space colony art


The Horizon Lunar Colony
By Phoebe ST (welcometothesquidsquad, pheeva, skyminssketches)

I woke up this morning with an image of mccree curled in a ball clutching his lil hat, spinning in outer space in my head, so I made it happen. I wouldn’t mind making a gif of it, but i don’t think im good enough to try that yet XD


Great space colonies.

From top to bottom:

  1. Angus McKie - The High Frontier from the book The Flights of Icarus (1977) by Donald Lehmkuhl with Martyn and Roger Dean.
  2. Painting by Don Davis from his Space Colony series, 1975
  3. The Three Island Space Colony by Roy Coombes from Harry Harrison’s book ‘Mechanismo’ (1978).
  4. Space station Illustration by Russian artist Andrei Sokolov, 1981.
  5. Space colony painting by Don Davis (1975)
  6. Stanford Torus colony - Gerard O'Neill 1974
  7. Space Station Interior for National Georgraphic magazine by Syd Mead from the book The Guide to Fantasy Art Techniques (1984)

I had a dream about dying in space Australia.