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His wife costs tax payers millions by refusing to move into the White House. The Secret Service is looking into leasing space in Trump Tower…. Think about that. We have to pay for Trump’s security to buy space in Trump’s building because his wife refuses to move.

He costs the taxpayers millions with each trip to Mar-a-Lago, his resort, where people pay lots of money to stay where he stays and take pictures with Trump’s security detail who carries the nuclear codes. It also costs the city’s police department thousands in overtime pay.

All this profiting off the office might only make me pissed off, and not nauseous with rage, if he wasn’t such a damned hypocrite on top of it all.

About That Night - Part 4 - (Steve x Reader)

Summary: Steve and Y/N have what they think is a one-night stand. That they are never going to seen each other again after Y/N walks out of Steve’s apartment in the morning, but life has other plans for them. Weeks after they first met and parted ways, Y/N comes looking for Steve to tell him news that will change both of their lives forever.

A/N: Omg I started reading Renegades by Marissa Meyer and it is amazing! I loved the Lunar Chronicles and recommend those too, but this new book is basically superhero movie written as a book. And I know I haven’t finished writing this story yet, but I already have ideas for a another story because of the book.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Three months later 

I was woken by a soft cry. I rolled over in my bed and looked at the clock on my night stand next to the baby monitor. It was just past 3 in the morning. I grabbed my robe from the foot of my bed and swung my legs around and slipped on my slippers before walking out of my room and toward the nursery.

By the time, I had reached the doorway of the other room the crying had stopped and I found Steve holding our son in his arms, slowly rocking him.

“Go back to bed,” Steve told me, looking up to see me trying to rub some of the sleep out of my eyes. “I got this.”

I walk into the room and place a soft kiss on Nico’s head. “Thanks Steve,” I smile looking up at him. As I walk out of the room I see the blankets thrown around on the sofa Steve had been sleeping on the past three months. I’d offered to share my bed with him several times. It was big enough for the two of us to sleep together and not make things too awkward between us, but he declined every time. Said he’d have worse sleeping arrangements before.

When I’m in my room I kick off my slippers and toss myself onto the bed without bothering to take off my robe.

In the morning, I am awake before Steve is, but Nico is awake before I am. When I leaned over his crib I found him looking up at the colorful mobile hanging above him. I reach down to carry him, and can’t stop the smile from spreading across my lips as I hold him in my arms. “Good Moring Nico,” I coo. “Did you keep daddy up all night,” I ask him, knowing that he couldn’t answer. He made a gurgling noise and reached for me with his small hands.

After feeding Nico, I make my way to the kitchen and place him down in the rocker while I get to work on breakfast.

From the kitchen, I can see when Steve wakes up. He sits up on the sofa and turns to look at me as I pour some batter on a griddle.

“Pancakes will be ready in a bit,” I tell him. He nods and makes his way to the bathroom. This had become a routine of ours since the first day we brought Nico home. Whichever one of us didn’t take care of Nico when he woke up in the night would take care of him in the morning and make breakfast.

When Steve makes his way out of the bathroom I hand him a plate with a stack of pancakes and a mug of coffee.

“I have to go down to DC today,” Steve tells me. “I shouldn’t be there too long.”

“Nat’s been asking to babysit Nico,” I tell Steve. “And I’ve been putting off meeting with the contractor since Nico was born, so I might have to take her up on that offer.”

“How much longer before the gallery is open,” Steve asks.

“Maybe a month,” I pick around my plate. “The longer I put off meeting with the contractor, the longer it will be.”

Steve and I finish eating, and he helps me wash the dishes before he leaves to pick up somethings from his apartment before leaving for DC.

I called Nat and told her about having to meet with the contractor, and I didn’t even get to ask her if she could watch Nico before she was already offering.

The meeting with the contractor went by quicker than I thought I would. If everything went as we planned it, I could have the gallery open by the end of the month. It was finally going to happen. I was going to open my very own gallery. The contractor had left already, and as I stood in the empty space I had sighed the lease on, I couldn’t believe I had made it this far. Despite my plans not going exactly as I had once wanted them too, I was happy, and I wouldn’t change anything that happened in the last year.

My phone buzzed and I read the message Steve sent me saying that his meeting at DC was taking longer than expected and he would get home late. I quickly reply and tell him Nico and I will be fine, and for him not to worry about having to get home soon.

While Steve’s help with Nico had been everything, and even more than I could have asked for, I knew that soon Steve would go back to his Brooklyn apartment. He would also go back to work soon. Since the last mission, he had the day Nico was born, Steve hasn’t gone out with the team once. Steve was a soldier, and I could tell he wanted to be back out on the field. I understood that. Today was my first day to go out and do work for the gallery, and while I loved Nico, and he would now always come first, I had missed being in this environment.

Later that night after putting Nico to bed I make myself a cup of tea and curl up on the sofa with a large warm blanket and a book. This was something I hoped would never change in my life. Finding time for myself to read a book, and not have to worry about anything else but finding a comfortable position to sit and read until my eyes became too heavy and I fell asleep.

Which is exactly what happened when a few hours later I heard the front door open and Steve’s quite footsteps echoed in the apartment. The hard wood floors were not forgiving when it came to sneaking around.

“What time is it,” I mumble slowly sitting up.

“Just past two in the morning,” Steve tells me softly setting his bag on the floor.

He looked tired, and as I stood from the sofa a bit sore from the cushions I didn’t care what Steve said, sleeping on it for two months couldn’t have been comfortable, even if he was Captain America. Steve and I hadn’t decided how much longer he was going to be staying with me, but I had just decided that for however much longer that was going to be he was not going to stay on the sofa another night.

Steve was too tired to argue when I told him. He took a quick shower while I made the bed. I was already drifting back to sleep when I felt him slip into the empty space of the bed next to me.

The next morning it took me a second to gather my surroundings. I was in my room, but something felt different. When I tried to turn in bed I realized why. What I had though was a pile of warm blankets wrapped around me was Steve’s chest pressed against my back and one of his arms wrapped around my waist keeping me in place.

A sense of deja vu washed over me as I remembered the morning after I had met Steve, only this time we were both still wearing clothes.

“Steve,” I say softly as I turn to face him. He only sighs in his sleep and pulls me closer to him. “Steve,” I say a little louder, this time his eyes flutter open and his sleepy gaze focuses on me.

“Good morning,” Steve smiles sleepily.

“Sleep well,” I ask, my eye flicker to his arm that was still wrapped around me.

“Sorry,” Steve says pulling away from me. The second his body was no longer pressed against mine I missed it. I missed the warmth I felt of having him so close.

I looked at the space Steve had created between us and wished it would disappear. When I looked back up at Steve, he was looking at me the same way I suspected I was looking at him.

There was no hesitation from either of us as we moved to close the gap and our lips found each other’s.

There was a hunger between us. A fire that had slowly been building in the past year and neither of us had noticed, but I felt it burning in me now.

Steve’s arm wrapped around me again and he pulled me closer to his body than I was before. My fingers knotted in his short hair and tugged softly on it when his tongue swept across my bottom lip.

When we finally pulled away I was gasping for air. Trying to fill my lungs with oxygen before I swung a leg over his torso and I straddled him. Steve looked up at me, his chest rising and falling rapidly. My hands pressed against his chest as I lowered myself, kissing him with that same fire again.

His hands rested on my waist before slowly moving downward, past my hips and around to grip my ass. I moaned into the kiss when he shifted beneath me and I felt how hard he was under me.

A sudden cry caused us to abruptly stop. I pulled away and looked down at Steve wide eyed, then to the baby monitor on my bedside table. There was another cry, and this time I leaped out of bed and made my way to the other room were Nico had already woken up.

I was already feeding Nico when Steve made his way into the room. His hair was sticking out in different direction from where I had run my fingers through it not too long ago.

“I’ll go make some breakfast,” Steve quickly said then left the room.

A while later I was sitting across from Steve eating the scrambled eggs and toast he had made. I hadn’t been able to look at him since I ran out of my room earlier. I moved my last piece of egg around my plate with my fork unsure of how to move on from this.

“Steve,” I finally say, I keep my eyes on my plate as I talk. “About this morning. We shouldn’t have…that shouldn’t have happened.”

He doesn’t say anything, and I don’t blame him.

“I think it’s for the best, that things didn’t go too far.”

“I agree,” Steve finally says. I look up at him, but his expression is a mask.

“For Nico,” I say. “I think it’s best for our son, that we don’t mess up the relationship we have.”

Steve looks to the side were Nico is on his rocker. He lets out a breath before turning back to me. “I’m moving back to Brooklyn,” he tells me. “I am going to start taking missions with the team again, and it will make things easier if I am back in my apartment.”

I nod. “We will have to figure out a schedule for Nico. I will still be home a lot for the next month, so we don’t have to worry about that now, but once the gallery is ready next month we will have to figure something out.”

Steve agrees and the awkwardness that had been created was slowly disappearing.

By the end of the day all traces of Steve ever having stayed here were gone.


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As of October 2016, Tokyo Dome Prism Stone is back and it’s better than EVER!

Before it was actually a “PriPara Character Shop” but now it’s reopened as a Prism Stone and has a lot of Pretty Rhythm stuff. (You have King of Prism to thank!!) It also has a Creamy Mami section that may almost be bigger than the PriPara section. Two Pretty Rhythm machines and four PriPara (not shown).
Nike is leaving its iconic Niketown property — and the fact that Trump owns it is reportedly a factor
By Dennis Green

Niketown was opened as a virtual Willy Wonka of shoes, with pneumatic tubes shooting product all over the store. It’s also the Trump Organization’s biggest tenant in a single space, with Nike leasing the 65,000 square feet of space.

Losing the lease is reportedly going to cost Trump $580 million.

Space for Lease

I exited, am departed, a department store
reassuring the space will not be wasted,
they will water down and drown out and ship

for free through any local fulfillment center,
but there is no fulfillment, I am a filament
of former, worm away at the warm other of was.

- B B Pine

The stacks at the magnificent Mercantile Library in Cincinnati, where I did an event last night. Seriously, if you live within driving distance of Cincinnati, can spare $55 per year, and like books, you should be a member.

Two excellent details:
1) The library has a 10,000 year lease on the space
2) That lease is renewable.

I swear, guys, know your laws and rights as tenants in your states. Our ex landlord never gave us our deposit back when we moved out in May, despite contacting her multiple times. After about the 14th time calling and leaving a message, my husband received a series of texts claiming (wrongfully) that we damaged the property and she was considering taking us to small claims court to recoup losses for our mess. Thankfully I covered our asses beforehand and thankfully we’re not intimidated easily. Instead, she unknowingly just made life for herself very difficult, because attempting to threaten me only results in pissing me off.

 SO because sometimes landlords suck, here’s a good list of things to do when renting a place:

-READ YOUR LEASE AND FOLLOW IT TO THE LETTER. Know what utilities are included and what are not. Know the policies for repairs, bug spraying, renovating, etc. Following all rules and regulations in the contract will help keep the landlord off of your back, but it will also help you if you ever end up in court.

-KNOW YOUR RIGHTS AS TENANTS. For example, in the state of Tennessee, landlords must give tenants an itemized list of damages ten days prior to the termination of the lease so that the tenants can repair or refute any claims. If they do not do this, they are required by law to refund the entire deposit. BUT if you do not contact your landlord within 60 days to claim that deposit, you forfeit it. In most places, the landlord must respond to repair requests in 48 hours and any lapse in safe conditions (like air conditioning being out or a door not properly locking) is a direct violation of codes. 

-DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Take pictures and make a list of any preexisting damage before you move in. Make sure this is signed and dated. Keep any and all contact you have with the landlord including requests for repairs and even something as simple as a thank you note for paying your rent early. Keep everything. I mean it. When you leave, photograph it all again. Wear and tear (paint, scuffs, etc) is normal and is not something that should be deducted from your deposit unless otherwise stated in your lease. Having proof of the condition of your space both before and after leasing will go a long way in court if it ever comes to that.

-DO NOT FULLY TRUST THAT THE LANDLORD WILL DO THE RIGHT THING UNTIL ALL IS SAID AND DONE. People suck. We were literally invited to Christmas parties with our landlord’s family and maintained a great relationship for three years before she pulled this crap. This is a business, and money talks. Even if you think they’re great people, cover your ass just in case.

-DON’T BE AFRAID TO STICK UP FOR YOURSELF AND DON’T LET THEM INTIMIDATE YOU. If a repair is taking too long, speak up. If you don’t receive a deposit back, ask why. In most states, tenants have more rights than landlords, so don’t let threats of taking you to court, etc stop you from fighting back.

Chasing Thursdays (1/2)

So like every other time I’m supposed to be writing something else, this idea popped up and wouldn’t leave me be. It was supposed to be a one shot (I swore to oubliette14 it wouldn’t get over 10,000 words. She knew I was lying. I swore I wasn’t. She was right.) but when it got to be 14,000 words I decided to split it. Part 2 will go up in a few days. Many thanks to both kliomuse and oubliette14 for encouraging me to not stick to what I should have been doing and giving this a once-over prior to posting! 

Summary: Elsa has no desire to follow in her politician mother’s footsteps and Emma wants to quit working at Granny’s. They decide to open Frozen and take advantage of the summer tourist season, but Emma doesn’t count on their neighbor, tattoo artist Killian Jones, showing up every single Thursday. 

Rating: M 


It started with Elsa.

The very first day they looked at the space, a cheerful For Lease sign in the window, they had barely gotten out of the car before Elsa was grinning. Her friend pointed across the street with an arched brow. “We’d have great company,” she said with a sly smile, nodding at the sign stretched across the opposite building.

When Emma only stared at her mutely, Elsa shook her head, blonde braid tumbling over her shoulder. “Really? I couldn’t get Anna to shut up about it for almost three weeks after they ran that piece in the paper.”

“You know I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Emma glanced back over her leather-clad shoulder, eyes tracing the delicate swoop of the lettering. Second Star to the Right appeared to be a tattoo shop – the swirling paint on the front glass even proclaimed it to be so.

“The guy who owns it was on one of those tattoo shows. I have it on good authority he’s rather attractive.” Elsa waggled her brows, laughing at Emma’s eye roll. “C’mon, I know you don’t watch a lot of TV, but everyone was talking about him a few months ago.”

“I don’t know that I’d ever put your sister and authority in the same sentence. And isn’t she engaged?” she asked, ignoring the jab. Emma didn’t have a whole lot of time for TV – what little free time she did have she preferred to spend reading down by the ocean or stretched out in the park. Or hiking. Or really anything that didn’t involve someone else’s screwed up version of “reality” broadcast for the masses.

“Yep.” Elsa smiled ruefully, folding her arms and leaning back against the glass of the retail space they were hoping to call their own, if the realtor ever showed up. “But that doesn’t seem to stop her from gushing.”

Emma rolled her eyes again, thankful when she spotted the black Mercedes barreling down the road straight toward them. “Well, let’s not base our decision on your sister’s opinion of the neighbors. Your decision, I mean.”

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*Curtsies* Hello Duke, I'm moving this weekend into my friends basement which I had only seen once before and now that I've been in there moving stuff in I'm freaking out a little bit. It's very dark with minimal natural light and there are a ton of spiders. It also turns out that my roommates are never going to be around and I sort of want to break my lease and move somewhere else. You've moved a lot how do you adjust to a new space or do you have any advice for this space?

*Curtsies* I lived in a random Russian guy’s basement and slept on an army cot for like three months the year after I graduated, so I feel you. Here’s the thing: in our current economy most twenty-somethings who don’t have a trust fund to cushion the fall are going to have to live in somebody’s basement or a shitty flat or a tiny terrible apartment in a building that’s basically falling down. It’s kind of a right of passage. So don’t panic. A lot of people have done this and survived, and as much as this sucks to hear, nothing will teach you to be an adult like having to live alone in a crappy space. Breaking a lease is usually expensive and a huge hassle so if you think you can tough it out with the spiders (which are usually harmless) for six months or a year you might end up thanking yourself in the long run. Here’s my advice on how to deal with lame living spaces: 

  1. Keep it clean. ‘Living in a basement’ feels a lot less like something out of a horror movie when it’s not full of mold and spider webs. When you move in, do yourself a favor and fucking scour the place before you start unpacking. Clean every week. It will do wonders for your peace of mind.
  2. Make it yours. Find ways to cozy it up and make it feel like your space. Add throw pillows. Put your books out where you can see them. Hang posters. Get a funky lamp if it’s dark. Hang a tapestry over that ugly wallpaper. Find fun ways to solve problems and they cease to be problems. 
  3. Get out of the house. Look, you really only need to sleep there. If you start getting cabin fever, get out of the house. Yeah, I lived in some Russian dude’s basement in the middle of the woods and that sounds like a great way to get murdered, but I also had very easy access to some beautiful running trails. Take a walk. Go to the library. Get coffee. Come home when it’s time for bed if you need a break from your space. 

Good luck! You can do it.

The Goldberg Variation

He hasn’t been asleep that long when the call comes through, a little after one in the morning. As is typical of cases passed off by other field agents, it’s hard at first glance to say whether there’s an actual X-File here, and since he knows for a fact that Scully also went to bed just a short while ago – he only left her apartment some 90 minutes earlier – he opts to let her sleep. She can come join him in the morning if need be.

The Chicago field office has requisitioned him a charter flight so he can leave right away. (Gotta love that “Organized Crime Task Force” budget.) He debates grabbing an overnight bag but decides against it; ideally, this trip won’t take him more than a day, and if it turns into something bigger, Scully can always bring his bag up with her. He throws on a suit, calls a cab, and is settled in a seat on an otherwise-empty Learjet by 3am.

Unsurprisingly, he sleeps for the entire 2-hour flight.

In true FBI fashion, there is a great deal of “hurry up and wait” once he’s on the ground in Chicago. They’ve dragged him out of bed in the middle of the night, and now no one can seem to decide who’s supposed to brief him on the case. (Now he’s doubly glad that he didn’t wake Scully up for this.) He ends up dozing in a conference room until finally someone taps him on the shoulder, and he looks up blearily into the face of an agent who has got to be near retirement.

“Agent Mulder?”

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GENESYS and FSEC - a forgotten building’s forgotten past.

Located outside Gate 3 of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station lies a small cluster of seemingly obscure buildings set back from the main road. Now home to SpaceX’s Launch and Landing control, the Air Force Space and Missile History Center, and other aerospace company offices, the complex was once the only academic institution capable of serving the highly trained engineers working on the missile programs.

Thousands of highly educated engineers moved to the space coast throughout the 1950s. However, with the nearest university more than three hours away in Gainsville, academic facilities necessary to refine and further their studies were not readily available 

The University of Florida proposed a revolutionary way to maintain engineer’s skills while offering them advanced classes. Using a two way television system, students could participate in classes at the main university without making the drive to Gainsville. 

Known as the Graduate Engineering Education System, or GENESYS, a small campus was established just outside the main gate of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in 1963. Three buildings housed classrooms and the infrastructure necessary for the closed-loop TV system. A larger, fourth building served as an auditorium.

GENESYS was the largest television educational system in the world at the time, and operated until its closure in 1974.

After a short few months of laying empty, the newly-created Florida Solar Energy Center leased the site for test operations. A research branch of the University of Central Florida, FSEC was established to research practical applications of solar energy. The photos above are from when the site was under FSEC ownership. Classrooms were converted to offices and laboratories, and multiple support buildings were constructed throughout the site,

FSEC moved out sometime in the mid 1990s, and the site laid dormant for many years. The complex was renovated in the mid 2000s when SpaceX and Space Florida leased the old classroom buildings for their operations. The Space and Missile History Center moved in the former auditorium building in 2010.

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"Laurie!" Peter screamed, ripping up chunks of rubble, trying to get to his girl. "Laurie!" He had never felt this panicked, this scared.

Send me your muse’s reaction to finding mine buried under burning rubble, unconscious.

Laurie had been tricked into going into a building, having believed it to be possible leasing space, but in truth, it was a trap. Whoever was behind this set it up, and the building was set to blow up into flames. Somewhat lucky, Laurie managed to have been in the basement, but the floor from above toppled down on top of her, leaving her unable to breathe, move, and with a pretty broken leg from impact. 

She couldn’t even hear the muffled noise of Peter’s voice as he screamed her name. The rubble buried her body, scalding her clothes and skin slightly.