space heroine

Poe junkie

The cold of London is forgotten in the glow of a lighter,
It is all you do to kill the grey,
Numb at the tips and you flick it right up,
And a dead man they say,
as you get High another day,
Just a drag to a smile, its chocolate.

Just a dab you use it,
Get high to get calm,
Paranoia but you do it,
Sweet lies its all like chocolate

You and your friends call it chocolate,
The lyrics of the song called it fate,
Roll up and strum the strings, chocolate to forget,
Dead inside and sad soaked futile hate,
You bite her lips, taste like wine and chocolate,
You call it chocolate, just a lie; you dead?

Your lungs they take it in like a friend,
Your heart breaks again, remember why you like it?
She broke your heart so you broke your head,
Bent with drags of chocolate, loved her but she didn’t know,
Bite your lips, light it up and inhale your fate

Inspired by the 1975 chocolate and my own addiction and self destruction

アルファ (Alpha) PC-88


“人類は21世紀が終わらないうちに太陽系の惑星を探査し尽くしてしまい、太陽系外の惑星へ開発の目を向けた。その惑星の名はエリダヌス座イプシロン系アルファ。しかし目的地までの距離は10.7光年と果てし無く遠い。人工冬眠装置なども未だ確立しておらず、目的地までには数百年の歳月が必要とされた。そこで人類は巨大な居住区を設けた恒星間航行用宇宙船「ダイダロス」を作り、ひとつの社会を形成し、自給自足の生活を営みながら、何世代にも渡って目的地までたどり着こうと考えた。 西暦2101年、人類の夢をのせた宇宙船「ダイダロス」は何万人もの人間を乗せ太陽系をたった。


そんな中、船内の丘にたたずむ一人の少女がいた。彼女の名前はクリス。しかしそれ以外の記憶は全て失っていた。 ・・・突然、彼女の目の前の居住区で大爆発が発生する。「ダイダロス」船内で革命が始まったのだ!事件に巻き込まれてしまったクリスはダイダロス中枢部で意外なものを目にすることになる[1]。”

We Need To Talk About Bearskin: A Brief Meta on Kylo Ren and Fairy Tales

“The Force Awakens” shows many signs of being a classic fairy tale set in space. Rey, our heroine, longs for her family and finds herself on an epic adventure that includes receiving gifts that will help her in her quest (Han’s blaster and the Skywalker lightsaber), receiving advice from a Wise Old Woman, and running down the stairs of a castle into a forest. With the callbacks to classic fairy tales in mind, we need to talk about a different character, one who is an important part in several classic heroine’s journeys within fairy tales. Bearskin is a character in two “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” stories with a striking resemblance to a one Mr. Kylo Ren.

In the first story, entitled “Bearskin”, a young soldier makes a deal with the devil in which he is not allowed to shave or clean himself and must wear a coat the devil gives to him for seven years. If, at the end of seven years, he is not dead the devil himself must clean and shave him and he will be rich hereafter. The story states, “During the first year his appearance was passable, but during the second he began to look like a monster.” He enters a dark forest and, since “he had a compassionate heart”, he helps an old pauper who lives in the forest with his daughters. In repayment the old man promises one of his daughters will wed Bearskin. His youngest daughter volunteers. Bearskin “took a ring from his finger, broke it in two, and gave her one half, the other he kept for himself. He wrote his name, however, on her half, and hers on his, and begged her to keep her piece carefully, and then he took his leave.” At the end of Bearskin’s seven years the devil shaves and cleans him. He returns to the youngest daughter, and utters this notable line, “I am thy betrothed bridegroom, whom thou sawest as Bearskin, but through God’s grace I have again received my human form, and have once more become clean.”

In the second and perhaps more widely recognized story, “Snow White and Rose Red”, two sisters who “often ran about the forest alone”, encounter a “bear who stretched his broad, black head within the door” when expecting the knock at their door to be a weary traveler. The girls befriend the bear, who later leaves. They then have a run-in with a crotchety dwarf. When the three encounter the bear, the dwarf advises the bear to eat the girls instead of himself. Instead, the bear kills the dwarf, then reveals that this dwarf cursed him. After this “…his bearskin fell off, and he stood there, a handsome man, clothed all in gold.” He turns out to be a prince, and Snow White marries him while Rose Red marries his brother.

Certain elements stand out in these tales. A young man makes a deal with the devil or is cursed by an evil creature, just as Ben Solo is beholden to Snoke and the Dark Side. Thus, he appears in the guise of a “monster” or “creature” both of which the masked Kylo Ren is referred to as in the movie. He turns out to be a handsome young man, the blood of royalty; Kylo Ren unmasks for Rey revealing the face of Ben Solo, the son of Princess Leia. He meets a young woman in a forest, with whom he forms a connection and returns to marry. Kylo Ren abducts Rey from the forest and, through the Force, forges a mental connection with her during her interrogation. In both instances, while the Bearskin character is a prince or rich, the young woman is poor, just as Rey is a scavenger.

Understanding that “The Force Awakens” is presented as a space fairy tale allows us to compare what we already know of Ben Solo/Kylo Ren to classic tales and provides an indication of where the Sequel Trilogy is headed in terms of narrative structure. Based on the Bearskin tales, Kylo Ren is likely to serve a penance for his crimes, defeat the creature that has him “under a curse”, return to the Light as Ben Solo, and become romantically involved with (if not outright marry) the heroine with whom he has forged a connection.

  • Heroine: oh gosh where should we hold the wedding though? There's so many guests.
  • Villain Lady: we should totally hold it in my Worldcrusher Flying Fortress.
  • Heroine: We can't do that, the U.N. banned any atmospheric entry of your mobile death station on any part of the planet. And for good reason.
  • Villain Lady dancing in her chair: That just means Space Wedding!!!!!!
  • Steven Universe Then: A funny lil' cartoon about a boy and three heroines from space dedicated to keep Beach City safe.