space eldritch


“There’s some kind of force field keeping us in, but who would know how to fix it?  Hmm. Maybe someone needs to come out of retirement.“

-”Bill Cipher, “Gravity Falls”

anonymous asked:

Hey, would Dexter and M get along on any level with the whole 'multiple personality' deal? I always thought that since Dexter's was by choice that he could offer pointers.

Maybe if Dexter could actually feel empathy for other living creatures, he and M would get along! Unfortunately, Dexter is an eldritch space abomination from the endless void, and only splits his consciousness into different hosts as a form of entertainment for his murder-gameshow and doesn’t know anything about actually being multiple!

Though they do have one thing in common - they both frickin hate Alcyone.

Cosmic Singularity

It’s been a while since I did a really “big” piece, so here ya go. I tried a couple of new tricks, which ultimately made me fuck up and backtrack a little too much, but I also learned a lot from it in the process even though it took me way more than it should… meh
I’m quite satisfied with the result anyway. Let’s hope I don’t make the same mistakes next time! 

Things I’ve done in Fallen London over the years

-Sold my soul four times in one month

-Got in a fist fight with a kung fu nun and wrastled a bishop

-Used an armored, sapient guinea pig as a weapon

-Amassed a swarm of over 5,000 weasels

-Coaxed a monster cat into mauling me repeatedly in order to participate in a holiday celebration

-One player invited me to their wedding, and then I sent them dead rats as a wedding gift

-Had a rather enlightening chat with my boat

-Took drugs with my pet monkey

-Got myself buried alive because I thought it would be interesting

-Set my hair on fire by learning a new language

-My destiny is to become giant eldritch space bat

-I’m pretty sure I was dating a bee

-Had a threesome on Queen Victoria’s throne

Resident Evil AU stuff

I started having ideas about this AU that step over RE canon, I don’t know whether to feel bad or not, but the results are intriguing and seem more in place in a crossover fic:

 -Actually this was mainly @chronomedley’s idea: Lavos is still Lavos sorta. The progenitor virus comes from Lavos, or the Frozen Flame sleeping beneath the Stairway to the Sun. The progenitor virus is from a freaking eldritch space alien that explains everything about it really, like how Simmons’s transformations can produce mass out of nothing. 

-AU Magus is the descendant of someone who ate a bunch of those sacred flowers and lived. In RE6 it is mentioned that Albert Wesker was -somehow- gifted with a superior immune system that allowed him to wield viral strains derived from the progenitor virus-and thus why he survived it in the first place. 

I’m going to shit all over this to have AU Magus share a common ancestor with him and have a similar immunity but not quuuite. Some other less shitty things: 

-Belthasar is a highly lauded, prestigious scientist and engineer. Misery occurs in some parts of the world involving a few schmucks and doing away with a certain Dr. Ashtear and he *miraculously* finds a way to rescue Sarah/Schala from being consumed by Lavos. What he really was after of course was Lavos and the Flame. He then bonds himself to Lavos. Cue ridiculous three-part boss fight. 

 -AU Magus has white hair and red eyes. He was born with white hair but the red eyes are from later intentional infections. Sarah/AU Schala also has white hair.

-Should AU Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Glenn have cool weapons that mimic their canon elements or actually have been exposed to a certain “Spekkio” due to some mishandled vaccines? Actually the elemental weapons are cool lets go with that. 

 -AU Magus can still explode into a mutant monster if he wants to but its really draining on him. He would rather fight with his blades or with his advanced psionic abilities that can do things like transform a lit candle into an inferno or literally break space. 

 -He is the way he is due to his inherited genes, maybe another virus, and then a dominant plaga all working together in his system. -plagas are also from Lavos. 

 -AU Magus refuses to let organizations collect his tissue samples. 

 -AU Magus wears a long coat.