space man oddity

I know there’s a lot of posts out there about humans being space orcs and a lot of then are about our physical durability/strange things we think are normal but what about languages?
Species from other planets have only one language for their species because otherwise how would you communicate with one another? Especially once you’ve gone off planet. There could be no cooperation otherwise
But the humans are like nah bro we just learn other people’s languages. I had to learn Spanish in high school.
Captain Grulx, a Jlandun from planet Jlan, asks his human first mate how many languages there are on earth and Kevin’s like idk bro you’ve got all the big ones ya know and then there are the little ones that are only used on islands and stuff, not to mention slang oh! And sign language, that’s pretty important too
Sing language? Grulx asks
Yeah dude like - Kevin procedes to make a lot of gestures with his limbs and tactile extremities
What did that mean? He asks Kevin
Kevin shrugs i just said a bunch of curse words, that’s really all I know

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What's some songs on your calm the f down playlist?

OK, I wrote down most of what I’ve got on my two playlists for when I need to do relaxing and decompressing. There’s a lot because I’m an indecisive fucker and I jump genres a lot because..I do. HOPE YOU ENJOY

(ps. can’t believe I forgot enya. orinoco flow is such a good time)