space jammies!!!!!!

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I imagine Patton absolutely refuses to sleep alone; Roman tucked him into bed the first time and started to leave- instant bawling from Patton, who was only soothed by Roman picking him up and promising to sleep beside him (well more of Patton lying on top of him)

This is A++ Nonny!!

- Tiny Patton needs to be held. It is #1 on his list of requirements in order to sleep, and failure to comply with that requirement will only lead to tears. He also needs his fuzzy cat jammies, his puppy plush that Virgil made, and at least 3 blankets. He’ll have them all thrown off inside of an hour, but he NEEDS them!!!

- Tiny Logan needs his space jammies, his plush dinosaur, and his blue blanket. He has found that a bedtime story, being cuddled close and having someone run a hand through his hair are also required for optimal rest and relaxation.

- Tiny Roman is a diva. He simply MUST have his red silk jammies, his lion plushie, and at least 4 pillows on his bed. The room must be the perfect temperature, and at least two of the others, if not all three, need to snuggle him before bedtime.

- Tiny Virgil takes a lot of time and care. A thorough monster inspection has to be completed before anything else. He can sleep in any jammies, but he likes his Nightmare Before Christmas ones best. Sir Snoogles has to be with him, non negotiable. Once he’s settled in, a quiet cuddle while his favorite lullaby plays is all he needs. But he’s a fitful sleeper, so you’d better be prepared to stay the whole night.

Shiro and Allura about to go on a mission together:

Shiro: So you have my cell phone number, and the number to the Black Lion is by the phone.

Allura: There’s food goo in the fridge. Mind Coran while we’re gone. :)

Coran: Guess what?! I rented you guys some movies! :D Voltron Come Home, Voltron Redux, and my personal favorite, Lonely Space Vixens…Aha, that’s uh, for after you go to bed.

Keith: Ugh, Come on Coran, we’re not fou-


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Off topic of TUE, can we talk for a second, just a quick second, about Danny's PJ's? Those pink, matching, button-up PJ's with the little pocket on the chest? Like oh my god??

It’s been around a month since I last talked about them, so we most certainly can.

Lookit these pink jammies. Have you ever seen anything so pure? The only thing that could make them better is if they had planets or rocket ships or something on them. Pink space jammies. Can you imagine?