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Okay,,, but think about aliens finding put about how babies are made. Like us humans feed them the stereotypical ‘stork delivers it’ as jokes but they actually belive us. Then a mated human on one of the ships belly starts growing and the aliens are super confused because their technology isn’t built to detect life inside of other life forms and the aliens start stressing. Like 'Human Frankie! You vomited this morning you clearly need rest’ and the human is just like 'Nah it’s morning sickness I can still work hand me a tool’. And it keeps going on like this until the girl has a big belly and the aliens are just like 'omg omg omg our human is dYING’. Until 9 months in and the girl starts actually having contractions. One human calmly start telling the girl to take deep breath while others start prepping the medical room. Hours later a baby is on board and the aliens freak out like 'THE HATCHLING WAS ALIVE WHEN IT CAME’ and 'IT CAME OUT OF WHAT?! And just,,,

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

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Hi Ms. Layne I was curious as to if you would be willing to do a Sabezra hug of the latest episode? The developers really screwed the shippers over. Btw your art is awesome.

I know everyone is supper bummed about the lack of the goodbye hug for Sabine and Ezra but consider this: 




#tfw bastilledan looks straight at u for a millisecond 

Jumping on the "Humans are space orcs" train

So I read a bunch of these posts but one thing I didn’t see covered was those little repetive actions you sometimes do for no reason. Like, tapping your fingers, or shaking your leg, or repeating an action cause it didn’t feel right the first time. Stuff like that. Just like,

Alien A: Human-Sharon, what are you doing???

Sharon: huh? What do you mean?

Alien A: why do you keep running your fingers along the side of the control board?

Sharon: oh, that. I dunno.

Alien A: what?

Sharon: *shrugs* I guess cause I like it? It’s calming, I guess.

Alien A: are you in distress??

Sharon: no.

Alien A: then why …?

Sharon: Like I said, not sure why I do it. Just kinda do.

The alien walks away confused and decides that they’ll have to look into this more.

Jumping on the space australian orcs bandwagon

What if Earth was the only planet where things evolved to fly?? Or even climb?? Jump?? Where airborne things were simply unthinkable?

Professor Gya'kaphesh was so excited for the arrival of the ‘hyoomams’. Xe had brushed all xir eyestalks and mouthstalks at least twice. After years of contact via radio, the unknown people were set to arrive any time now. Gya was unsure whether they would arrive from beneath the sand, inhospitable for xir species, or from beneath the deadly, acidic waves.

“Pro-professor Gya! Professor Gya!” Cried Jola'kaphesh, Gya’s assistant.

“Oh, Jola, have they arrived?” The assistant nodded. “So do tell me, for all these years were they living in the sand or the ocean?

"T-they came from the clouds!”