space cowboy block

You are the COWBOY BEBOP FANDOM. Colloquially you are very LAIDBACK and COOL, and don’t bother to quarrel much. For you, WHATEVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS. Even when you’re AT YOUR COMPUTER, other fandoms tend to respect you, even from those that don’t warm up to others of your sorts in the anime group. However, you always have a moment to stick up to your friends and peers, namely TRIGUN, OUTLAW STAR, AND GUNXSWORD.

You are notable for your love of GOOD MUSIC; nearly all genres of music, honestly. However, JAZZ and BLUES take the most precedent for you, and a JAM SESSION isn’t ever out of the question! You also love both the SCIENCE FICTION and the VINTAGE, which makes for an interesting combination, but somehow it just works. SPACESHIPS, GUNS and MARTIAL ARTS are all within your knowledge. Occasionally, you are also fond of WELSH CORGIS.

ACTION and ADVENTURE are never too much for you, and it never grows old and dull no matter HOW MUCH YOU EXPERIENCE IT. It’s almost like a good DREAM to you.

What will you do?

> Cowboy Bebop: I think it’s time we blow this scene.

Favourite Triguns?

I was thinking of stream potential for kicks, regarding the bit regarding National Doughnut Day and the Trigun community jumping on it. Aside from maybe a bit of draw-stream, maybe I could stream a bit of Trigun again in addition to the other usual SCB I’ve been streaming daily. Like an episode or three. That good? If so, what are some particular episodes considered favorites and possibly worth streaming again?

Or maybe I should just stream Badlands again?