space husbandos


A series of doodles to celebrate Shiro’s sixth birthday because it was just too much fun playing around with that meme . Also yah Shiro would totally gobble down a big ass cake made by Hunk just for him <3


*itadakimasu = thanks for the food

sparksearcher  asked:

Whouffaldi prompt! How about Clara questioning the Doctor on his 'don't kiss me, morning breath' line post Before the Flood, and then kissing anyway?

If anything, I’m shocked you didn’t prompt baseball AU, but the shock is mitigated by this very important request.

857 words; I LOVE THESE EPISODES YOU HAVE NO IDEA; pretty much just an in-between scene from Before the Flood; it’s been years and I’m still miffed that I’m only 2/3 on shipping in the episode


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