first. He wanted Luke to be a bad ass Jedi in actionnot a puffin caretaker.

They’re Force-sensitive puffins on Ahch-To, which probably means there’s an important reason for Luke to care for them. Let’s just wait and see.

Propaganda 2


“Insight into the First Order remains difficult, as its formation was kept hidden from the eyes of the New Republic by distance and inattention.  Although some in the New Republic had, at its start, wished to curtail any spread of Imperial imagery after the Battle of Endor, the new government’s dedication to freedom of speech and expression resisted any such attempts at censorship.  Public opinion frowned on displays that romanticized the Imperial past, driving it underground.  It is in this underground where resentment of the New Republic grew.  The emergent First Order claimed the New Republic to be illegitimate, and propagated the belief that the Empire was put into power by the people of the galaxy.  Much of their imagery reinforces this.”

Ok, well, I do have more to say.

The Empire was put into place by the people of the galaxy.

Palpatine was elected.  The leaders who voted to increase his executive powers were also elected.  In a large part, the officials he ordered a coup against were aristocrats whose power came from a divine and hereditary mandate and WHO WERE NOT ELECTED.  And with certain populations and at certain times, the Imperial regime DID have popular support.

I’m not big on the the idea of “legitimate rule.”  It irks me.  But IF you believe that the legitimacy of government derives from the consent of the governed, and IF you believe that people are capable of expressing ongoing consent in the face of something that much more powerful than they are, THEN you accept that the Empire was, to some degree and for some people, a legitimate state.

This book argues otherwise.  The textual message of this poster is presented as a falsehood by both the in-world narrator AND the poster itself.  I mean, look at the poster.  Does this imagery do anything to convince you that the rule of the First Order is legitimate?  That it is based on anything other than brute force?  Is this an image of the senate, or a statehouse?  Is this an image of an edifice, or an edict?  Is it an image of engaged citizenry?  Is it even an image of an army - poised in gleeful unison, stretching across the surface of the world and into the sky?  NO, because all of those things would be symbols of cooperation and unity and institution and “legitimacy.”  Instead, we have an image that says “legitimate rule” but shows a handful of individual soldiers against a ham-handed shade of red.  Even the one, singular stormtrooper is highlighted.  This is an image that says “this isn’t legitimate rule!  this is rule by THIS GUY!”

Which is honest.  I mean, it’s true to my experience that “legitimate rule” generally comes down to the exertion of force.  But the poster isn’t supposed to be telling you that!  It’s supposed to be pro-First-Order “propaganda” - not “bald-faced truth.”  This just doesn’t make sense as in-universe propoganda, unless you read it as New Republic propaganda.

Moreover, anyone who has any experience looking at a government and seeing how the sausage is made is going to find this poster direct and downright refreshing when contrasted with the images of “government” or “military” that the NR tries to present as their narrative:

I’ll point out something else about the little fable in the “legitimate rule” caption.  The authors of the text chose to present a little morality-story about free speech.  There is an implication that if the officials who wanted to “curtail any spread of Imperial imagery after the Battle of Endor” got their way, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament, now would we?

Ah, yes.  If only the New Republic had been more aggressive about crushing any whisper of dissent, then no one would ever have felt oppressed by them.  (I hope you can hear my sarcasm.)  IF ONLY the New Republic had someone to look at all the art in their kingdom and say which ones romanticize the Empire…to just look at all that art and SAY which ones were supporting the Empire…just SAY it out, or, what’s another word for someone who SAYS things for the good of everyone??…dictate…like some kind of…dictator…