space jumpsuit

So, I wore my Tasha cosplay for the first time today and umm, I’ve officially peaked, nothing will get as good as this.

Happy Halloween!

Working my little once-a-week retail job (ever wonder why so many of my posts happen on Mondays? Now you know!), and decided to wear my new/in-progress General Organa costume.

Funny: half the people coming through the shop weren’t aware that I was wearing a costume. Not sure what this says about the general level of eccentricity of my quotidian wardrobe.

Here’s something I’m stuck on…pockets in Voltron…

Where do the paladins store their stuff?  If I was stuck wearing an armored space jumpsuit 90% of the time I’d just start throwing on my earth jacket over it so I’d have somewhere to put things.  I have a hard enough time IRL when I need to carry a wrench, a tape measure, and a pencil around at work and all I have are my jean pockets.  I can’t imagine what kind of baggage defending a universe involves.  


i just really need a ‘hermione’s purse’ scene with Keith’s utility belt where someone (Lance, its Lance) makes some kind of joke about it and keith just starts calmly pulling a bunch of random useful crap out of the belt pouches. An hour later he has this enormous pile of stuff and Pidge is like “how the effing quiznack did you fit a camp stove and a tent in there?” while Hunk is just like “YOU HAD THREE POUNDS OF TRAILMIX AND YOU DIDN’T TELL US???”

Meanwhile, Shiro, “Keith, i told you to get rid of this stuff…. hey, is that my comic book collection?”

Lance, “So i think what we’ve all learned from this is that Keith’s a hoarder”

U.S. Navy pilots, 1963 | Luke Skywalker, Rebel flight suit

The design of the orange and white Rebel flight suits from the original trilogy relied heavily on historic inspiration from U.S. Navy pilot uniforms that were in use from 1957-1969. Note especially the high-visibility colour, a shade close to “international orange”, which is still in use by NASA in some space suits.

The orange jumpsuits were made by Jay Brand Racewear, a company that still exists today under the name Jays Racewear.

Look at this design. I love him already. Or her. Can’t tell yet.

Looks like the triangle hair was a red herring– they’re wearing a Diamond crest on their chest.

Star, Triangle, Diamond. That’s three different Gem clans we’ve seen so far.

WAIT, HOLD THE FUCK UP– Pearl’s jumpsuit from Space Race had a diamond on its chest as well– maybe the diamond symbol isn’t a clan symbol at all, but a neutral symbol representing the Gem race as a whole. Or the symbol for the Homeworld.

Or maybe Pearl was once part of the Diamond clan and defected to join the CGs at some point.

There’s no way I can know right now. Friendly reminder to please not spoil or clarify ANYTHING for me. Thanks!