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Jemma letting Fitz go after second kiss

After the season 3 finale, after the event horizon, after all the cute Fitzsimmons scenes this one is still one I found so very important. This tiny moment when you see how much Jemma loves Fitz in such an unusual way.

What can be seen just after Fitz moves away is disappointment (I mean who wouldn’t be disappointed when a guy you’re happily kissing is moving away saying “sorry”, who wouldn’t expect the “it was a mistake” hit?) and a hint of sadness, but what’s most important is that Jemma just gritted her teeth and let Fitz move away. Doesn’t sound romantic, does it? And yet there is something so important in this tiny move. Ever since Jemma told Fitz about Will, since the sunshine scene where he told her just to watch the view and don’t make plans, since their kiss after which he told her they cursed, after his agreement to start over - we all saw that Fitz took a step back to reconsider their situation and how he feels about it. And it’s a perfectly fine move on his part, after all this mess they both had to face, after all those improbable obstacles they’ve met, after being shot straight into his insecurity with Jemma being missing and then in love with a perfect astronaut that he tried to help save and felt like he failed in doing so - after all of that every sane person would need a moment to catch a break and check how they feel and where they stand. Is he still strong enough to try for a relationship with Jemma or he just needs some more time to wrap his bleeding heart into some bandages and wait for it to heal?

The thing is, Jemma understands this. She understands that Fitz was hurt and needs time. She understands that he needed to take a step back with their relationship for his own good and she lets him. In this moment, just after yet another kiss when Fitz breaks and moves away she lets him. Sure, she wants to keep kissing, she wants to move forward with their relationship (as she clarifies as soon as she realises what Fitz’s deal in that moment is), but in that moment she thinks that Fitz needs some time and space so she doesn’t push. She accepts his boundaries, accepts the fact that he might not be ready yet and she would have to wait a little longer. She doesn’t take him for granted, doesn’t make an assumption that just because he confessed a long while ago, just because they agreed to go for a date and actually went for one after she come back, just because she told him about her planes for Perthshire, just because he kissed her once in a heated moment when his heart was desperate and breaking and once more in a moment of quiet sadness and comfort in the space of his room, all of that doesn’t make her entitled to him and doesn’t mean that he still feels exactly the same about them. So Jemma lets him have all the space he needs and doesn’t push, doesn’t even give him a “kiss me like you mean it or don’t kiss me ever again!” angry speech. Yes, she tries to fight for him, she tells him about Perthshire, she tells him she was absolutely sure about what she meant, she told him they should hold hands because it’s inevitable, she tried to flirt and get a movie date with him, but she does all of this while accepting that he’s unsure and needs time and some borders that he’s not ready to cross. She just takes what he can give and doesn’t ask him for more, letting him have all the time and space he needs to heal and come back to her. Because she loves him, simple as that.

The type of little I am:

Things I dislike:

-being hurt on purpose
-wearing nappies
-being told what to wear, how to do my hair/make up (on occasions)
-being yelled at
-watching childish cartoons and baby programmes

Things I like:

-boppys (baby bottles)
-colourful jammys (pyjamas)
-the colour pink
-colouring books
-having a bed time
-Disney movies
-love bites
-passionate and rough playtime
-being told what to do during playtime etc

Not all littles are the same ~ I probably forgot to add a lot of things oopsie

“Any plans?”Fitzsimmons 3x20

It’s a tiny moment in 3x20, just one sentence and a touch of hands but it made me so happy because it just shows that in the middle of tragedy and drama Fitzsimmons find balance in their relationship

They have lots of work to do. Daisy is breaking into base’s security, Mack’s still recovering so it’s up to Fitz only to “Daisyproof” the base, spending “all his time" doing so, while he admits he needs extra seven hands. Imagine how busy he must be, how tired, after constantly fighting Daisy off, and like he said - she leaves one spot just to come back in the other. Jemma understands this. It’s work time, it’s time to focus and do the job at hand. So she’s there with him, helping as much as she can even if it’s just handing him tools or keeping him company. 

I find this short scene much more comforting then if it would be them sneaking around the base to steal heated kisses, like so many couples in the first stage. Fitz doesn’t try to rush his work to spend time with Jemma. He doesn’t try to blew May off. He knows his job is important and he has to focus on this. Jemma understands it too, she knows that even though she clearly has more free time than he has (I mean her work was basically watching Lincoln at this scene?) it doesn’t mean he will do things faster to join her, she just patiently waits. It’s healthy. They both have their lives and being together doesn’t mean they stopped being individuals. And when Fitz is done, and he’s not sure if he has a minute of spare time or an hour, he turns to her and says “I have time for you now. It’s not much, but that’s all I have in this hectic moment and until something happens I have this time for YOU. What do you want to do?” And Jemma happily goes to him. Sure, it turns out that they have like 20 seconds before May barges in, but they are not angry at her and not trying to run away from another task they were given. They used their tiny moment it was their own even if it was brief. They listen and they go back to heir tasks, because as soon as they do them they will have another spare minute for themselves.

The reason why it’s calling to me so much is because I’ve seen so many fresh couples falling for the “we have to spend every second together doing couple things” trap. Women and men going all mad at the other because while one of them has free time the other is busy and saying “don’t you love me? Why you don’t have time for me?”. It’s a trap because hey, it’s great you two love each other but life happens, sometimes people have so much responsibilities and work to do that at the end of the day they barely have the energy to move, let alone make great romantic gestures. Because sometimes love is in a smile and a brush of hands during 20 seconds you have for each other that couldn’t be planned because you don’t know when it would occur, how long it would last and when it would end. Because sometimes love is just sitting in the same room, making sure to handle the other tools they need, or smiling at them to show them support. 

Because Fitzsimmons doesn’t have to make out in the corner to prove to us that they love each other, they do this with every heartbeat.

Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 6)

Ok so it has come to my attention that the name of this fic doesn’t really fit with the contents anymore. I wasn’t planning on continuing it past part 2! So apologies for that, I figure i’ll leave it. It’s a tad late to change it now lol. So here is the next part, enjoy! xox

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Alternate Ending

“Me?” You cry. “Why?!”

“I can’t tell you yet.” Nat says slowly, in a calming voice.

“LIKE HELL YOU CAN’T.” You shout jumping out of your chair.

“Sit DOWN.” Nat says firmly, her eyes flicking between you and the mirror. You take a breath and sit down, glaring at Nat silently, your arms crossed in defiance.

“I want to leave.” You mutter grumpily.

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captainsili  asked:

Have you ever thought of the fact, that we are a tiny dot, not even visible, in all of the ever expanding space? That there could be so many smarter beings than us? That we could be the test dummies of space? Like, hey, look at earth, those little beings.

yeah!! i think about that a lot acually! i really love the idea that there are people better than us ebcause it is somehting we can stirve for and try to be, we as humans have so much capability and we are such a small dot and worthless in the large scale rn but i feel like we can do stuff that makes us great and also every cilivization is great and aamzing and has the capability for being a amzing and even if they dont accomplish much jsut bein is amaizing to ya know?