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25.4.17 || 4/100 days of productivity

Today I got a little time to sit down and do some bullet journaling before spending a couple hours doing my digital media lecture for next week. I didn’t get to take many photos today because the sun decided and I had babysitting duties, but I thought these were pretty cute? idk. I hope you’re all swell! 💛

🎶 Luna - Bombay Bicycle Club


i am lost in translation of the world, her words like daggers turned into noise. let me float far, far away to where stars stay silent and planets don’t pull away.


i need some space to breathe. / themayden

i really want to leave this country, go to other cities, see new places, meet new people. i want to be so busy while traveling that i wont have any time to remember anything bad. // instagram

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Jason: this show isn't about ships. Fandom: oh the new character is gonna be Raven's LI right? Jason: No, listen, the love isn't the focu- Fandom: so.... what will be the name? Zaven? Space Junkie Mechanic? Jason: I SAID THIS SHOW ISN'T ABOUT SHIPS. Fandom: Can't wait for them to fall in love <3


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15.8.17 // I’ve been quite poorly for the past few days but I somehow forced myself to get out of bed, do some uni work, and take this snazzy photo. ✌🏻