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Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to tired college freshman in his moose pajamas, Neil Armstrong. The dorms were full that year, so he ended up living in a house in North street with a few other guys. In the top image, he has what appears to be a ripped piece of construction paper in a slide rule that he is flying around like an airplane. The second and third are pretty self explanatory, and are absolutely adorable.
Photos courtesy of the amazing folks at the Purdue Archives and Special Collections.

the four horseman of the apocalypse:

chyler “imma give the gays all they want and deserve” leigh
david “eyy imma take a pic that totally does’t spoil anything and post it on my instagram but not without editing it firstly” harewood
katie “what do you mean ‘stop acting gay’??” mcgrath
melissa “wait am i basically kara or is kara basically me??” benoist

ALSO im tired of niall getting asked the same damn questions like come on, ask him about his favorite guitar or how he picks them out for a certain song. ask him how music that his dad played influenced how he wanted to make that certain music. ask him about who he’d want to perform on stage with him. ask him if he’d write for other artists or if he’d duet/collab with anyone aside from Marren Morris. ask him about the record studio he helped created. just ask him about the music in general it isn’t that hard damn