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First name: Blondie / Nickname: Cutie-patootie / Age: baby / Gender: pirate / Sexual Orientation: space / Nationality: Nutella / Relationship status: Chocolate / Likes: sass / Dislikes: sad turtles / Random fact: Is an amazing artist who deserves tonnes of recognition and love <3

// XD this is great <3. Bless you anon you are too sweet for this world ^^

What I “know” about Night at the Museum from what I’ve seen on tumblr

Spoilers or??? But really the movie is like 10 years old so??

  • Ben Stiller is night guard at weird ass museum
  • Lot’s of accurate views of culture and actors that represents this
  • T-rex that play fetch with his own bones
  • Robin Williams is Teddy Roosevelt
  • Tiny gay cowboy and roman leader