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“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special


About a year or so ago one of my friends in a computer class I took in my senior year of high school asked me if I could make an edit/edits where Wirt’s cloak is made of stars/galaxies.

I finally got around to making them just now, and here they are!


There were a ton of great artists at the October mcm london expo this year and I had no self control

so I commissioned these 4 lovely artists to all draw Coran my man

@jesstarts @p-kom @hollydrawsthings @mayachwan

Creativity has no time for sleep and neither do I

If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.

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All the space prime numbers!

1. Favorite planet

WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME this is very difficult um um OMIGOSH no why I’m just stream of conciousing right here okay Saturn it’s Saturn I’m gonna go with Saturn (sorry to all my other babies)

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2. Favorite dwarf planet

This is actually not that difficult and in a shocking turn of events its Pluto of course it is my lovely little cinnamon roll ahhh darling

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3. Favorite comet or asteroid.

Comet: Shoemaker Levy 9, you know, the one that pwnd Jupiter.

Asteroid: Ida simply because she has a TEENSY TINY moon Dactyl who is my son

5. Favorite nebula

This is also VERy DIFFICULT I’m gonna pick the Veil Nebula lookit this gorgeous:

7. Favorite unmanned/planetary mission

CASSINI. Listen I did think a lot about this and it was very difficult (I mean, Rosetta? New Horizons? Frickin just Dragon anyone?) but I have long had a special place in my heart for Cassini my child.

11. Favorite space-related movie/documentary

Movie: The Martian OR Hidden Figures OR Appolo 13 I rushed into this and that is my fault

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Documentary: The Discovery Channel series When We Left Earth

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Hi there! I really enjoy your writing, and I especially enjoyed your clingy Saitama headcannons, so if you could do clingy/overprotective Genos headcannons that would be lovely. But if you are too busy then do not worry at all! Have a great day!

More Genos headcanons! Woo~

Sorry I took so long to write them. ^^;

  • -Being a careful person he is, he will definitely look out for any dangers ahead of you to make sure you’re safe and sound no matter where you are and/or where you go.
  • -He might exaggerate a bit when you’re sick by not letting you out of bed and checking your temperature less than every half an hour to see whether you’re getting better or not. Even if you tell him that you’re alright, he will still persist on taking care of you  until you feel good enough to do things on your own (even if you’re just out with a cold he worries it’ll turn into something more).
  • -So in other words he will nurse you to health! And you may expect him to be by your side whenever you call him (or make any noise at all–)
  • -Whenever Genos is feeling slightly clingy he’s not too sure how to show this, so he will most likely get pretty embarrassed over it, not uttering a word before finally making up his mind and bringing you into a hug when you least expect it.
  • -Once he hugs you he will insist on holding you close to him “Just a little longer”, It’s his way of showing how much he loves you and how much he cares, all the while making sure you’re still there with him.
  • -He might not show it but he is quite worried that you’ll leave him one day so he will often walk up to you when you’re in the kitchen making food just to hold you for a while.
  • -If the two of you are out and he suddenly feels cuddly, he will gently squeeze your hand while glancing at you from the corner of his eye to see your reaction.
  • -When you catch him staring he won’t look away. Of course, his cheeks will turn slightly pink but he will keep looking at you with an adoring smile, brining your hand up to his lips to kiss your knuckles lovingly.
  • -He really enjoys it when he gets to carry you around, your arms around his neck and head resting on his shoulder. He just finds it adorable.
  • -The blonde cyborg will shower your face with gentle kisses if he wakes up before you, cherishing every moment such as this whenever he can.
  • -Bonus: Kiss his neck to get him all ‘blush and stutters’. (He won’t exactly feel it but it’ll do the trick)
  • -While the two of you are cuddling he will occasionally reach out for your hand and compare it to his, a small smile adoring his face, before lacing your fingers together. He  finds it amusing how your hands fit together; like two pieces of the same puzzle.
  • -He usually prefers to be the big spoon but won’t mind letting you cuddle him instead. However, he prefers to have you facing him whenever the two of you are in bed, his arms around you and your legs tangled together.
  • -When Genos gets cuddly he will try to keep you close to him if he can, feeling slightly upset when you leave him to do something else. Nonetheless he is a huge heater that will ensure you are warm enough at night, making you feel secure and safe throughout the time you’re with him.  
whenever you're lil do you ever just cry??? Out of no where???

Because I do. And I feel kinda crazy someone please relate to me