space harp

rebeccabobecca  asked:

Okay, but what of Obi wan IS jealous that Qui Gon doesnt make him friendship bracelets? Like i know Obi wan is forever suffering, but he does get love, yes?

I imagine Obi-Wan is aware that the friendship bracelets exist solely to fuck with Mace and he is perfectly fine with not getting one riiiiight up until the moment he’s suddenly aware of just how much Qui-Gon LIKES Mace and then is suddenly NOT, hahahaha. And of course then Qui-Gon is like “why is my padawan suddenly all grumpy and formal and not bantering lovingly with me anymore? D:” and PROBABLY GODDAMN SHMI has to descend from the ceiling with a space harp and taped-on moons-of-Iego angel wings like “people have feeeeeelings~ and that’s~ o~ KAY!~” 

Obi-Wan is very disgruntled, but also now owns a Qui-Gon Jinn Special friendship bracelet. 

Clint Eastwood recently said that we were living in what he called the “pussy generation” – an overly PC era of “walking on eggshells” and an inadvertent pitch for Kanye West’s next album title. As he puts it, the world’s definition of what’s considered racist has changed since his childhood – an apparent jaw-dropping revelation for the 86-year-old millionaire. But it isn’t only Space Cowboy who’s harping on the times. There’s a whole slew of old, straight, white comedians also complaining that people can’t take a joke anymore – as evidenced by a new documentary called Can We Take A Joke?

That’s right, guys. Even comedy innovators like Jim Norton, Gilbert Gottfried, Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette, and Lisa Lampanelli are speaking out about this totally new, in-no-way-indicative-of-the-natural-progression-of-society problem that’s never before plagued a nation. How else would you explain that the parrot from Aladdin isn’t knocking it out of the park anymore?

And it’s more than comedians from 20 years ago who are feeling the sting of PC-fascism, as many people on Reddit have also taken to reminiscing about the good ol’ days when shows like The Simpsons and King Of The Hill totally “nailed” the outrageous outrage culture that society has devolved into.

6 Racist Things That ‘Non-Racist'People Always Say