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Ask Ethan: Is There A Center Of The Universe?

“I am wondering how there isn’t a centre of the universe and how the cosmic background radiation is [equally] far away everywhere we look. It seems to me that when the universe expands … there should be a place where it started expanding.”

We all know how explosions work: a tremendous release of energy causes a rapid outward expansion, and the most energetic particles get flung the farthest and at the greatest speeds. Things fly apart, spread out, and wind up a tremendous distance away. And within our Universe, nothing has ever released more energy than the event that started it all: the Big Bang. But the Big Bang itself wasn’t an explosion, even if we commonly think of it that way. Explosions have a center, and while there are explosions in the Universe that do display a center, the Big Bang itself wasn’t one. Instead, we need to take on the proper perspective if we want to understand how this all works, and expand not just the fabric of space, but also our minds.

Take a journey back to the very beginning and better understand how we got to be here today, as we take on the center-of-the-Universe question for Ask Ethan!

Diego Luna Gif Pack 3

Under the cut are 90 245x160 gifs of Diego Luna as Cassian Andor. All were made by me and are under 2mb. Please like or reblog if you save any of them. Gun tw, explosion tw, flashing gif tw. Do not edit these gifs, put them in gif hunts or make icons (gif or static) from them.

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