space dog escape pod

STARRY EYED - I want to go home but earth is holding me back.

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Space Dog Escape Pod - Mayhem

i freakin love the beginning of this, and the really strong beat beat. fits the space in the title. e3e

I had a dream last night that there was some sort of apocalyptic situation and these people were like get in the shelter and I’m like no I need to get my dogs…..

and they were like…. omg you’re going to kill us all…

and I was like stfu I’m getting my dogs. I return with my dogs and we are in this shelter escape pod space ship looking thing and then all of a sudden ZIPPY ZAP ZAP sparks go everywhere and the power goes out and I turn around and Ani has been chewing on all the wires. She’s sitting there with wires in her mouth flip flopping her tail around.

Then everyone is really mad because apparently now we are going to die and I’m just like I’m super glad I brought my dogs *snuggle*

Then I think we all died. But guys I had my dogs.