space godtier

So, I was at work, and so I didn’t go crazy I was musing (lol) about masterclasses. And I came to the conclusion that, Well everything else about them kicks their collective asses, why not also the quest bed.

So i was thinking that Lords and Muses’s quest beds have the Highest concentration of their aspect in the session, with Lords being heavy and hellish even compared to their lands, and muses being basically the only concentration of it in the session.

Now the way they work is they are designed to kill a masterclass at any point in the session, with the Lord’s being a challenge they have to fight through to be the successful one, and can easily kill an unprepared or weaker lord, and a muses an alluring trap that kills a muse who is not worthy of making it to the bed.

For example, caliborn’s would be found in the center of repetition on his planet, Youtube Headquarters most likely, and all existing timelines converge into a single existence there. Only one caliborn per set of Caliborns can go godtier at a time, and the rest are losers and as such their timelines get deleted. Caliborn steps up and sees multiple versions of himself, each sharing a similar glance of I will be the winner you fucks, flip each other off and start firing their rifles. Alpha caliborn (alphaborn) has to fight multiple equally talented versions of himself firing at each other through time, and as such focuses on the bed, what’s important. Another caliborn sees this and fills alpha up with lead, leaving the durable creature to bleed out. Alphaborn manages to crawl his way onto the bed and dies, as the others fade out of existence, shouting profanity and angry screaming as they do.

Calliope’s on the other hand would be a center of originality and science, probably the large hadron collider. As she aproaches her quest bed the collider revs up, and starts to focus all of it’s Space into her, and her mind overloads with originality, as Her body grows heavier and heavier. She keeps walking towards the bed, entranced. Her dimensions twist and contort, and she starts to drag herself through the heavily fluctuating gravity, and as she makes it onto her bed, a black hole forms around the edges, and collapses her body into a singularity. They dissipate as Calliope emerges as a godtier.