space emperor

i will help you swallow your hesitation. you’ll trust me. (x)

Long ago, before Haggar was, well, evil, she was a scientist. Driven by the phenomenons of the world, she was determined to uncover their secrets. Then the revolution started, the beginning of the empire, the new age. She was happy to be left alone to her research, going unnoticed by the new, developing world. And then he started whispering in her ear.

“We’ve heard of your research; you seek answers to mysterious and powerful things.” Of course she did; she was a scientist.

“You know that the Paladins will never let you continue your research. Not once they’ve realized how dangerous those secrets can be.” She supposed that was true. However, the Paladins were reasonable, and anything she discovered would be put to benevolent use.

“You will be imprisoned. Look what they’re doing to me.” Well… Zarkon had a point. “Swallow your hesitation. Trust me.” And so she did.

you told me yes, you held me high and i believed when you told that lie.
i played soldier, you played king, struck me down when i kissed that ring.
you lost that right to hold that crown; i built you up, but you let me down.
so when you fall, i’ll take my turn and fan the flames as your blazes burn (x)

Kolivan remembered. He was not as old as to remember firsthand of the Emperor’s Paladin days, but his ancestors were. Galra lived long lives, but never as long as Zarkon had reigned. Kolivan’s ancestors told stories to their children, who told stories to him. Once, Zarkon had been part of the Paladin team, a part of Voltron, the defender of the universe, the mediator, the universal peacekeeper. 

What had happened? Zarkon was loyal to the Paladins, to Voltron; but no longer. Once, the universe was loyal to Zarkon, the Black Paladin. The Galra, his home planet, they were all loyal to him. What had happened? Of course, the majority of the Galra had chosen to follow their Paladin, now Emperor, but there were those who suffered. Kolivan’s family was one of many that suffered at the hands of the changed Paladin. Many who were loyal to the Paladin were struck down by the Emperor. No one deserved that crown, that position, that respect, once they committed such acts against innocent people. 

And so the Blade of Marmora began. Founded by Galra who were betrayed by the Emperor, they fought to silently protect all they could. Saboteurs, all of them. They were the Blade of Marmora, the disloyal Galra, the ones who remembered.


At last I’ve taken my first step to completing my Emperor’s Children Legion army for the Horus Heresy!

These are five Mk. 4 marines from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set. These first ones have bolters permanently attached since I knew at least some would have to be done that way, and later I’ll make some with swappable special weapons.

I put a couple accessories on each but I tried to limit that since I didn’t want them too busy, so any individual marine has two tops.

It’s been quite the adventure getting these models going but I’m happy with the overall paint scheme I’ve come up with. I was going to paint the bolter casings plain black and leave the metallic casings for special weapons and officers, but I didn’t like how that was turning out so I changed my mind and did a metallic colour for them anyways. I figured if I liked that better then there’s no point in not doing that. Plus they already have a decent amount of black on them with the harnesses, joints, and the upper parts of their backpacks all black. So I think that breaks it up a little better. I decided to go with green eyes to contrast with the armour a little better, but I may do some with red eyes in the future too.

I did weather the armour a little bit. Mostly on the legs where I imagine more chipping would occur. I didn’t want to do too much of that since being the third legion, I still wanted them to be fairly clean and pretty looking. That being said, adding a couple chips and scratches adds some visual interest to the wide open flat areas and I find helps add some more realism to the armour. The bottoms of their boots and greaves are also weathered with a little bit of the colour on the base just to tie them together a little bit. It doesn’t show up too drastically since they have a fairly dark scheme anyways, and again I didn’t want to have a lot of that, but I think it’s just enough.

I think I’ll have to come up with a more interesting way to paint the combat blades if I put more on the next marines I paint. The blade itself is a little plain. The freehanding on the shoulders isn’t that great either, but I think it gets the point across and at least they’re not just blank :). I won’t be able to get the transfer sheet from Forge World any more anyways since it’s out of print. So I might as well do the Emperor’s Children iconography myself so they’re at least all consistent. In for a penny in for a pound!

One of the marines had it’s left arm sag a little bit while the glue was setting unfortunately, but at least it’s not in a careful aiming pose. That one also ended up like way off center of the base somehow. Oops! I’ll have to be more careful of that in the future.

I think that’s everything I wanted to mention. These are just the first few in a long line of pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children to come. Honourable mentions go to @boilingcopper for pointing out that the combat blades actually have a slot where you can attach them to the backpacks, and to @seerinthevoid for their tips on painting Emperor’s Children! Thanks guys!

Next up I hope to paint 5 more of the Mk. 4 marines including a sergeant which will take advantage of some of the fancy Forge World pieces, a missile launcher wielding marine, and a few with swappable weapons, but I’m still waiting on some magnets to arrive to get that going.

Anyways I hope you like them! Happy Easter to those celebrating and look for more updates in the future!