space dandy second season episode 8

even just looking at that list now, u can tell that the show started getting better in the second half of season one based on how much less filler there is. there are literally seven episodes *in a row* after the start of Star Vs that have pretty much no bearing on the story whatsoever, but from episode 8 on there are only two episodes that are total filler

it seems like most shows go thru some growing pains when they start off before they really find their groove. i noticed the EXACT same pattern when i got into Space Dandy recently, where the first handful of episodes were mostly okay, before things started improving toward the second half of the first season, and S2 has been consistently great

i think it probably just takes writers a while to get a feel for their characters and the world around them and what makes the show really “tick.” episodic fiction isn’t really like a novel or a movie where you have one concise story, where everything’s neatly contained, and you can go back in once it’s all written out to really hone in on making it consistent and consistently good

instead, you have to continually work out the story and characters and overall style as you go. you don’t really have the opportunity to lay out the whole story and then go back in and fine-tune it, because guess what deborah you have a deadline to put out this first chunk of your story, and that deadline might come BEFORE you’ve really pinned down your characters and maybe even what your story’s about!

maybe that’s why first seasons tend to suck? idk i’ve never worked in television don’t take my word i’m not a fuckign expert i’m just a blog DONT LOOK UP TO ME IM JUST A LANDFILL OF MISCELLANEOUS THOUGHTS AND MEME REFERENCES OK