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all’s fair in love and pranking

In which a prank is discovered and improved upon in a most unexpected way.


Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts was always a pink and red and fluttery affair, thanks to the hearts hovering all over the castle. Most of the coupled-up people in school loved the decorations in the corridors, the Great Hall, even in every single classroom, while a majority of the perpetual singles hated it. Then there were those who looked at those pink and red hearts fluttering about and saw opportunity.

James Potter and his friends were the sort who saw opportunity; they were also the sort who had an infamous habit of never letting an opportunity pass them by, especially when it was an opportunity for mischief.

And so, on Februrary 13, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black snuck out of their dormitory in the middle of the night to tamper with the festive pink and red hearts hovering all over the castle. They were halfway through with the hearts in the Great Hall when the door creaked open, causing all of them to panic and freeze. It was with an odd mix of relief and dread that James watched as Lily Evans walked in followed closely by a frazzled Remus Lupin.

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I’m a dummy! I promise myself to stop drawing either or both fan arts and personal works so I can focus on my junior piece but NOOOoooo! I let my dummy self experiment more on Gaster cause he’s an interesting character to draw. I called him Bird Gaster just because I have a silly thought that he can shape shift his cloak and stuff… also I like bird theme designs and stuff. Please stop me.

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s/o to everyone for your help with this one, especially because y’all made me sound a lot more impressive and ethereal than i actually am, lmao

a few of my faves:

anonymous said: you’d be a witch with stars in your hair and the brightest smile as you gently move your cat off the sunny window ledge so that your crystals can charge and clean proper but your eyes are sharp and your teeth a little more jagged when people get curious about old looking boxes covered in maroon sigils and they swear they see shapes flitting in and out of your shadow and your cat glares with an uncanny human intelligence when there are strangers. you’re very nice to those who deserve it though

@visitingtrashcan​ said: Your witch would probably be a short, thicc one with armor and draping and gems in their hair and bare shoulders with tattoos that tell the story of how they discovered their magic and eyes that glow at night and knives tucked into boots bc you always have to be prepared

@midwinterain said: *chants* space witch, space witch. Imagine constellation cloaks and dark eyelashes dotted with stars

Reasons to read Kenobi by John Jackson Miller:

*it’s right there in the title this is a book about obi wan set right after rots 

*BUT he is still in the denial stage so it’s not nearly as angsty as it could easily be

*it is basically a western which lbh Tatooine cries out for

*story mostly driven by two super tough ladies

*also there is a teenage girl known for her ability to wrangle riding lizards who had a massive crush on Ben as is meet

*main antagonist is a nice guy douche who gets a satisfying comeuppance 

*lady is like “you know ur space Llama is pregnant, right” and obi wan literally goes “my little llama friend, you have been keeping secrets!”

*Ben meditates by talking to qui gon guaranteed to make JA kids wibble 

*when he travels across the desert to save the day he carries the baby space llama in his cloak bc it is too small to be parted from its mom or to walk

*Obi wan protecting tiny sand person child

*obi wa fighting a dragon

Basically this book is quality from start to finish and everyone should read it