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smallpotato  asked:

Hellooooo! It's me again I hope that's okay. For all dads, dadsona is really fascinated with space and when he rambles on about it he gets a little embarrassed and stuff. What are the dad's reaction?

Hugo: He immediately starts brushing up on his space knowledge so he can join in with Dadsona’s obsession. He is constantly encouraging Dadsona to talk to him about it in the same way Dadsona encouraged his love of wrestling.

Damien: A lot of their dates take place at space themed museums and they go to watch every new sci-fi movie together so he can listen to Dadsona talk about the science behind it all. They start taking walks at night so they can look up at the stars.

Craig: He had no idea what Dadsona was talking about in college and he still has no idea now. Probably owns a space for dummies book that he hides under the bed. He’ll ask Dadsona to explain it to River so Dadsona will ‘dumb’ down the words because he really wants to understand him.

Robert: He actually doesn’t mind it when Dadsona start pointing out constellations and talking about planets, because it’s not small talk, it’s his passion. He takes Dadsona out to the over look at lot more often and whittles while he listens to him talk.

Joseph: He also knows little to nothing about space, but then again Dadsona puts up with his talk about boating so gives him the same courtesy. He likes it when Dadsona teaches the kids about space in the evenings.

Brian: Between Daisy and Dadsona he can’t get a word in when they talk about space with each other. He doesn’t mind though, he likes having someone around who can engage with Daisy’s passions and he finds it endearing just how much they connect over it.

Mat: He introduces Dadsona to the world of galaxy inspired foods and his heart melts seeing how giddy it makes Dadsona. He looks for songs about space for him too. Sometimes he’ll fall asleep listening to Dadsona talk about space, not because he’s bored but because he’s so relaxed and comfortable around him.

Jemma letting Fitz go after second kiss

After the season 3 finale, after the event horizon, after all the cute Fitzsimmons scenes this one is still one I found so very important. This tiny moment when you see how much Jemma loves Fitz in such an unusual way.

What can be seen just after Fitz moves away is disappointment (I mean who wouldn’t be disappointed when a guy you’re happily kissing is moving away saying “sorry”, who wouldn’t expect the “it was a mistake” hit?) and a hint of sadness, but what’s most important is that Jemma just gritted her teeth and let Fitz move away. Doesn’t sound romantic, does it? And yet there is something so important in this tiny move. Ever since Jemma told Fitz about Will, since the sunshine scene where he told her just to watch the view and don’t make plans, since their kiss after which he told her they cursed, after his agreement to start over - we all saw that Fitz took a step back to reconsider their situation and how he feels about it. And it’s a perfectly fine move on his part, after all this mess they both had to face, after all those improbable obstacles they’ve met, after being shot straight into his insecurity with Jemma being missing and then in love with a perfect astronaut that he tried to help save and felt like he failed in doing so - after all of that every sane person would need a moment to catch a break and check how they feel and where they stand. Is he still strong enough to try for a relationship with Jemma or he just needs some more time to wrap his bleeding heart into some bandages and wait for it to heal?

The thing is, Jemma understands this. She understands that Fitz was hurt and needs time. She understands that he needed to take a step back with their relationship for his own good and she lets him. In this moment, just after yet another kiss when Fitz breaks and moves away she lets him. Sure, she wants to keep kissing, she wants to move forward with their relationship (as she clarifies as soon as she realises what Fitz’s deal in that moment is), but in that moment she thinks that Fitz needs some time and space so she doesn’t push. She accepts his boundaries, accepts the fact that he might not be ready yet and she would have to wait a little longer. She doesn’t take him for granted, doesn’t make an assumption that just because he confessed a long while ago, just because they agreed to go for a date and actually went for one after she come back, just because she told him about her planes for Perthshire, just because he kissed her once in a heated moment when his heart was desperate and breaking and once more in a moment of quiet sadness and comfort in the space of his room, all of that doesn’t make her entitled to him and doesn’t mean that he still feels exactly the same about them. So Jemma lets him have all the space he needs and doesn’t push, doesn’t even give him a “kiss me like you mean it or don’t kiss me ever again!” angry speech. Yes, she tries to fight for him, she tells him about Perthshire, she tells him she was absolutely sure about what she meant, she told him they should hold hands because it’s inevitable, she tried to flirt and get a movie date with him, but she does all of this while accepting that he’s unsure and needs time and some borders that he’s not ready to cross. She just takes what he can give and doesn’t ask him for more, letting him have all the time and space he needs to heal and come back to her. Because she loves him, simple as that.

Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 6)

Ok so it has come to my attention that the name of this fic doesn’t really fit with the contents anymore. I wasn’t planning on continuing it past part 2! So apologies for that, I figure i’ll leave it. It’s a tad late to change it now lol. So here is the next part, enjoy! xox

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Alternate Ending

“Me?” You cry. “Why?!”

“I can’t tell you yet.” Nat says slowly, in a calming voice.

“LIKE HELL YOU CAN’T.” You shout jumping out of your chair.

“Sit DOWN.” Nat says firmly, her eyes flicking between you and the mirror. You take a breath and sit down, glaring at Nat silently, your arms crossed in defiance.

“I want to leave.” You mutter grumpily.

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