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Vera Rubin, the woman who discovered the first evidence of dark matter, has died at 88

  • Vera Rubin, the astrophysicist responsible for confirming the first existence of dark matter, died on Sunday night at the age of 88.
  • Carnegie Institution president Matthew Scott called Rubin “a national treasure as an accomplished astronomer and a wonderful role model for young scientist.”
  • Rubin and her colleagues observed galaxies in the 1970s, they learned the motion of stars is a result of a “material that does not emit light and extends beyond the optical galaxy” — also known as dark matter.
  • Swiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky proposed the idea of dark matter in 1933, but Rubin’s groundbreaking work subsequently led to the confirmation of the material.
  • This finding is what led to the discovery that 90% of the universe is made up of dark matter, a finding some colleagues felt was overlooked and deserving of a Nobel Prize. Read more

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SPN Season13 in the Galaxy not so Far Away, aka Supernatural vs Star Wars

We all know how important “Star Wars” are in the SPN universe, but I just had a revelation yesterday: we are now in the point of the story that literally just arrived at the doorstep of “a new hope”, and everything just fell into place. 

(To the fellow SW fans: I am drawing parallels here only to the first six movies, excluding everything else, because I realised this is a topic that you can write about for hours and hours - with this thought in mind, I have limited myself to the very basic character overview. If anyone wants to add plot analysis, philosophy, more future speculation or whatever else, please feel encouraged to do so!)

The classic “Star Wars” is a franchise that is an archetypical, medieval adventure/fairy tale/coming-of-age story set in space, with magic, romance, religion, philosophy, knights, dark lords, orphaned heroes, a princess, wizards and scoundrels, a quest, epic battles, a war between good and evil, love, choices and redemption. It also talks a lot about free will, nature vs nurture, found family vs blood family, the power of love, faith, hope, self-understanding, and self-acceptance.

It’s a perfect parallel to Supernatural. So, let’s have a look:

1) Lucifer is Anakin/Darth Vader. The one with amazing powers, the one who stood out among the Jedi/angels, who was supposed to be “the bringer of light”, but who was brought to the Dark Side due to hubris and hate, and to rules he didn’t agree with, the rules given from above. The moment love was gone from his life, Anakin/Lucifer went bye-bye, gave in to the power of evil, and became the Dark Lord. 

Once Luke/Jack came into the picture, Anakin/Lucifer started looking for him to lure him to the Dark Side, because Vader, just like Lucifer, doesn’t understand the concept of love above blood, and of free will that can steer our innate nature. Luke does not give in to the dark side, and in the end he manages to draw his father back to the side of light because of love and light he chose for himself - and Anakin dies redeemed. I’m not sure if this is Lucifer’s path, but since he “was not a villain” in his story either, we’ll see.

Anakin/Lucifer used to be the Chosen One, the one destined to change Jedis/angels, but he went astray. Luke/Jack is now the one set to repair the damage he has done.

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someonewhocaresagreatdeal  asked:

Ok, so you know how Tokoyami was palmed along with Bakugou at the summer camp? If you think about it, Tokoyami has the strongest fighting potential of the hero course. Imagine Dark Shadow in a pitch black space. He would be at his strongest in an area where nobody else can see. Then imagine All for One with that power.

the thing about this is

to control Dark Shadow, you have to be able to take the time to learn how. it takes a lot of time and patience and energy. Dark Shadow has been with Tokoyami all his life, but in the forest training, he lost control and went after his classmates and friends. Tokoyami is still learning how to control Dark Shadow. 

All for One could’ve taken Best Jeanists’ powers if he wanted to, but he didn’t because Jeanists’ fiber control abilities take a lot of time and patience to properly control. it’s not something he could just use immediately, he’d have to practice.

i imagine that would be a similar scenario with Dark Shadow. if he did take Dark Shadow for himself, there’s just no way for AFO to control him, and it would probably be more of a hindrance than a help. Dark Shadow is incredibly strong, and it’s literally a part of you; it could take you over if you lose control. i don’t think AFO would wanna take that risk

it is a very scary thought, and personally i’m not really into ideas like this (where the kids get their quirks taken or are forced into the Dark Side or become evil, etc), but i don’t think AFO would do this regardless, because it’s just too damn reckless. he could ruin the heroes, but he’d also ruin himself at the same time

For my dark turtles AU.

This is at the end when everything is over and the turtles are where they rightfully belong. =) 

This is to the first person who tried to kiss me – do not touch me. Do not touch me. I will shatter into a thousand shards, that is all. Please understand that you cannot touch me without the screaming bursting through.
And to the first person who tried to love me, to bottle me up in glass and sing the sea breeze like that would keep me in – you think I am containable. Do not mistake me for a star when I am a galaxy. You wanted all my problems to fit into your idea of ‘pretty’: I do not need to be pretty. I do not want to be pretty. I want to tear out your throat and spit up teeth; ‘pretty’ was never a place for me. When you write me into your poetry, write me bloody and ferocious, but do not write me pretty. I am not the kind of love you can keep on your mantel.
And to myself, the monster I shoved under the bed with the dirty magazines and old laundry, to the person I used to be – you will only ever be as strong as you believe. When the world is made of angry words, you cannot expect to come out unbent or unbroken, but you do not have to be a villain, baby, and you do not have to be a hero. Unfold the monster from that dusty, dark space under your mattress and hold them until their teeth fall out. You should not be afraid of something that will not hurt you unless you let it. Hang up the laundry, vacuum out the bad dreams: this no longer has to be a place of hatred. You cannot spend your life ripping up your thighs. You do not have to love others only as much as you hate yourself. You do not have to swallow the screaming for the fear of falling apart.
To myself – you can be strong.
To myself – you can be brave.
To myself – you do not have to die anymore.

To Myself | d.a.s

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