space jammies!!!!!!

AU where Scully is working an overnight shift at the hospital, but William is fussy & maybe a bit stuffy. And Mulder tries his hardest, but he can’t get him to settle down & go to sleep. So he buckles him in, drives to the hospital, & hopes a quick cuddle from his mama will help William feel better.

Scully sees William in his space jammies & initially opens her mouth to scold Mulder for taking out, until William’s pudgy hand reaches for her own. She cuddles him a few minutes, kissing his cheeks, his eyelids, his forehead…everywhere, until she makes him promise to be good for daddy & go to sleep when they get home.

“Okay mama,” William will say, donning the most serious voice a three year old can muster. “Pancakes for breakfast?”

Mulder & Scully would exchange a Look, because who is this child acting grown, & what happened to their baby? Scully promises pancakes, but only if he’ll behave. She’ll pass him back to Mulder, kissing them both before watching them walk out the door, counting down the minutes until she can see Her Boys again.