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chirrut + baze as yr chinese dads


  • wakes you up at 6am every day to train before school
  • pulls your ear when you’re being a shit. does the one finger shake in your face while he lectures you
  • knows every other dad at the dim sum restaurant, somehow, every time
    • remembers all their names and all their kids’ names and what they’re studying in school
  • your friends love him
  • tells your friends lots of embarrassing shit about you
  • never coddles you until you’re sick, then won’t leave you the hell alone
    • you swear he brews your herbal medicine more bitter + disgusting than it needs to be on purpose
  • will never give you allowance and indignantly asks what you even need money for every time you talk about it
  • bad presents. it’s always fucking socks or a screwdriver or something
  • stands and watches you doing homework
    • ETA: you can try to text on the dl. but he knows. he smacks the phone out of your hands.
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but waits until you’re out of the room to do it)
  • bad cop


  • good cop 
  • constantly talking shit in mandarin around non-mandarin speakers
  • secretly spoils ya when chirrut isn’t around
  • your friends are terrified of him
  • gets you + your friends to stand on his back when he does pushups
  • buys cheap stuff in bulk. ‘you don’t know when it’ll be on sale again’
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but you can tell exactly what he thinks of them because he’s staring you dead in the eyes while he does it) 
  • doesn’t care how well you’re doing in school except that you’re doing better than that next door kid whose parents he hates
  • incense burning all the time in the kitchen and bathroom
  • dumpling making machine. hand-minces the meat with a bigass cleaver
  • always trying new recipes from the cooking channel
  • PDA all the time. both you and chirrut are lowkey embarrassed but you’re used to it by now
  • ask him anytime for a piggyback ride and he’ll give it to ya
Arid land to a fertile Eden: permaculture lessons from Portugal
Tamera’s ecology experts transformed an area at risk of desertification – and say they can do the same anywhere in the world
By Anna Leach

The land is called Tamera, the name given to these 330 acres in southern Portugal by a community of 30 people who moved here from Germany in 1995. Today, 200 people from all over the world live here. Through simple practices of digging swales (ditches) and creating water retention spaces, Tamera’s ecology experts have transformed an area on the brink of desertification – and say they can do the same anywhere in the world.

“The ecological knowledge is there and its effectiveness can be proved in so many cases,” he says. “The problem lies in political strategies and social habits.”

(via Arid land to a fertile Eden: permaculture lessons from Portugal | The Guardian)

WATER IS LIFE - The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera

Sepp Holzer and Bernd Mueller explain the construction, the effect and the basic ideas for the construction of a water retention landscape: a local and natural solution to the global problem of disturbed water balance.

(via WATER IS LIFE - The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera | Grace Media)

There’s a pretty good chance a massive asteroid will pay our planet an abrupt visit some time in the future. In fact, scientists finds candidates for such impacts all the time. And that’s good, right?

Because at least it means they’re looking for them. Somewhat less comforting is the fact that they’re still looking for them. We’ve found most of the big ones, the dinosaur-killers, but there are a lot of smaller, city-killinger ones that we still haven’t found yet. And we’re not exactly breaking the bank to provide funding for our ongoing asteroid search either, much less actually setting aside money for efforts to actually stop one of these space bombs.

Incidentally, stopping a city- or planet-killing rock isn’t something we need to leave in the hands of a far-future Space Congress; experts agree that current technology is probably up to the task of fending off any humanity-eradicating meteors, as long as we spot them quickly. The issue is more that, eh, who can be bothered? It’s hard putting money and effort on the line to combat a risk nobody alive has witnessed.

6 WTF Hollywood Plots (That Are Rapidly Becoming Real Life)

Being in fandoms is so damn educational

I’m not even kidding. Thanks to my fandoms I am an expert in space, the bible, Ancient Greece, Greek myths, angels, demons, most areas of science, the geography of London, theoretical physics, figure skating and more. I also speak both Latin and Greek.

Imagine tho- Bokuto graduates this year and Akaashi still has one more year in Fukurodani Academy. Bo didn’t have any time to visit and lost contact with the setter. When Akaashi graduates, he doesn’t attend the same uni as Bokuto and the only time they finally meet again was on the court where they’ll be facing against each other.

let’s expand on 12th night in space

1. excuse me but who wouldn’t want to see something called 12th Star. 


3. Orsino would be a human and he’d technically supposed to be governing a small space station but he’s actually floating through the cosmos on his little, heavily-decorated pod listening to electronic, crackly jazz music and writing shitty poetry.

4. Olivia is also a human, and is supposed to be in charge of her family’s space-hotel industry, (like it’s a spaceship that provides rest to travelers, ambassadors, etc.), but is instead mourning the death of her brother. She closes down the hotel, and also floats aimlessly through the cosmos, adrift. 

5. Olivia, Toby, Andrew, Maria, Feste, and Malvolio are the sole occupants of the hotel. Toby and Andrew are there to plunder as much booze as possible (but also: SPACE KNIGHTS), Maria is in charge of Olivia’s business deals, Feste is A CYBORG who WAS CREATED TO ENTERTAIN GUESTS but CLEARLY HAS A MIND OF HIS OWN, and Malvolio is the stuffy android in charge of maintenance. The space-hotel is eerily empty, in slight disrepair, but it certainly lends itself to SPACE PARTIES. Feste’s music is a mix of ambient space noises, snarky and lovable guitar from Long Ago, and chill electronic stuff. He sings about death a lot. It’s oddly charming, and makes people laugh. Malvolio thinks Feste is a defective model. Everyone else disagrees. 

6. Viola/Cesario (shortened to V/C because I’m lazy) and Sebastian are aliens with shapeshifting abilities; it’s innate but you also have to learn how to master it, and it takes time to master different forms. V/C and Seb like to go to different planets and systems disguised as the same identical human, because 1. twins! 2. they’re lazy AND practical jokers, plus it’s easier to keep track of each other that way, and 3. their kind isn’t 100% accepted by human-majority places, and they enjoy visiting places populated by humans and other sentient beings. 

7. So V/C and Seb just want to take a fun vacation when their ship starts losing power and is close to crash landing on an uninhabited planet. Seb goes to the nearest escape pod and tries to find V/C, who’s trying to fix the ship’s engine. But as the ship starts entering the planet’s orbit, Seb is forced to take the escape pod without his sibling, who insists that they can fix the engine and to go on without them. V/C is stubborn as hell and Seb is like, “Well, ok, as long as you’re confident you can fix the engine in time.” and leaves in the escape pod to find help. 

8. Sadly, as Seb starts to fly away in his escape pod, the ship does crash-land on the planet, and he assumes his sibling is dead. Thankfully, he does find help in the form of the DASHING GAY SPACE PIRATE, ANTONIO. 

9. V/C is stranded on the planet and assumes Seb died in his attempt to escape. Radios for help, and who happens to be floating by but Orsino’s pod. Orsino gets the distress signal and figures, “Why not, something has to distract me from my GALAXY-IMPLODING LOVE.” So Orsino is all, “Hey, wanna catch a ride,” and V/C is like, “Thank you so much, you’re too kind!!!!” and Orsino is like, “Lol ok, do you want to help me woo Lady Olivia.” 

10. So V/C is hired to be Orsino’s paige (except SPACE PAIGE) and also has to keep their EXTRA TERRESTRIAL IDENTITY A SECRET. But also helps Orsino out on his shitty space poetry. (”Your eyes are like the stars,” etc.)

11. Olivia is instantly smitten with this strange new emissary from Orsino, Orsino is starting to feel More Than Friendly Feelings for The Strange Youth, V/C Screams Internally, and Complications Ensue.

12. In the end, the twins reunite, and Seb ends up staying in his human form, because he likes it and he loves Antonio and Antonio is like, “I’m cool with whatever, let’s be ROGUE SPACE BOYFRIENDS,” and V/C is like, “You know what, I like my original form and my human form, I’m gonna be both,” and Orsino is like, “You’re as dazzling as the universe no matter what,” and Olivia ends up in a gr9 queerplatonic relationship with Maria and Feste, because yes. 

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Can I request headcanons for MC with a fainting problem? With the RFA of course~

I’m really sorry if any of this is inaccurate- I don’t know what it’s like to have problems with fainting so I mainly had to base this all on research, so it may not be 100% correct! I hope you enjoy it anyway, anon!


  • He’s super worried that you’ll faint somewhere and get hurt
  • Even if you mention feeling dizzy or ill in the slightest he’ll start highkey panicking
  • Literally as soon as you mention that you feel like you’re going to faint suddenly he’s running around trying to drag you into a chair and searching for water
  • He’s moving so fast you’re starting to think he’s more likely to fall unconscious
  • He promises he’s going to quit lolol after one point where you faint while cooking dinner in the kitchen and he was too busy playing to notice it had happened
  • He gets up to get a snack and you’re just sort of there lying on the floor
  • When you come back around you’ve been transferred onto your bed and yoosung is swearing that he’s never going to touch his computer again
  • It takes him all of a day to completely go back on that promise


  • The moment you tell her you have problems with fainting she’s immediately looking up the best ways to detect and prevent things
  • She becomes so good at telling when you feel faint
  • As soon as you start to feel even the slightest bit dizzy she’ll calmly lead you over to a chair and help you sit down
  • She’s really good at dealing with it, especially in public spaces- she’s the expert at leading you away from crowded areas to places that are more calm
  • She buys a load of those cups that are impossible to knock over so that you aren’t at risk of spilling hot drinks on yourself
  • On the occasions that you do faint, she’ll sit next to you and wait for you to come back around
  • She’s honestly very worried about you a lot of the time, especially if she has to leave you alone in the house
  • Expect frequent phonecalls from her because she just wants to make sure you’re okay!


  • Zen why are you putting bubble wrap on the edges of the tables that is not necessary
  • C o n c e r n
  • He’s really worried that you’re going to faint and hurt yourself
  • Wants to be around you to make sure you’re okay
  • Very protective
  • There have been a few points where you’ve genuinely really scared him
  • He gets back from rehearsals late
  • And oh god mc isn’t moving
  • He immediately picks you up and moves you over to the couch
  • Really scared because he thinks you might have hit your head off the kitchen counter
  • Loud sighs of relief when he finds that you’re okay
  • Messages you a lot to make sure you’re doing fine
  • To the point where his manager has to keep telling him to focus on his role rather than checking his phone every five minutes


  • “Jumin who is this person in the living room”
  • “Oh they’re the specialist doctor I called to see you about your fainting problems”
  • Jumin please stop
  • Worried about you 100% of the time
  • Keeps staying off work to look after you because he doesn’t want to leave you alone in case you get hurt in any way
  • rip Jaehee
  • You eventually convince him to step back a bit
  • But that doesn’t stop him from equipping you with an alarm-button style system that will allow you to call in the guards he keeps around his apartment the moment you feel like you’re going to faint
  • Seriously this man needs to chill
  • Whenever you do faint, you often find yourself wrapped up in Jumin’s bed with Elizabeth the Third snuggled up next to you


  • For some reason, the fact that you frequently have fainting episodes didn’t show up on Seven’s background checks
  • So it really wasn’t fun when he looked up from his work and checked the security cameras looking into Rika’s apartment
  • Only to see you suddenly stumble over to the side, lean up against the wall for a bit, then slide to the ground and stop moving
  • The speed at which he scrambled across the room to grab his phone probably broke some sort of world reccord
  • He calls you and messages you and none of them are picked up or responded to
  • Completely forgets the whole thing of trying to push you away
  • He is literally seconds away from getting into his car and driving over to Rika’s apartment to see if you’re okay
  • Then suddenly his phone rings
  • “Hey seven, is something wrong?”
  • He’s never felt more relieved to hear a person’s voice
  • He looks over to the security camera and you’re up on your feet and walking around as if nothing happened??
  • “Why did you collapse??? I thought you died?????
  • You explain your issues with fainting to him and there’s a long silence
  • “It would have been nice of you to tell me that before you gave me a fucking heart attack”

Tantra and Taoist Teaching Methods

Depending on the teacher you choose or workshop you join, you may witness at least different ways that the principles of Tao and Tantra are conveyed to students. 

The six main categories of the Tantric/Taoist Arts follow:

1. Theory.  It is commonly said that Tantra cannot be learned from a book. Both Tantric and Taoist beliefs rely on energetic transmissions from teacher to student, which cannot manifest through black and white theory alone! Indeed,  theory can help you better grasp your own inner processes and get an idea of the metaphysics behind the two systems. The purpose of theory is create a cogent blueprint of where you are now and where you are going.

In the tantric/taoist perspective, the main blueprint is the energy flow through the five elements, which acts as path to align yourself with Heaven and Earth (consciousness and matter). The chakra map is also used so you can study the crossover from one to the other.

2. Practice. A sadhana is a daily practice to move energy within your body. As both the paths of tantra and the Tao work with sexual energy, practice is foundational.  The Tao main practice is Qigong,  a series of exercises that focus on cultivating sexual energy (Sexual Vitality Qigong).  In Classical Tantra, yoga is a daily practice, which also works with sexual energy. As well, many Tao practices can  purify, cultivate, refine, move and store sexual chi; i.e.,  ovarian breathing, yoni articulation, breast massage and jade egg exercises.

3. Meditation. Pure meditation is a cornerstone of Tao and Tantra. This is what makes tantra different from paths that simply open up or expand sexuality. Meditation cultivates presence, consciousness and expanded awareness. When we unite consciousness with sexual energy a transformation occurs. Without meditation we cannot attain such transformation.

4. Experiential. Ideally, tantric workshops create a safe space for participants to embrace an expansive experience, which lets them open up. This may include dance, eye gazing, role playing, games and other workshop tools for enabling participants to transcend their daily routine and taste something totally new. Neo-Tantra tends to focus on Experiential Tantra, wherein a tremendous amount of energy to really open people up.

5. Therapeutic. This includes methods that allow participants to process their deep aspects of their psyches.  In a Tantra workshop, this usually includes addressing sexual-related conditioning. The psychotherapeutic tools are often informed by Gestalt and Jungian methods. While not part of Classical Tantra, they are common elements in Neo-Tantra. Bringing your shadow elements into the light, in a safe, confidential space means that healing can occur. You can bring consciousness to those parts of your own being that you have long hidden from others, thus liberating yourself and becoming more transparent.

6. Ritual.  A ritual is a dedicated space held by expert facilitators, to generate a specific result or shift in consciousness. Some rituals are based upon ancient tantric formulas that have been around for millennia. Others are created by facilitators to generate a specific result. Rituals can generate powerful experiences ike total transfiguration.

A transfiguration circle is a ritual that activates the heart chakra and up, raising energy towards a higher perspective, known as a peak experience.
Transfiguration refers to a type of vision, one that can perceive the highest reality or Divine in another. Between two people, the ritual is akin to eye gazing.
A short explanation of the ritual is given about Tantra and the act of transfiguration, the Shiva and Shakti archetypes as well as ritual preparation. Such a ritual usually takes  place in a temple. A circle of couples is arranged to transfigure one another. The couples can be pairs of friends or lovers.

Professor Brian Cox makes space for role in Postman Pat

It’s not a star role, but Professor Brian Cox has landed a part in children’s TV show Postman Pat.

The 49-year-old physicist appears in cartoon form, voicing the role of space expert Professor Farrow in an episode of the show which airs on Wednesday.

Professor Brian Cox and his character (CBeebies)

In real life, the pop star turned TV presenter is in Australia, filming Stargazing Live.

In the CBeebies show’s Greendale setting, Professor Cox’s alter-ego Professor Farrow recreates the surface of the moon.

Professor Brian Cox with Pat and Jess (CBeebies)

The episode will see Postman Pat, who has always yearned to be an astronaut, take hold of his special delivery, a space suit, as his van breaks down.

:: The new episode airs at 7.25am on Wednesday.

Day 30


Adalbert0 knew the drill. As a mining expert, tight spaces, gems, rocks and other semiprecious stones were part of his daily vocabulary, with a lot of ups and downs, specially downs with so much underground digging. The ultimate up was the glorious moment he witnessed a gigantic copper vein. His stone pickaxe wasn’t strong enough for it, but fortunately for him his dr1ll-2000 was in good shape and extracted all the valuable copper he sold for a million coins to the electrical plant. Now he’s a part time copper wire burglar because he’s a greedy mofo.


Luke is five years old when his best friend, Biggs, dies in a Skyhopper crash.  The neighbours, if they can be called that with the nearest other farms twenty clicks away, call it a waste, a young child sneaking onto craft too advanced for his small hands. But to Luke, Biggs was one third of his world, and so he mourns.

Leia is five years old when she feels a wave of anguish pass through her, stronger than anything she’s ever felt.  She looks up from her lessons on the traditional Noobian-Alderaanian alliance, her eyes spilling over with tears for reasons that she cannot understand and runs, runs to her father’s office and into his lap, sobbing and sobbing as she struggles to understand the pain that she feels.

Across the galaxy, in his new Star Destroyer, Darth Vader is in his hyperbaric chamber when the hurt and pain lash across his soul.  His back snaps straight, screaming in pain but he does not care; he’s felt a spark of something that brings back memories, connections that Anakin—no!—he’s gone!—once felt as he pressed his cheek against the growing belly of his wife.  Vader’s tear ducts have long since melted away with the rest of his original face, but the urge to sob almost overwhelms him, something that has not happened in over five years. And he knows, he knows that his master has lied.  His child, his son, is alive and in pain.

Luke is five years old and does not know that his pain will change the face of the galaxy forever.

Luke is still five years old, three weeks later, when news comes to the Outer Rim that the emperor is dead.  Darth Vader is dead along with him, in the same freak explosion that destroyed the Perilous.  On Tatooine, to a boy who still keenly feels the loss of his friend, this means nothing, other than his aunt and uncle holding each other and laughing giddily. They do give him a Zucca fruit pastry from their trip to Mos Eisley and it almost makes him feel better about Biggs, knowing that his friend can enjoy all the pastries he wants, wherever he is now.

Leia is five years old when her father receives a comm and sits down abruptly.  The future politician knows from his face that life as she knows it has forever changed, and her usually stoic father grins at her, gathering her into a tight embrace.

The utter destruction of the Perilous means that no one notices the small Starfighter escape with a pilot in black and their single passenger in white, crammed into the tiny storage space.  The pilot appears expert in their ability to manoeuver the craft beyond the edge of the galaxy into the sister-galaxy of the Rishi Maze, to a planet that neither pilot nor passenger has visited in over five years. In the silence of the trip, the trooper can almost hear his commander thinking; the haze of terror that normally clings to the black form seems to dissipate by the hour until they land on a platform in Tapoca City.  The clone trooper, the last brother that had been part of Vader’s Fist, the only one to truly know who Vader is, is handed off to the Kaminoans by Vader himself.  He is given no warning of what is to come, but still reverberates in shock at the freedom of his thoughts a few days later, once he has recovered from the invasive cerebral surgery.  He spends a month visiting his young brothers, those who had been commissioned too late in the war to understand the horror of it.  He urges them to fight for their rights, the rights to be considered as citizens, citizens without damn biomechanical chips in their brains.  He manages it too, convincing the Kaminoans that the clones will be of greater value to the Empire (Republic) with the potential for a normal lifespan.  The brother fights and fights and finally receives a suppressant for the genome modification that ages him at twice the normal speed.  He ensures that he has a case with enough serum for over a thousand clones.  Though he does not know it yet, Vader will later threaten the Kaminoans into creating enough of it for every living brother.

Luke is five years old when Obi-Wan Kenobi leaves Tatooine to aid the rebels in reclaiming the Republic.

It takes one month for Vader to fully heal.  The legs and arm are surprisingly easy (though he decides to keep his previously mechanized right arm as is), but growing the delicate tendons, bones, and musculature of his left hand and feet take time and patience.  His face is even worse, as it needs to be almost entirely reconstructed from stem cell-grown tissue and cartilage.  His eyes, melted by the heat of Mustafar, cannot be replaced with organic structures, but the cybernetic replacements are upgraded to the highest standard.  They are identical in colour to his previous set, but, with a directed thought, they can switch to a golden yellow, just on the edge of Sith.  (Some part of him, both Anakin and Vader, smirks at the potential that the control over this trait has.)  The skin grafts are the last to come, including follicles extensively placed across his crown, because, kriff, he just wants to be normal again.  Anonymity has been paid for with the emptied coffers of Vader.  Cody finds him in his quarters one day, mechanical parts scattered around him in small piles, while others float around him, guided by the Force.    A cybernetic arm is among those floating, much more precise and intricate than anything that he would have associated with Vader.


Luke is five years old when his aunt goes missing.  It has been a full day since she was last seen in Anchorhead and Uncle Owen is out of his mind with worry.  He tells Luke to stay here with the food and the droids and not to answer the door for anyone.  He says that he will be back by nightfall.  By the time a full rotation has passed, Luke knows that his uncle is wherever his aunt is.  He does not worry.  Something tells him that they are safe, simply held up somewhere.  He does as all inhabitants of the harsh desert planet do. He survives.

Luke is five years old when a tall stranger comes to the homestead.  He towers over Luke, a scarf wrapped around the bottom of his face so that only his brilliant blue eyes can be seen.  Luke is not afraid.  The man’s companion is shorter and somehow even less scary than the not-scary stranger, despite the wicked scar curling around his brow.  He pulls down the scarf and asks Luke if he wants to come with him and see the stars, and somehow, somehow Luke just knows that this is his father that Uncle Owen never talks about, the father that he has always been told is dead.  As he gathers his favourite stuffed Hutt baby and his clothing, compassionate Luke has a thought for his aunt and uncle; when he mentions this to his father, the giant blinks in surprise but says he’ll leave a note.  Luke cannot read yet, and so does not know what it says, but clambers onto the speeder bike with eagerness, the moisture farm already long gone in his thoughts as he squeezes safely between the two grown-ups.  Before they leave, the hulking man pays a visit to the grave of Luke’s grandmother, Shmi, who he realizes must be this man’s mother.

“He is safe.  Do not worry.”

They enter the spaceport at Mos Eisley, but there is a sandstorm, and Luke can barely see through the fabric wrapped across his face for protection.  The light freighter in front of them is sanctuary though, and Luke’s father seems to have bought it.  He is strapped in, and watches in glee as his father enters the cockpit, sends him a shy, warm smile, and then lifts off into space.

Luke is only five, but he knows that he is never getting on solid ground again if he can help it.

One week later, Owen and Beru are released from the prison, Vader’s money having run out and their captor bored.  They return home to find a door wide open and a homestead full of sand.  A note seems to be glued into place on Luke’s empty bed. They rush back to Anchorhead and send an urgent comm to Ben Kenobi.

Leia is five years old when her father informs her that a good princess knows how to defend herself and so will have a new teacher.  She adores him.  Master Kenobi rarely smiles at anyone, but is warm and encouraging with her.  He teaches her how to meditate and pay attention to the world around her and she thinks that it’s dumb, until she uses her newfound skills of listening to discover secrets.  She discovers that Master Kenobi’s name is Obi-Wan, but goes by Ben when he leaves the palace.  She learns that there is a family of squatters living in the stables.  She learns that Master Kenobi is worried about a boy named Luke.  She finds that her mother had sold her favourite jewellery to fund the rebellion, the rebellion that is cautiously a part of the peace talks scattered across the galaxy.  And while she has always known that her parents sleep in different rooms, she discovers that her meditation teacher does not sleep in his own nearly half as often as he passes the night in her father’s.  Mother does not seem to mind, telling Leia that she’ll understand the complexities of marriage one day. And so she focuses on using the Force to quiet her emotions and improve her Sabacc face for her eventual career in the senate.

Luke is five years old when he is completely surrounded by space for the first time and it inspires awe in him.  He knows that this is where he belongs, especially with his father, who watches him with the same wonder.  Luke still does not know what his name is.  He supposes it must be Skywalker too, but he just calls him Dad, as Commander calls him Sir.  Dad seems to have an endless supply of credits in bank accounts across the galaxy; he sets these up as Luke watches.  He seems wary of touching Luke at first, but when Luke slips his hand into his father’s left, Dad takes a shaky breath and starts crying.  Luke has never seen a grown-up cry, but does what his Aunt Beru does to make him feel better.  He hugs Dad and rubs his back with his tiny hands as Dad chokes out a teary laugh.  When he is scooped up onto his dad’s lap and then into a tight embrace, he revels in the fact that this is his dad.  He doesn’t quite understand why the Commander is nervous around Dad, but sits with him to try and pull stories out of him.

Luke spends the rest of being five in a haze of joy.  Dad teaches him about the Force and meditation.  Luke thinks that Dad should meditate too, as he tells him one day about two months later.  Luke can feel his dad’s sudden bursts of anger through their bond, and wants Dad to feel happy all the time, not angry.  

Anakin does not yet know if he deserves all of this.  His skin has the ability to feel and his brain is slowly but surely being unclouded from the poison of his dead master’s dark influence.  Cody, loyal Cody, is always at his side, protecting his son.  Luke is the greatest marvel of all.  Anakin does not yet know if he deserves to be Anakin again, but he knows that he does not deserve Luke and that one day, he’ll wake up and still be under Palpatine’s control.  But days, weeks, and then months pass, and Luke is still with him, gazing up at him in idolatry.  And so Anakin makes sure that his son knows the way of the Force.  In addition to meditation, Luke learns his katas; Anakin goes through the motions with him, though neither have lightsabers. Anakin’s new body needs to strengthen its muscles regardless (and he refuses to acknowledge the Sith-red sabers locked in a box in storage).  

Most importantly of all, he tells Luke of his mother.  He tells her of her kindness, her smile, her selflessness.  Luke has her heart and her peacekeeper mentality and Anakin knows he must protect his precious son from the terrors of the galaxy, terrors like him. He knows that there are beings in the universe searching for Luke, but Anakin is so adept in the Force that they never find him.  The trio hop from planet to planet, system to system, showing Luke the wonders of the galaxy.

Luke is five years old and Anakin is twenty-seven years old, but they are each other’s best friends, fierce in their love and protection for each other.  Cody just watches and smiles.

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This thing has been stuck in my head for a few days now and I’ve really been fighting with it! If you don’t know who this is, let me tell you, this is Mohn, he is a minor character in Pokemon Sun and Moon who is there as a NPC to run an optional little side-game-esque thing called Pokemon Pelago which I guess is sort of like Neko Atsume for the Pokemon in your box? Idk, I actually haven’t used it much yet, but here’s the thing, this “Mohn” has a whole lot more to him than just being some guy who runs a Poke-Play-Park on some deserted island (because it is made quite clear in the game over and over that there are no other humans here) (One might also wonder why this guy has decided to live on a desert island, but more on that later). It is revealed through the game that he is in fact the father of two of the games major characters: Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life), and Gladion (super adorable bundle of angst who needs to accept the fact that I am in fact his friend not just a random acquaintance) and the husband of their mother, the main antagonists, President of the Aether Foundation: Lusamine (scary hyper controlling manipulative lady if you call Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) ugly one more time I’m pulling out my Reaper edgelord shotguns). FURTHERMORE, he was the one who originally confirmed the existence of the Ultra Wormholes and the Ultra Beasts which Lusamine spends the entire game neurotically trying to get a hold of the entire game.

But here’s the kicker: according to Gladion in the post game, after discovering the Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Bests, his father, Mohn, disappeared into an ultra wormhole. This is apparently what caused Lusamine’s hysterics: abusing her children, and potentially destroying the world in order to open the wormholes, find the ultra beasts and get her husband back! Of course she later seems to have gone completely insane and only cared about the Ultra Beasts themselves. But this is the point…Lusamine went insane and did all those terrible things (including hurting and calling ugly Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) because her husband got lost in an Ultra Wormhole…ONLY HE DIDN’T GET @#$%ING LOST IN AN ULTRA WORMHOLE BECAUSE HE’S SITTING ON A TROPICAL BEACH AS WE SPEAK PROBABLY MUNCHING ON A SPICY MALASADA OR SOMETHING!!!

So, is this the answer? Professor Mohn is just an asshole who abandoned his darling family, including Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) to chill the bachelor life on a deserted island?…Or is there something more to this? Why a desert island, for one? Why even stay nearby? If Mohn was going to fly the coup on his family, couldn’t just go to Kanto or something (like Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) does eventually causing me to cry into my fluffy signature one of a kind Alola’s first champion pillow every night)? So why does he decide to live the castaway life surrounded by the Box Pokemon of another trainer and one volleyball named Wilson (not cannon but cannon to me)? Also, add to the fact that from all accounts, Mohn was a guy who really seemed to love his family and just talking to him in Pokemon Pelago, he seems like a really great person! Well…my idea is this…what if Mohn is actually also someone else? Like…he is apparently a wormhole/space and time expert right? Well…what drove him to study these wormholes in the first place if they had only been legends before his research? Why are you the only person who he allows to learn of his existence? What makes you so special to him? Well, strap in my friends because this was all just the build up.

So here’s my theory with Mohn. He is hiding on the island because he knows that leaving he island could potentially cause a split in space and time: why? Because, there is another version of him alive, living in Alola at the time of the games. What if Mohn was actually a kid growing up on Alola at the time of Sun and Moon. Now, what happens is that later, after the wormholes have become more common, this kid, grown up and ready to take on the world, accidentally falls into one of these wormholes and ends up something like, 30-40 years in the past. Well, his first instinct of course is: oh my goodness, I need to get home…now! But unlike the future where he is from, where everyone knows about the wormholes and how they work, only a few people here even believe they exist. Mohn didn’t really pay attention much to that stuff, he didn’t really care, but now he does care: like, a lot. So what does Mohn do? He begins doing everything he can to uncover the secrets of the ultra wormholes, but to do that, he needs funding, and to get funding, he needs someplace that can fund experiments and stuff. Where does he find that? Aether foundation: boom. He becomes a scientist for Aether, but hold up, something unexpected happens, Mohn falls in love. He falls in love with someone who probably knows he really really really shouldn’t be falling in love with: like, it could cause major trouble (btw, by this point, since he had to make up a new identity in the past, he has created the alias of Mohn (probably also the most ridiculous alias you could make since you live in a Poh-keh-mohn world and you change your name to Mohn, but Mohn isn’t actually the smartest tool in the shed)). Still, when your heart says yes, the brain’s power to say no becomes vetoed, especially if the object of your affection loves you back and so: boom, Mohn gets married to Lusamine, President of the Aether foundation. Around this point, Mohn is thinking, “well I don’t know, I’m really happy here. Sure this isn’t where I though my life was going but I’m probably happier than I ever could have dreamed in my entire life,” but then Mohn realizes something. After his wife gives birth to their two kids, Gladion and Lillie, its only a matter of time before he, Mohn (or the kid who will become Mohn) is born. Furthermore, he knows, growing up as himself, that the kid who is him will likely come into contact with both of these kids and through them, Mohn himself, and suddenly, Mohn, who isn’t the same clueless kid who fell into a wormhole who knew nothing about the space time continuum, realizes that if he sticks around, he’s going to cause some major tears in the fabric of spacetime. So, he is faced with a choice: stay with his family and risk all of time and space getting ripped to pieces, or leave them despite the fact that he knows what will happen to them if he goes…ultimately, Mohn decides to leave (the universe where he stays doesn’t exist for us to be playing Sun and Moon in because it got destroyed). He fakes a disappearance into an Ultra Wormhole, leaves behind all his work, and runs away to a nearby deserted island where he can watch it all takes place. On that desert island he will wait until his kid self has fallen into the wormhole, and it is safe again to re-enter the wold and try to explain to his family what happened.

So, here’s the final question then…who is Mohn?…Well…to me, there is only one possible solution: Mohn is Hau. Now now now, I know, there are a bunch of potential problems with that theory: for one, they don’t look that much alike, but Mohn is something like 30-40 years older than Hau, and he can dye his hair, wear color changing contacts, and as far as skintone, maybe that’s more Hau’s natural color when he stays indoors hiding from the world all day instead of running around getting a tan under the hot Alolan sun. Or maybe Lusamine made him use whatever anti-aging stuff she uses on herself (it can’t be just clothes come on) and it had…well…side effect or something. The thing is, Hau actually makes sense! He’d be about the right age, his childhood directly intersects with Lillie’s (darling of darlings light of my life), which is why he would know it would be too dangerous to stay around his own family, and actually…Hau and Lusamine kind of share some…kind of awkward to watch…moments. Like, when they first meet, Hau kind of hits on Lusamine, telling her how impressive it is that she’s done all this stuff at such a young age, before he gets extremely awkward when he learns she’s 40+, and then Lusamine responds back by suggesting they go out to find him a new outfit…like, she legitimately kind of asks him out…which is weird. Like, Game Freak did not need to put that in the game, and they also didn’t need to make Mohn the guy running Pokemon Pelago. They also make an effort to make Hau really surprised when Gladion says that he (Gladion) knows Lusamine is behind Lillie’s (darling of darlings light of my life) kidnapping. Like, he makes a big deal of refusing to believe it because Lusamine is “such a nice lady.” I’m sorry, Game Freak, but you’ve two too many potentially shippy interactions between a 40+ year old lady and an 11 year old boy for me not to crane my head a little bit, but here’s the thing, what if Hau and Lusamine were the same age? Doesn’t it kind of imply that as two people with such compatible personalities (Hau gives out compliments in droves and Lusamine loves getting complimented) that since, even with the age gap, they seem strangely drawn to one another, that if they were the same age, they would literally and physically be all over each other?! Plus if anyone was going to accidentally fall into a wormhole and end up 30-40 years in the past, it would be our Malasada loving adorable doofus of a best friend. Finally, let me make one more point. Of all the trainers on Alola, Mohn, for some reason, chooses you, the protagonist, to be allowed onto the desert island where he is hiding out. It’s almost as if he knew you were going to be in Alola, he knew who you were, and he knew he could trust you, but that’s the thing: of all the people in the game, you, the protagonist, are probably the single person who Hau trusts the most because you are his best friend. So, who does he allow on his island, you, because he knows you can help him and he trusts you not to blow his cover. And finally, Hau is the only main character who could possibly be Mohn because, every other main character is either too old or is one of Mohn’s children, and I’m not going to say Gladion is his own father because that would be creepy as all heck, and no way am I going down that road. Besides, perhaps Hau being similar to Gladion’s long lost estranged father would be a further reason why Gladion is annoyed by Hau so much. Also, the main character cannot possibly be Mohn BECAUSE THE MAIN CHARACTER IS SOULMATES WITH LILLIE (darling of darlings light of my life). So yeah, maybe not cannon, but this is a theory that personally, works for me, and it means I don’t have to go kill Mohn for abandoning Lillie (darling of darlings light of my life) to a life of trial and abuse.

tl;dr: Mohn is actually Hau who fell through a wormhole and is hiding in Pokemon Pellago in order to not cause a rip in the space time continuum. It sounds ridiculous, but if you care, read the whole thing.


- Xeph
- Xephie
- Xephy~
- Xephiboo
- Xepheroni
- Xepharoo
- Blue Phosphate
- Space boi
- Spaceman
- Xephos the science guy
- ScreamsMcYellsALot
- Bug Boy
- Asshat
- Spacey Wacey
- Ear Enhancers McGee
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- General blue butt
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- Trips, drops 3,000 pictures of space and bees Shit, wait, these aren’t mine
- Buzz Lightyear
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- “I totally didn’t eat all of Ridge’s rare and exotic butterflies”
- Xephioli 

anonymous asked:

What advice do you have to someone who has several years of writing experience outside of video games (in my case, a combination of marketing, freelance tabletop RPG materials, and nonprofit grants), but is interested in transitioning their career into game writing and narrative design?

You, more than anybody, probably realize that writing for marketing is different than freelance tabletop RPG materials, which is different from nonprofit grants. Writing for games is as different from what you’ve done as the various different things you’ve done are from each other. I could give you my standard advice of “Learn to design games”, because that’s what I say to all of the people who claim to be writers and want to get into games. But I’ve decided to try to do something a little different today.

Beamdog (the Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition developer) was hiring for an entry level narrative designer very recently. Since that’s the job you want, I’ll break down their job description, and add a few comments for relevant stuff. 


  • A University/College degree (in a related field) preferred
  • You must demonstrate the ability to write quality branching dialogue and narrative, which includes a command of both the principles of game design as well as the English language
  • The ability to work positively within a collaborative creative environment and to use team feedback to evaluate and improve upon your work during iteration
  • Preference will be given to those with previous professional game industry experience, and those with previous game writing experience in particular
  • A passion for video games and an understanding of interactive storytelling
  • A working knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons (and other tabletop games) a plus
  •  You must be authorized to legally work in Canada, and willing to work locally in Edmonton, Alberta (relocating, if necessary)

Immediately, you should recognize that a narrative designer is a game designer first and foremost. That means that you need to understand game design principles like player agency, meaningful choice, scope, player psychology, and the interworkings between design and other disciplines like engineering and art. Second, you should realize that you won’t be working alone - you’ll be collaborating as part of a team, and that means you’ll have peers who review your work, editors who will change your work, and a boss who will tell you what to write and how many words you can use to write it.

Beyond that, you’ll need to understand how branching narrative works. One of the largest constraints in any game’s development is scope. You can’t just write whatever you want. You need to deliver completed work on a schedule in order for the game to ship by the deadline. Broadly diverging paths might be super fun for the player, but they take an awful lot of design time to implement and test. You’ll also have to be constrained within other limitations - the quest you’re writing absolutely has to take place in an ice cavern because the level designers and environment artists are already working on it and they aren’t going to change it because you decided it would be better in a swamp. You probably won’t be coming up with the main story arc either - you’ll start with side quests and one-off characters. You’ll also need to work within a word budget - there’s only so much text you can fit on screen at once, and reading too much will bore most players.

“Sure, I can do all that,” you might say. Cool. Let’s get on to the next part - the actual application. Here is what was required of all submissions:

Submission Requirements:

  1. An outline for a short side-quest in the Dungeons & Dragons universe – the outline itself should be no more than 5 pages (preferably less), focusing on how the quest is obtained, the steps the player takes to go through it, and the resolution. Make sure the player has agency in how to complete the quest, and that the quest has more than one resolution based on how it’s completed.
  2. A single written game dialogue which would occur during that quest, showing your command of branching and player voice. You may use any game style which is an existing Beamdog or Wizards of the Coast franchise, so long as the player is able to choose responses which encompass a variety of tones/playstyles.
  3. Include voice direction in the above dialogue, as well as directions to fellow designers who would presumably be implementing your quest – we want to see how you communicate your ideas.
  4. This dialogue should be no longer than 2500 words and can be written using Microsoft Word (using hyperlinks for the choices) or Twine (of these two, Twine is preferred as it will require you to use basic scripting language in order for the dialogue to function).

This is a good list of what an entry level narrative designer will actually do. If you were working on the game, you’d probably be given some kind of bare-bones quest outline with a setting/location, a rough quest length, and possibly some characters to include. Then you’d be told to fill out the details with something fun and engaging. The outline you came up with would then be reviewed by your boss and some other narrative designers, and you’d be given feedback - fix this, change that, merge these characters, what about this situation?

Then you’d have to start actually writing the dialogue. Notice in #2 that it mentions the variety of tones and playstyles. When you are allowing player agency, it’s important to recognize what sort of gameplay will be supported - the player might be valiant, paranoid, or socially awkward. The player might be a pacifist or a stone-cold killer. You’ll need to present players with a voice consistent with their internal view of their character via the options they may choose, and still provide them agency in how to complete the quest. If you were actually working as a narrative designer, you’d be writing all of the dialogues for every character in your quest.

Further notice that you need to provide voice direction and communicate with other designers. That means more than just narrative designers. You need to be able to communicate your ideas to the system designers, the level designers, and whoever else might be a stakeholder in the narrative you’re working on. You need to be able to convey your ideas to them, as well as take direction from them, but you cannot assume that your way will always be the best. Remember, collaborative effort. If I were the level designer for the quest area, I’d want some ideas on what you envisioned how the characters and environment would be laid out in the area but, between the two of us, I’m the expert on space and layout. You need to be ready to give notes and suggestions, but also be ready to take criticism and work with other stakeholders.

This is what game writers do. They work within the confines of somebody else’s creative vision, coming up with the interstitial glue that holds the plot together while providing the players with the agency and choices they crave. They collaborate in teams with others like level designers, gameplay programmers, environment artists, and other narrative designers. If you want to do this for a career, then you can start doing stuff like this on your own and building up a reasonable portfolio that you can show in addition to your resume.

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Whether you are a regular traveler or an occasional traveler, this is an awesome luggage set. As someone who went from an old, polyester fabric luggage set, to this high quality polycarbonate set, I must say, this is a tremendous improvement! I did not realize how much better polycarbonate luggage is as opposed to polyester fabric luggage until I finally decided to upgrade to this set! Needless to say, I am very happy I did!

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- Polycarbonate: The polycarbonate is very sturdy and seems to be able to withstand the hectic airport traffic. I have not had the opportunity to take this set on a flight but recently took it on a road trip where the luggages were stacked up against other luggages and being constantly moved around. Just from carrying them and moving them around, I can tell that this set is made to last.
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- This is also a tremendous plus for weight limits on airplanes. Because the suitcases themselves do not have much added weight, it won’t be a hassle when traveling, especially when having to pay extra for overweight bags…a few less pounds goes a really long way!

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Overall, I am beyond happy with this set. It not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them. Each suitcase is spacious, durable, and designed very well.

Google, NASA work together on Disney show to inspire girls into sciences

There are certain television tropes about computer scientists that just drive programmers nuts. They include the portrayal of coders as sun-starved and soft-bellied nerds who spend long hours alone in front of their computers. And almost always, those TV characters are male.

So when Disney Junior approached Google and NASA last year for a new series about a space adventure-seeking boy, his smart sister who codes and mother who drives the family spaceship, everyone involved in the project was determined to bury those stereotypes.

They agreed that done right, the show could help get girls interested in the sciences at an early age. After all, the data on gender and careers showed that the media can play a huge factor in girls’ decisions to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math, according to a 2014 report by Google.

So the creators of “Miles From Tomorrowland” visited Google headquarters in Silicon Valley and NASA’s Southern California base to talk to tech and space experts about ways to authentically portray the show’s Callisto family.

“We want all kids to get interested in science, but we really felt that it was important for girls in particular to see strong female characters,” said Sascha Paladino, the show’s creator.

The percentage of women entering into computer science studies declined from 37 percent in 1984 to 18 percent in 2009. About 27 percent of all professionals in computer science are women, according to the Google study. It also said girls who feel that television portrays programmers negatively or who don’t see other students like them taking computer science are significantly less likely to get into computing.

At NASA, the Disney team met with experts to help build out the character of the mom, Phoebe, who is the captain of the spaceship.

The character was inspired by astronaut Yvonne D. Cagle, and Disney Junior worked with NASA on astronomy and what it is like to live in space.

At Google, Paladino spent the day with several women engineers who homed in on the character Loretta, Miles’s smart older sister who uses computer code to solve problems that the family encounters during their adventures in space.”

Read the full piece here