space husbandos


A series of doodles to celebrate Shiro’s sixth birthday because it was just too much fun playing around with that meme . Also yah Shiro would totally gobble down a big ass cake made by Hunk just for him <3


*itadakimasu = thanks for the food

Impressions of the angara.

So my best friend and I observed a few characteristics of the angara that were oddly familiar.

- Preference for large families
- followed by the preference to live with all family members under one roof or at least in closely knit communities.
- Emotional and expressive behaviour

So we came to the conclusion, angara are basically space arabs.
Or at least that’s what I first thought of since I’m from arabic origin myself (and she is close to my family, too so that’s what she thought of first as well).

And yes, arabs have usually large families, often all living in one house or neighborhood, with siblings and cousins growing up together, while all adults take care of all the children.
And we are also very emotional, passionate and expressive.
If an arab is mad at you than you can’t miss that and if they love you than you get covered in hugs and kisses and you get fed in our homes until you explode and ‘no’ doesn’t exist if you are a guest and it comes to food.

Also I noticed that angaran language is loosely leaned on arabic.

-That angaran ambassador who is sent to the Nexus after you earn the angara’s trust.
His first name is Isa, which is basically only the arabic version of Jesus.

- Aya. Yes, that place where we all find our purple space husbando.
In arabic Aya is the word for verses in the Quran. A Surah (chapter) is composed of multiple Ayas. In this regard Aya can also mean ‘revelation’. That being said I believe Bioware actually did use an islamic symbolism here. After finding only death and fucked up shit in Andromeda and the simple fact that Aya is hidden in the scourge, it does come around as a miraculous revelation to find something so beautiful in between so much chaos and destruction actually exists. A revelation that hope is not lost, no matter how dark everything might seem.

- What I also noticed in particular was the word ‘daar’. I imediately knew that it meant 'house’ or 'settlement’ without it being explained in the game. Why? Because 'daar’ is an actual arabic word which exactly means that. In tunisian arabic dialect it is used for every form of housing, while in standardized high arabic it usualy discribes particularly meaningful or big housings.

And with this in mind I headcanon that my Ryder is also partly from arabic origin. So when she gets to know Jaal and the angara she doesn’t actually feel overhelmed but everything seems totally familiar to her. And with Jaal she feels completely at home. She also notices everything about the language I pointed out above in amazement.

Edit: Jaal’s first girlfriend’s name was Allia. Allia is also an actual arabic female name and means 'grand one’ or even 'exalted one’. Given how Jaal talked of her the name describes well how he saw her and how she may have come across to other people in general. And given that she was taken by the kett it may also be a hint to her fate, after she was abducted. (the male pendant to this name is Ali)