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exodus (exo video game mock up): exodus is an open world, role playing experience set in the distant future with parallel earths. with a multitude of character builds to support real-time gameplay and a variety character personalities, how each character interacts with the people and the environment in their own unique way affects what the choices the player must make, allowing every playthrough to be its own experience.

fox-rey  asked:

This is silly but imagine Loki opening a portal to get to Avengers and then rambling about his greatness and his evil plans and all but suddenly he gets knocked down by a blast in the back and when he falls there's a good view on the portal he came from so we could see Tony stepping out of it with his repulsors cooling down "I'm back bitches"

this is actually not too outside the realm of possibility?? I mean if you think about it, AA has pulled the “Tony comes out of left field to save the day at the last minute” maneuver many times before (e.g. ““Guardians and Space Knights,” “Exodus,” “Dark Avengers,” “Thanos Triumphant”….)

plus, if that does happen, we stand a good chance of seeing Steve pull one of these faces again:

as he looks on in awe and joy that his boyfriend has finally returned to him :’)


A Space Exodus (2009) - Palestinian Artist LARISSA SANSOUR

A Space Exodus quirkily sets up an adapted stretch of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey in a Middle Eastern political context. The recognisable music scores of the 1968 science fiction film are changed to arabesque chords matching the surreal visuals of Sansour’s film.

The film follows the artist herself onto a phantasmagoric journey through the universe echoing Stanley Kubrick’s thematic concerns for human evolution, progress and technology. However, in her film, Sansour posits the idea of a first Palestinian into space, and, referencing Armstrong’s moon landing, she interprets this theoretical gesture as “a small step for a Palestinian, a giant leap for mankind”.

The film offers a naively hopeful and optimistic vision for a Palestinian future contrasting sharply with all the elements that are currently eating away at the very idea of a viable Palestinian state. In A Space Exodus, Sansour does finally reach the moon, although her contact with Palestine’s capital is cut off. - LS

Watch a Short Clip from the Film Here