space cowboy

why does every picture of Akmazian feature him with a glorious mane of silky smooth hair swooping over his shoulders and down his back like how is he maintaining this?? where is he getting his hair done are there salons in the fucking void of space where do u go to get ur hair washed and styled when u happen to be a fucking galaxy-wide known terrorist???


“You’re Master cannot save you, boy. He’s unfocused and undisciplined." 

 "Well, then we’re perfect for each other." 

Ezra Bridger + showing concern for his Space Dad, Kanan Jarrus

(I couldn’t help but notice how Ezra’s facial expressions when Sabine wrapped that lasso around Kanan like he was afraid his Master was going to get hurt and how utterly sad he looks at Kanan when Sabine said he was a lousy teacher. He’s like “Oh Kanan…. It’s okay,”. Because he knows Kanan is not a lousy teacher, and probably didn’t like Sabine saying something like that even if it was out of annoyance. Because he remembers that he said something similar to Kanan way back in “Step into the Shaows” and he feels guilty about his attitude back then and Sabine’s now. 

I think as much as Ezra understands Sabine’s frustration and nervousness of their situation but he also is on Kanan’s side because he’s connected to Kanan in a deeper level as Master and Padawan and he also knows that Kanan’s teaching does work even if Sabine is reluctant to learn.)