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Better Space Buns

This is an EA mesh edit of my least favorite basegame hair.  The space buns that came with the basegame are tiny and it bothers me. For that entirely selfish reason, I got back into meshing and made some “Better Space Buns”.  I hope you can enjoy them too!

The Deets

-Base Game Compatible

-All LODs and Hat Chops

-18 EA swatches

-10 Dulce Palette Swatches

-1 bonus black and white swatch (a fun experiment for me!)

-Recolors ok, don’t include mesh~

Downloads (Never

(X) Sims File Share


vamp virgil makes me feel things-

anonymous asked:

for the palette challenge could you do Pidge in a swimsuit for 16?


This was a VERY DIFFICULT PALETTE and in related news I am never using it again


marge simpson voice: i just think he’s neat! (@sandflakedraws‘ Douru)