space grasshopper

This old man told me to try the grasshoppers from the Mexican restaurant next door. He said they taste like where they’re from, like the grass and the earth and wide open spaces. He says grasshopper is a good food to eat when you want to feel free

Snarky Recap - Thunderbirds Are Go: “Earthbreaker/Ghost Ship”

TAG is back… and so are the recaps, by popular request and because it’s become a tradition. Been a while since the last recap, excuse me if I’m a bit rusty. Anyways, because this is NOT a two-parter à la “Ring of Fire”, I will treat these episodes as separate ones. However, I can’t figure out how to make Tumblr show multiple read-more sections, so everything will be underneath the “read more” marker. (If only you were more like LiveJournal, dear Tumblr - that site allows you to add as many cuts and read-mores as you want)

And because spoilers are no fun, the read more cut will be used for every upcoming recap. So without further ado… Thundersnark is go!

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