space eels

The Nyx Space Mermaid is the 2nd rarest class of spacemermaid, the beast master being the rarest. Incredibly costly to grow and rear only the most established of hives are able to produce these black beauties.

Their elustrius, billowing tails can create a black curtain in a empty universe or mimick the twinking stars.

Commonly sent out in small groups, these maids use their tails to disoriant small ships. Not only do the tails engulf the pilot’s vision it also absorbs any and all transmitions the vessle may be sending out rendering the vessle stationary and allowing workers to begin the harvesting process.

Inktober Day 28 - Space Travelers; the Planet Eater.

Was originally going to create a massive humanoid figure curling over the Planet, mouth gaping, eyes blank and staring, but then nature provides such disturbing creatures already. The best part of this is the actual critter is much more unnerving looking.

So enjoy the Galactic Gulper Eel, swallower of life, devourer of hope, and the maw at the end of all things.

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IMDB BLURB: Having relocated to a vivacious amusement resort in Coney Island, The Phantom of the Paris Opera House uses a pseudonym to invite renowned soprano Christine Daaé to perform. She and her husband Raoul have no idea what lies in store.

WARNINGS: Mutha fuckin’ SPACE EELS. Ben Lewis is an anaconda. There is a murder in the film but there is literally no blood. Attempted suicide. Love angles abound. 

RATING: My anaconda don’t want none unless you got a son, hon.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: All reviews are done solely for humor and should not be taken seriously ever. If you cannot handle cursing, crude humor and probably some offensive things, pls do not read this.

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anonymous asked:

Is it possible to combine witchcraft and mad science, cuz that's what I'm currently working on

In short: Yes.

In long: The internet, Evil Supply Co., the best colors in the rainbow, microwave ovens, non-dairy coffee creamer, those “do not remove” tags on mattresses, hashbrowns, most of France, some of England, a few parts of the United States (the better parts), several forms of corn, bees, 50s greaser “switchblade” combs, most hair products, toothpaste, animation, teeth, pretzels, whiteboard markers, text messages, love, most flowers, some cacti, memes, some sharks, a few eels, space, twelve kinds of cheese (excluding that which comes in a can), cinnamon rolls, the ability for kleenex to pop up after the previous one is pulled, predicate verb tense trees, glass, the better kind of paper towels and toilet paper (not the cheap uncomfortable things, the really really great kind), dish soap, search engine optimization, sugar (raw), dark chocolate, cocoa (with marshmallows, c’mon now, be reasonable), the ability to survive summer, goths (some), a few lesser known languages, text messages, youths, comfortable socks, time travel (sometimes) (it’s confusing), swamps, and several very interesting people all rely on witchcraft and mad science.