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Alright so apparently I’m not the only one who sees the similarities between these adorable cinnamon rolls. So I propose to you…an AU!!! 

Basically the premise for the AU is this. The Galra have been defeated, Pidge has been reunited with there family and everyone has returned to earth. Yes Allura and Coran as well. They are all scared by the war.Now that there is no more work to be done space harbors to many scars. I’ll develop the other Padalins later in the AU. My baby Lance is the main focus at the moment. 

Alright Lance returns to earth and reunites with his family. Tears are shed and the like. However he doesn’t stay with them long. He’s scared. He’s changed and its painful to be around his family, they remind him to much of who he was before Voltron. So he takes off, her goes and just sorta drifts around the mid-west of america for a while doing odd jobs sleeping in hotels and his car. Hes basically a new age hippie. Hes pretty strapped for cash when he arrives in a small town in Utah so he gets a job working at a construction site. Its convenient, they pay by the day so its easy for him to up and leave and the work is simple and strangely soothing. Who he meets there though that’s another story.

Leo Valdez had left New York behind.He had packed his bags and gotten hell out of dodge. Calypso and him…lets just say they didn’t work out. It wasn’t quite healthy. They both had their own personal issues and a relationship based of a short stint spent together wasn’t strong enough to last. They were okay, they didn’t speak much (at all really) but hey she was travelling and Leo was…living. It had been a few years since Gaea and the scars had yet to fade. Everyone was still haunted. They were so young, they fought most of their lives. And Leo hadn’t even been at demigoding as long as the other. They were all coping differently, him by taking off into the middle of no where working jobs that were easy. Construction was so mundane for him, could he do better? Yes. Would her? not at the moment. He needed time to figure things out. So for now he was doing work that came naturally to the son of  Hephaestus. It was all going so smoothly to…until this guy shows up out of the blue.

Lance doesn’t usually try and make friends with the people who work with him. He knows hes gonna leave, not gonna keep in contact with them and yeah…not really and point after that.But Leo…the small little elf. Well Lance hasn’t tried talking to him not much, he’s learned his name from others. Apparently Leo is the best here, Lance could see it. Easily, people always asked for Leos help. But that boys eyes weren’t right, they were too much like the one Lace saw staring back at him in the mirror. And strange things happened around Leo, strange creatures approached him at night. The only logical thing to do here was clearly to befriend the guy. They were the same age, some where in their twenties, and if their eyes were telling the truth, they had seen some pretty awful things. So Lance kicked up his usual play, loud and bold and joking. Turns out Leo had the same personality. They were similar. Lance could see that. Hell he bet Leo saw that, he just didn’t quite realize how similar till Leo said that simple phrase. One Lance himself remembered saying. “I’m just the seventh wheel”

Leo wanted to say that his personality had not changed over the years and yeah that was mostly true. But he knew he was slightly more subdued. With the seven and co. no it was like nothing had changed, he was the same good old Leo. With others however…he was shyer.. at first no. He was loud and joking and flirty but when they tried to get close…his insecurities bubble to the surface. Lance he was a lot like Leo, he had the eyes of a soldier and the personality that showed a lot of pent up fear. Still though that guy was really dead set on making Leo his friend. Something that most didn’t bother with past the usual nod of acquaintanceship. So forgive Leo blurting out the one insecurity that always got under his skin “I’m just the seventh wheel” 

So yeah. This is the basis for the AU. I’m not really a writer so i cant really promise fics but comics and art are a definite. Plus I’ll probably add these little glimpses every now and again. Feel free to ask questions about the AU and suggestions, I’ll take them into account. Also if this inspires you feel free to write a fic off this AU. I will most defiantly read it and draw out my favorite scenes 

DAY OF BIRTH (the remix)

I have not one but TWO friend birthdays today, so here’s my gift for the original bae @caprette. Cap, you’ve inspired/enabled many a masterpiece in this fandom, as well as many disasters, and have personally driven me to write some very morally questionable things.

This is not one of them.

(Anyone remember Black Cats and Curtain Calls?)

Theatre was a lot of things to a lot of people.

For some it was a reprieve from their everyday problems, an opportunity to escape into another reality, if only for a short amount of time. For others, it was a was a way of life, a passion they could (if they were lucky enough) turn into a career somewhere down the line.

Theatre brought people together, uncovered hidden talents in those who would have never discovered them otherwise. It made musicians of the tone-deaf, performers of the meek, and leaders of the followers, harboring a space for anyone and everyone willing to try.

Theatre was an art, theatre was a culture, but above all theatre was a contagion.

And Marinette Dupain-Cheng had it bad.

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I noticed I’ve been getting periodic spikes in followers lately so I’d just like to take the time out to welcome the newbies. It’s a pleasure to see that there’s folks out there who have taken interest in the things I post here. Hopefully I can expose some of you to new ways of thinking & force you to question more. As this blog emphasizes (but not limited too) the usual race, class & gender issues as well as the environment all from a Pan Africanists point of view.

Now with that being said, much of what I post won’t be very politically correct. So I might lose some of you just as quickly as I gain you. My focus is intensely on the African diaspora, how we navigate the world & how the world interacts with us.

I am not an integrationist, I feel this needs to be stated bluntly since it seems that quite a lot of pro black spaces harbor strong hints of reactionist, integrationist vibes in their ideologies, perspectives & political goals. So I feel it’s rather important that I highlight that difference from the rip, as I’m sure I’ll ruffle some feathers from time to time in those who have absorbed & accepted much of that thought.

But all in all, I just want to show black folks the beauty & importance of supporting Africans the world over as we deal with a political world that is very hostile to our being & ways of life specfically. To encourage cooperation with those who are likewise, genuine in their love for African people & freedom.

So GTW caused me to have a minor meltdown and completely re-evaluate my plans for community lots in my town. With the limited number of lots we have available to us, I had to ask myself, “Do you really need a bazillion diners? Can you be happy with one or two, and save the rest for when/if we get a proper restaurant expansion? Do you maybe want to try making lots that actually have a purpose in the game, like libraries and museums? Just how many retail lots do you need right now? Do your Sims really need to be able to buy frogs? (the answer: YES) etc.” 

I took a break from my game to ponder these vitally important questions and come up with some kind of plan. Expect some picspam and possible grousing as I attempt to put this plan into action over the next few days. And wish me luck.