space cowboy

why does every picture of Akmazian feature him with a glorious mane of silky smooth hair swooping over his shoulders and down his back like how is he maintaining this?? where is he getting his hair done are there salons in the fucking void of space where do u go to get ur hair washed and styled when u happen to be a fucking galaxy-wide known terrorist???


“It’s time for you to forgive yourself.”

“Yes, Master." 

"Do not say you’re proud of me." 

"Me? Never." 

Ezra and Sabine (aka Space Children) hugging their adopted father, Kanan Jarrus

(I know that others are sad/angry that Sabine stayed with her family but I’m actually not. Now that has nothing to do with me not liking Sabine, yes she’s not my favorite character but I do still like her. I’m glad she choose to stay on Mandalore. That way she can help rebuild her planet and get it back to how it was before the Empire took over. It’ll be strange not seeing her with the Ghost crew but honestly this is necessary, for the good of her people she needed to stay, and I have no doubt that she’ll come back. 

But until then we have that Sabine and Kanan hug to gush over because like GUYS, Sabine hugging Kanan was literally my favorite part of ”Legacy of Mandalore“. Just like when Ezra hugged Kanan back in ”Holocrons of Fate“, because Kanan might not be the best Mentor but he is a damn good father and deserves all the hugs for trying his best. He’s just awesome and Ezra and Sabine love their dad and Hera loves her husband and Zeb plus Rex love their brother. Just— URGH so much love! And he loves them all in return.)