space pin up

You keep your "safe spaces" I want "spaces of logic"

Why is my generation filled with grown adults acting like children and thinking that stomping their feet will get them what they want?

The world is not going to care if they hurt your feelings. The world is not going to care that you get offended or “triggered”. It is up to YOU to manage YOUR emotions and YOUR reactions! Not everybody is going to care and not everybody is going to try to make it all better.

The only safe space you get is one you make for yourself. My home, my husband, my dogs, my art, my regression; Those are my safe spaces and I don’t EXPECT people to respect those either, but it is a sign of respect and is appreciated. If I get offended, I act like a freaking adult and GET OVER IT!!!

And by the way- BEING OFFENDED IS NOT BEING TRIGGERED!! Triggered is for when something causes an uncontrollable flashback, panic attack, or other PSYCHOLOGICAL response. Not because your feelings got hurt or you don’t agree!

Ok rant is done. If this post “triggered” or offended you, take my advice- be an adult, move on, and get over it.

Here’s my take on the Meet The Artist challenge.. meme… thing!

It’s incredibly messy, but hey so am I. I also put way more detail in this than I normally do. Particularly on my pins and my wallet.


Marisa Berenson is seated on a clear plastic chair atop Switzerland’s glacier de la Rosablanche, wearing black Ernst Engel racing pants and Jacques de Loux for Buck’s County sweater and Ruza Creations backpack; Emmanuelle Khanh hat; Glentex collar and cuffs. Vogue US, October 1968. Photo by Arnaud de Rosnay