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This is a little thing I wrote for the lovely @tiptopevak​, because she is a precious soul who deserves all of the sweetness, joy and delight that life has to offer. It is based off some ideas we discussed the other night. 

The first part is in text format. Spoiler, Evak adopt a baby! Enjoy!…

                                             **Mamma: **

Mamma, I wanted to tell you this in person when

we come for lunch next week but

Even and I have decided to adopt a baby girl.

I would really like if you could be a part

of her life. We have already met the mother

I would like to bring some scans to show you next week.

                                                                        Isak, I would love to meet my new

                                                                         grand-daughter. It is beautiful that

                                                                          you will raise and nurture another

                                                                   human life.  When she opens her eyes

                                                                  and sees you she will know the soul of

                                                                 a father who is brave and kind and who

                                                     will keep her safe. A father with a heart of gold.

                                                          I am so proud of you my son and I love you.

I love you Mamma.


Mamma, I am so happy. Our baby girl was born

tonight at 21:21. She is healthy and all is well.

Love Isak.

                                                                                                       My dear son,

                                                    God is smiling on your child at this sacred time.

                                                           This was meant to be. I wish you and your 

                                                                                    husband all the happiness

                                                                               and I cannot wait to meet her.

                                                                                                  I love you always.

Mamma, there is one more thing.

We cannot decide on a name and we want

something special. We would like if you could name her.

                                                                 Isak I am very honoured. Words cannot

                                                                       describe how special this is to me.

                                                                         Else was your great-aunt’s name.

                                                 She was very special to me and you never got to

                                                                 meet her. Else means “God’s promise”.

Thank you Mamma. That is a beautiful name.

I will speak with Even about it.

I love you.

                                                                   Love to you and your family my son.

One year later, Isak is sitting at the breakfast table with Else. It is Easter Sunday and they are sharing a gold wrapped egg that Even hid among the daffodils on the table before anyone else woke up. Else is all pink cheeks and gurgly giggles, her melty chocolate fingers smooshing into Isak’s face. Isak turns Else round on his lap his eyes sparkling. “Hey look at you making daddy all mucky!” he purrs. His eyes are droopy and his mouth is soft with sweetness; chocolatey, baby, light sweetness that fills up this space. “Dad-da!” Else trills, a sticky hand placed on his jaw, just to make sure. Isak’s eyebrows shoot up and his face opens up, up and out filling up with delight. “Even did you hear?! Did you hear?!”

Even stands melted against the doorframe. Speechless. His heart full and soaring out of his chest. Light sheaths in golden arcs across the table where Isak and Else sit and tiny dust motes dance to a special rhythm that Even feels like he knows: in this very moment, he knows it. All he can do is tilt his head to catch the sight of Else’s plump grin as she reaches both peachy arms up to Isak again.

Isak sways back into his space with her. His cheeks filled in with dimples as he scoops her up above his head. Hands spread secure around her belly. He nuzzles his nose underneath her daisy print top and squishes his face against her half moon tummy to blow a raspberry. Her laugh tinkles even louder, bubbling out into the corners of the room and into the warm space around Even. And Even laughs. He laughs at how Isak can’t seem to stop himself, raspberry after raspberry, whilst Else’s tiny fists grip his hair and she wiggles her feet. He laughs so much  that he doesn’t feel the smooth lines of tears on his cheeks. Not until Isak stops to look up at him with his own eyes shining, to give him a soft smile.

“Marianne, I wish that you could be here. Else has just said her first word and it was Dada! I wish you could see Isak with her right now he is such a wonderful father and-” Even’s words catch in his throat as the hot lump rises again and his tears splash big blobs onto the phone.

I know Even my darling. I am so happy you are all well. Else is very lucky to have you both. Even my son, this is a very special time. You will remember this moment forever. Just like how I will always remember Isak’s first word. God bless you both.

“Th thank you Marianne”

“Today is Easter Sunday a very special day. And today Else spoke her first word. All is well my son, all is well

Even smiles to himself as he watches Isak dabbing gently at Else’s face with a damp cloth. All is well.

There’s a lot of crapping on DeviantArt and I’ll admit it’s definitely not the nicest site, but it’s still a place where I can expect feedback. Uploading your work doesn’t feel like a crapshoot of timing and followership, unlike on Tumblr where I must worry about when to upload to ensure my artwork isn’t competing for space between kittens, fanart, and fashion tips. DA is a much more focused place in comparison.