space pomona

“Punk has been portrayed as music for and by angry white males but in its inception it was a rebellion against all rock cliches. Gender, ethnic, sexual and class taboos were all challenged by our early punk community and that is not a story which is often told. You certainly don’t get that picture from many books or documentaries about punk. People of color, queers and women – all were present from the inception of punk but their stories are seldom told or heard. Punk should be about inclusion.”
Please tag friends who might be interested and help me spread the word: 3 shows this weekend in the LA area: Friday night I will be at Space Gallery in Pomona for Punk Echoes; Sat afternoon I will be at @thepophop in Highland Park; Sunday evening I will be at Blood Orange in Riverside. Come pick up your copy of Pipe Bomb for The Soul and/or Violence Girl, or just say hello! I will be reading and performing music at all shows. #Storyfying #Songtelling #AliceBag