space guys in space

last year i made a website for my students because hello kids are hooked to technology these days (tumblr loves to deny this, but let’s be real) so i wanted a place where i could put educational games, interactive resources, and videos (like scishow kids and crash course kids) all in one easy-to-access place (bonus because they could access it at home if they had internet!)

but each time we started a new standard i would erase the website’s content and put up new material and now i’m really mad at myself because PAGES. why didn’t i just make new pages?? the site i used even allows me to password protect the pages, so i can keep them out of all the pages with content we haven’t gotten to yet. my poor overwhelmed teacher brain just couldn’t process i guess.

oh well, you live and you learn i suppose. and i’m going back to 4th grade anyway, so those standards wouldn’t apply this year.

i already set up the reading and spelling page (that one doesn’t really change–it’s resources and sites we use all year), and i created pages for each of the science standards. now i just have to find the content for them. hopefully my new students will appreciate this as much as my previous students did.

In honor of it being a year since The Wedding Squanchers first aired, here’s the grandpa busting out of space prison.

Ok but how about when humans feel that intense urge to Go home, whether home is a small colony, earth itself, a satellite colony(wrong term but think deep space 9), or that outpost where your friend was sent last year, or that city where your family member moved. Something happens and the human is just hit with a wave where every fiber of you is telling you “that’s enough of that. It’s time to go home.” What if there are aliens who dont have that? That sense of longing for specific place or person(s) who are home. And sometimes humans don’t even understand why they need to go home. Maybe it’s depression. Maybe something’s wrong but they just cant place what’s wrong. Maybe they just had a few ship runs where everything that could go wrong did and their alien peers are ok and rebuilding and moving on like normal but the human is the one who can’t adapt because we can only take so much negative before we cant bounce back like we’re known to and we just need the familiarity ans safety of home. But it’s a magnetic pull that’s more than home sickness. Thoughts?