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Really late to the party, but I watched Interstellar today, cool movie, especially the music.

You know, I was thinking that exploring outer space could be pretty cool, but imagine being stuck there for decades with a team you don’t really get along with, or worse, what if it’s a total sausage fest?

But what if it was cute anime girls? It really got me thinking, why aren’t there more anime shows set in space? Imagine it, cute girls confined and isolated in a spaceship millions of light years away from their loved ones back on earth, with no one but each other to save themselves from the loneliness and boredom that is the vast empty void that is surrounding them.
Magic/superpower academies and fantasy worlds are way overplayed by now, the countryside and small towns are still appreciated, but not exactly original either, but space is still an unexplored frontier.

Cute girls doing cute things… in space. Sounds like a genius idea to me.

Voltron: LD, Season 4

Episode 1:

- Galra Keith, yes.

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- But Keith no. Allura said ‘we’ need you. Shiro said 'we’ as in here for you, too. Stop it with the 'me/you/he.’ There is a 'we’, Keith. Keith, no.

- Regris appears about as impulsive as Keith, sounds intensely nerdy and has an amazingly well exercised tail. May he float peacefully to safety or allow me the headcanon that he got back onto the ship before Keith.

- Nice Keith and Lotor parallels though. This does not speak well for what will happen to Lotor in contrast.

- If the Black Lion wasn’t responding to Shiro (Kuron idk) in the first place, how did he even get past the shield into the cockpit? This is before the lion even lights up…

- But omghugs!

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- All the hugs!

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- Those Galra cruisers still make me think of clothes irons.

Episode 2:

- Katie. Pidge. And Matt. My heart.

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- I want what the Galaxy Garrison is providing in terms of sight treatment.

- And Matt needs to talk to Slav.

Episode 3:

- What the quiznak is this 'sir’ business?

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- Matt is such a nerd for his little sister. And Allura, Lance. OMG.

- Lance jealous. Lance being able to play his video games! Lance milking a cow?

- The Cow. Her milkshake brought the Alteans to the yard.

- Co-piloting isn’t only in one of my favourite Voltron fics!!

- Poor Haggar and Lotor and crew though, I mean, come on! Narti? Is she…?

Episode 4:

- Coran. Allura as Keith? I. I have no words.

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- Hunk exhibiting casual racism is character-consistent. Makes me wonder why there isn’t as much blatant racism this time towards the Galra or half-Galra. Like with how the Empire look at Lotor and his generals for example.

- Pegging Hunk as the rolly-polly butt of all the fart jokes and so on wasn’t really all that humourous. Makes me feel bad for him… And serves to illustrate Coran’s downward spiral.

- Too much forced humor in places that leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Like the above and repeatedly bludgeoning that Allura needs to play as Keith for example. Like, why? The why is too flimsy and quickly glossed over.

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- Lance, you prima donna sweetheart.

- Not sure how I feel about the 'Thanks Keith’ to Allura in that last …battle. Or its resolution.

- Overall, the episode hit some necessary plot points. There are cool moments and I laughed a lot. It also laughs at itself/fandom a lot with its very Power Rangers/that’s showbiz meta.

Episode 5:

- Yay, co-ordinated plan of attack! Yay, freeing 1/3 of the Empire from Zarkon’s control!

- Does the Coalition wonder if Keith (Allura) is leader, since she addresses them and Shiro the Hero - fan favourite in the tight black top - says nothing despite being the Black Paladin i.e. The Head of Voltron?

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- Aw man, Lotor did not see that coming.

Episode 6:

- If Allura calls Haggar 'the witch’ for her use of Altean magic, isn’t Allura also a witch? And what happened to the word 'druid’?

- Lance is such a doll.

- Keith stepping up to coordinate things in the absence of Voltron is more than 'Follow my lead!’ So hyped!

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- Goddamnit, Keith, step back from the ledge. Somebody pull him back from repeatedly trying to court death in the midst of all that 'victory or death’ getting-in-touch-with-my-Galra-side nonsense. Keith, your fam love you and need you and want you ALIVE. Please. Even Matt was shook! People, check in on him more?!

- We’ll be seeing more of Commander Ladnok and that makes me happy.

- Lotor yes. The reason I caved in to watch this show in the first place, after so many Voltron posts on my dash. The one I took one look at and thought, 'Oh no, he’s hot’ and decided, 'I’m going to watch Voltron now.’

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- You are a crazy, desperate, semi-suicidal fool of a prince. I am so glad to see this universe’s version of you, such an improvement from the thirsty misogynistic space viking with a harem from pre-reboot. Damn my (Final Fantasy, I blame you) weakness for gorgeous kickass silver-haired men with parental issues the size of a galaxy-wide apocalypse.

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Hi Rosy, do you have any idea why there is so much conversation/speculation around a Becho space baby? I thought Echo was a potential threat to Bellarke at the start of the season, but the narrative's explained Bellamy's dislike and distrust of Echo over and over--slight shift in 412 toward more kindness, but he's so in love with Clarke. Even though JR has pulled some crazy things, I don't think he'd ruin the core relationship of the show like that, right?

Heck. Maybe it will be a space harem. 

Maybe Bellamy will have all of them up in space making him happy, finally. Echo? On her knees. Raven? On her back. Hey, Harper and Monty threesome? Let’s go. You know Murphy’s up for whatever’s clever and Emori is adaptable. Adapt away my space kids. Bellamy is there to please. 

Maybe they’ll come back down in five years with ten babies with curly black hair, copper skin and freckles.

And the world will be a better place for it. 

Bitches, don’t challenge me with creative possibilities. ;)

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Sabre, what's a trashy romance story? I tried looking it up in the internet but I just got more confused :(

Well…traditionally, those old-school romances, or “bodice-rippers,” involved a perfect heroine who was Not Like Other Girls, who ended up somehow in dire straits and involved in a situation of what was then called “forced seduction” which is  now more aptly called rape, but never fear because her traitorous loins were going to betray her and she would fall for the guy and tame his wild side.  There was usually a Big Misunderstanding about their feelings.  Often some Identity Porn (he is not just a pirate, but also somehow the son of a Duke for reasons!), a Bad Guy who is a true, one-dimensional villain who gets his due, some kind of madcap adventure and a Big Finish where love is declared and they live Happily Ever After. 

They often featured historical or fantasy settings.  Vikings.  Pirates.  Norman invaders.  Harems.  Space.  The Wild West.  Regency.  Invariably, half the time the guy was known as The Wolf or The Lion, for reasons.  He was very alpha-male.  There was often some rescuing back and forth.  Lots of pining.  I don’t know, on the one hand, I recognize that most of these were not good, but they also made me happy and left me satisfied in a way that I sometimes miss.  Thus my plan to indoctrinate you all!!!!  Mwahahahaha!  I shall have my bodice-rippers back, but with Stony, see if I don’t!!!!

Sapphistries: A Global History of Love between Women by Leila J. Rupp

[Books About Queer Women]

From the ancient poet Sappho to tombois in contemporary Indonesia, women throughout history and around the globe have desired, loved, and had sex with other women. In beautiful prose,‘Sapphistries’ tells their stories, capturing the multitude of ways that diverse societies have shaped female same-sex sexuality across time and place.

Leila J. Rupp reveals how, from the time of the very earliest societies, the possibility of love between women has been known, even when it is feared, ignored, or denied. We hear women in the sex-segregated spaces of convents and harems whispering words of love. We see women beginning to find each other on the streets of London and Amsterdam, in the aristocratic circles of Paris, in the factories of Shanghai. We find women’s desire and love for women meeting the light of day as Japanese schoolgirls fall in love, and lesbian bars and clubs spread from 1920s Berlin to 1950s Buffalo. And we encounter a world of difference in the twenty-first century, as transnational concepts and lesbian identities meet local understandings of how two women might love each other.

Giving voice to words from the mouths and pens of women, and from men’s prohibitions, reports, literature, art, imaginings, pornography, and court cases, Rupp also creatively employs fiction to imagine possibilities when there is no historical evidence. 'Sapphistries' combines lyrical narrative with meticulous historical research, providing an eminently readable and uniquely sweeping story of desire, love, and sex between women around the globe from the beginning of time to the present. [X]

In the past 24 hours I have heard the phrases “Trans Lesbian Feminist Space Harem”, “Cybervampiric Omegapenis”, and “Stockholm Syndrome Vagina Pets”