space misandry

Dear Men of Tumblr

You are a night sky filled with twinkling stars. 

You are the sun on a balmy summer day. 

You are the deepest, most beautiful ocean teeming with life.

You are the King, and you rule the highest mountains.

You are a proud Knight storming the castle that is Adversity.

You are a dragon and your fire burns with your passion and light.

You are a galaxy spinning through space.

You are bigger and better than you know. 

You deserve to be happy and proud. You deserve love without conditions. You are gorgeous and amazing and you hold the universe in your hands.

– Duck

This Roosh V scandal says a lot about how misandrist our liberal society has become. A woman is worthy of a safe space, regardless of need, while a man is worthy of no space at all. Fuck this shit.

Edit: People are still reblogging this in 2017, so I’m going to attach another old post I made with sources showing the misconceptions people had about Roosh V being a rape enthusiast.

Tbh, I’m not a huge fan of former libfems who become mildly gender critical suddenly rushing into radfem spaces with their stupid misandry “kill all men” bullshit and bring the mobbing/dumb arguments with men/black and white thinking tactics with them.

It’s boring and tiresome and I actively look forward to the inevitable meltdown and storming out posts prior to them gravitating to another corner of Tumblr where they can drink out of their male tears mug and piss and moan about those mean women who dared to criticize their histrionics.

anonymous asked:

You're aware that calling someone a crybaby for not being fully represented isn't social equality, right? You're tipping it in the opposite direction now, which is why most people are afraid of/don't trust the idea of feminism. If someone made a blog aimed towards men only, you would condemn it in a heartbeat. But women only is okay, because men are just crybabies if they don't like it.

LMAO making a blog that is a positive space for women is MISANDRY OF COURSE! lol

The whole of society is geared toward your benefit but once there’s a blog here to benefit women it’s unfair AND UNEQUAL AND PROVES WHY FEMINISM DOESNT WORK