space godtier


Space is all about physics, size, speed, creativity. Its one of the two essential classes for Sburb, and the one that has the most important jobs, frog breeding and stoking the forge.
Frog Breeding: The goal of frog breeding is the create the Genesis Frog, also known as ‘The Speaker of the Vast Croak(praising)’ or ‘Bilious Slick.(Derogatory)’ The Space player will do this by creating paradox clones of the various frogs inhabiting their planet. They’d have to clone each frog and then go interact with them in some way, thus creating the paradox and giving them the necessary slime to create the Genesis frog. The Genesis frog itself is what grows into the new universe, which is the reason it’s the space player’s responsibility.
The Forge: The Forge is a large volcano located on the planets of the space players. Lighting it is done by dropping a magical ring into it, which will cause a drastic change to the planet. In Jade’s land it melts all the snow, and in Kanaya’s it evaporates the water covering her planet. Lighting the forge is a part of the Ultimate Alchemy, allowing the players to properly nurture the Genesis Frog and claim their reward.
Lands: The land of a space player must be a Land of ___ and Frogs, along with having a forge. One of the important things is that when the forge is lit, it drastically alters the planet, which I haven’t seen factored into many land analyses.
Powers: The primary space player we see actively use powers is Jade Harley. Based on her powers, we can tell that Space players can alter physical properties of things, along with Space itself. A Space player who actively exploits or manipulates their aspect would be able to change the speed, size, and even density of an object Depending on their Class, some Space players may be able to move through Space! They’d be able to teleport short distances, giving them a strong upper hand in combat.
Personality: Space players are highly creative and intelligent, and they tend to enjoy making things. Kanaya with clothes, Jade with robotics, and Calliope with stories and art. They also seem to be more upbeat, optimistic people, although that can decline throughout Sburb, or as they grow older, they do seem to have big hearts through everything.