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i love all your ocs pls do tell about the new ones?

I tell u about one the i really got into developing and AAAAAH

Fansk is known as the Space Pirate/Fashion Queen and also Coran’s Auntie. She was close friends with Coran’s Mother who is dubbed as Dazzling Mova by her and they were part of the same band. her species design is based on spiders, their ‘hair’ on their heads isn’t actually hair but web silk, which is hella tough. They species are known for having this special ability if skilled enough singing, the frequency charges quintessence power. So like bards and Fansk is the Ultimate BARD.

She is deadly and a Fashion Icon, her whole crew are dressed to kill (really influenced Coran in that area ;>). If they’re going down, they’re gonna go down in STYLE!

she demands to be called Auntie by the gang when Coran introduces them to her.

I have no problem with original Mara Jade, who married Luke and became a warrior for good and died for a cause. She rocks. But it has been fun to think about Mara Jade in a SW universe with a new canon. What would she be like in if she never married Luke, and went off to be a fearsome chaotic-neutral space pirate queen? She’s always been awesome, she’ll always be awesome.

Just a little something inspired by @lionbots​ post on Lance liking mythology

Little lance laying in a field looking up at the night sky with his eyes glazed over with wonder at the deep dark night sky. His Dad pointing out the stars in the sky and telling him the ancient myths and legends of the constellations in the starlit canvas that danced about the sky in its millennia old tune that only the gods of myths could hear. His stories enrapturing Lance as he acted out the old heroes slaying the monsters and saving the day.  Lances eyes becoming deep pools of curiosity and filled with the need to let his gaze travel beyond his skies and to dance among the stars in their endless dance.

Lance’s childhood drawings being of far away planets and of horizons that no ones seen before (yes one of them just ‘happens’ to be the bi flag but shush he doesn’t know that yet) and his mom proudly pinning them up all over the place and telling him how he can go to those far out worlds one day if he wants. She even plays laser guns with Lance “Oh no the Space Pirate Queen defeated! NOOOOOO! Bleh” as she falls to the ground. and Lance standing triumphantly with his chest puffed out only for his mom to spring up and go “Pew Pew Pew! And so falls the great Captain Lance falling for the Queens trick!”

Lance lying on the ground laughing “That’s not fair you can’t pretend to be stunned!”

“Oh yes I can! You didn’t make any laser noises silly. What kinda of laser gun doesn’t make noises? The great Captain Lance must surely have a working laser right?”

Lance gasping in realization, “You’re right Mama! POW POW POW!”   

Those words echoed in Lance’s head as he sat down looking out into the endless expanse of space and he heaved a sigh

“Well I did it mom I made it out here, just nobody ever mentioned how much I’d miss home.”

With silent tears pooling in his eyes Lance lifted his finger and made it into a gun and let out a soft “Pow” in what he hoped was the way home. 

Meanwhile thousands of lightyears away laid a mother in a room that bears the scars of a rowdy teenager occupying it once. And she lay there in her sons bed with his old drawings cradled in her arms praying to anyone that her baby was safe out there.

i wish i could draw so i could draw all of Kira’s different AU versions of herself with her Love Interest in each AU

because I love the trope that “we’ll fall in love no matter what universe we’re in I’ll always find you” but as my Self-Insert character she just has so much love to give

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