space or no space


Some really pretty stills from Stuck Together. I’m in love with the colour scheme of the ship and the palettes from the episode.

The first time Steven went to space, he realised the Earth was just a tiny planet in the midst of everything. But Earth is all he wants to go back to and I like how it dwarfs the ship in the first picture.

bacop150  asked:

There needs to be a fic or a scene where Alex runs Maggie through some DEO training after Maggie and Alex playfully argue who's more bad ass. Local cop vs Feds. Oldest rivalry in the book. Shooting range. Hand to hand training. Winner take all and super friends betting on who's gonna win type scene. Just saying.

“All us feds are all the same, huh?” Alex pants, raising her hands for another go with her girlfriend in one of the DEO’s sparring rooms, having just tugged Maggie to her feet for the second time in a row.

Maggie backhands sweat off her forehead and grins.

“Let you win at pool, let you win at sparring,” she retorts, and she lunges, landing Alex flat on her stomach with her arm locked behind her back.

“Damn Sawyer!” a shout makes them both jump, keeps them both from bringing their lips together, keeps them both from turning one form of working out into… quite another.

“Schott, I locked this door!” Alex shouts, pushing off the ground as Maggie tries to hide a smirk.

“And Superman called me the resident DEO genius!” Winn beams, bouncing on the balls of his feet, utterly unterrified of the sister that usually makes him cower after watching her get her ass handed to her by her girlfriend.

“You’re never gonna let that go, are you, Winn?” Maggie asks, grabbing a towel for herself and tossing another to Alex.

“You know what I’m never gonna let go?” Alex turns to Maggie, ignoring Winn’s wide, grinning eyes and the way he’s motioning Kara and James into the room. “The fact that you said you’ve been letting me win, Sawyer.”

“You should make a real competition of it,” James pipes up, and Alex and Maggie raise their eyebrows.

“Flash grenade!”

“Lap dance!” they call at the same time.

“You’ve gotta ask for something else at some point, Maggie, you know I’m not giving you a flash grenade.”

“You giving up already, Danvers?” Maggie winks, and Alex splutters, because suddenly all she can think of is the lap dance she just asked for.

Maggie smirks and licks her lips. “James, Kara. Take me to the shooting range. Danvers, come on, I’m gonna get me that flash grenade.”

Alex pffts but shoves past James and her sister to lead the way.

“My money’s on my sister,” Kara murmurs. 

“Of course it is,” James grins. “But I’ve been working out with Maggie almost every day, and she uh… she’s got a chip on her shoulder, and she’s a lot stronger than she looks.”

“But Alex is scarier,” Winn shudders, and James and Kara clap him sympathetically on the shoulders.

“You know we can both hear you, right?”

“You know I’ll show you who’s scarier, right Winn?” Maggie tosses over her shoulder, her voice honey smooth.

“Scared, babe?” Maggie flirts as she and Alex slap on their goggles, their noise-cancelling headphones, in the shooting range.

“You wish,” Alex grins with a heady glare.

Each bullet out of Alex’s glock forms exactly one hole in her target.

Maggie’s does the same, and James whoops in support. 

Alex turns to glare at him, and he straightens his face and closes his mouth.

“Aw, is the big bad Guardian afraid of my sister?” Kara teases, and James crosses his arms across his chest as Winn laughs behind his hand.

“No! She’s Alex, she’s…” The three of them watch as Alex lays down fire at a series of moving targets, a gun in each hand. Head shots and knee cap shots, all.

“Yeah, she’s terrifying,” he sighs, and Kara straightens up proudly.

“Don’t underestimate how badly I want that flash grenade,” Maggie calls through the communicator in her protective ear wear, and she reminds herself to keep both eyes open at the last second.

Head shots and knee cap shots, all.

“Not bad for a local cop, huh Danvers?” she smirks, straightening up.

She frowns when Alex doesn’t respond. She puts down her guns and heads to Alex’s side of the partition. “Babe?”

“Can we finish this later? I um… you’re hot with two guns in your hand. All that local cop skill and shooting pizzazz and… all the…”

“Danvers, are you giving up so you can take me home and have your way with me?”

“It counts as a forfeit, I win!” James cheers, and Kara groans and adjusts her glasses furiously as Winn slams cash into James’s open hand.

“Thanks a lot, Danvers,” he grins, and Alex takes Maggie’s hands into her own and leads her out of the shooting range without sparing a glance for anyone else.

“Forfeit or not – and we can debate that – I definitely win,” she murmurs into Maggie’s smiling lips once they’re out in the hallway.

They’re so occupied with each other that they don’t notice J’onn stepping into the hall; don’t notice James, Kara, and Winn notice him noticing Alex and Maggie’s making out, pointing and laughing hysterically at his poor papa bear face; don’t notice J’onn turning and retreating back around the other way before his Earth daughter finally realize he’s there.

“Good god, the children are loose,” he mutters as he retreats down an alternate route to the shooting range, his eyes glistening with happiness and pride despite himself.

How to fall into little space in 5 easy steps

1 • take favorite blanket (preferably fuzzy), favorite socks (knee high/thigh highs work best), and (if you own any) favorite bottle/sippy/paci. Put all on body, including the blanket. Wrap up in that blanket
2 • turn on your favorite cartoon or Disney movie
3 • grab your favorite snack(s) from the kitchen, and put them in cute bowls. If you have one, fill your sippy/bottle with your favorite juice
4 • put pillows on the floor to sit on, and sit about 3-4 feet from the tv with your snacks We can’t hurt our eyes, now
5 • imagine what it would be like to be in the cartoon/movie you’re watching. As you watch, think of the main character(s) as yourself, and go on an adventure 💜