space electro

electro space // a mix about space and being part of the stars

1. planisphere-justice 2. nightvision- daft punk 3. sad machine (anamanaguchi remix)- porter robinson 4. seeya-deadmau5 (feat. colleen d'agostino) 5. such great heights- the postal service 6. contact- daft punk 7. flicker-porter robinson 8. music sounds better with you- stardust 9. eros and apollos- studio killers

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Water droplets orbiting a needle in space.

This marvelous display of physics unfolded when tiny charged droplets of water were fired through a syringe towards a needle which was also statically charged. This experiment was conducted at the ISS in 2012.

The droplets remarkably began to orbit the needle, just like some satellites do around a cylindrical planet!

It’s the ISS and things float so, nothing exquisite about that but this demonstration is to illustrate the attraction of charged objects in space..

What is this sorcery?

Since the water droplets and the needle are charged, the droplets are attracted to the needle. But hey, those drops also have some velocity, so they end up orbiting the needle instead of sticking right to it.

How cool is that?

Image Credit: NASA