space chases

Lance really is a quick thinker, man! remember when everyone was being chased by space paul blart mall cop?

everyone was like SHIT WHAT DO WE DO THERE’S A DEAD END 

and Lance was like WAIT…




and then he pilots everyone to safety :D

man look at how excited he is! 

good job my son, i am proud of you

teamstopfightingassholes  asked:

Oh man I just went through all of your voltron headcanon when I should be sleeping and they're so so good

here have some more bud ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ 

  • hunk, barging into keith’s room at 3am: “keith i need your help wi- …are you wearing your boots in bed
    • listen. it pays to be prepared, hunk. hunk no don’t go tell lance-
    • for the next week lance points at keith doing mundane tasks and says “look there’s keith kogane. model paladin. Always Ready For Action”
  • allura: [is an incredible and level headed diplomat] allura, trying to make friends: “hey so uh you got any deep dark secrets you wanna share”
  • if you piss off pidge she’ll turn off the gravity in your room
  • coran: “lance can you-” lance: “can’t sorry i have homework”
  • “okay but do we all have to be paladins? because if we get to choose i wanna be a bard”
  • shiro is a constant victim of spoilers
    • everyone’s behind on tv right now but shiro’s even more behind
    • “man you know what i miss? galaxy wars. i seriously gotta know what happened to drax’s daughter after mira’s betrayal” “wait mira did what-
    • stop! talking! about! galaxy wars! he’s only on season 2!
  • hunk: “why is your back all scratched up” lance, who just spent an hour chasing a space raccoon after hunk told him not to: “i’m having an affair”

Resistance Lance comes in many hair colors apparently, and yes he’s been in space long enough being chased by the galra I think he’d have a cyber leg. Gosh he’s a sweetie and I love him.

I worked on this last week but didn’t post it for some reason

Why Glossaryck was right to abandon Star (and why I’ll never doubt him again)

I just read this great Glossaryck meta by @starfleet-officer-jaya about the scene with him and Star in the void, where she lashes out at him for “betraying her” and he just says, “I’m sorry you saw it that way.” It’s such a dismissive thing to say, but it tells us (or confirms) so much about him and it’s so interesting. So it got me thinking.

We can safely assume that Glossaryck is simply a character who knows everything. From his first appearance predicting the end of Star’s mewberty down to the exact second, to his actions in “By the Book” that looked like he was angry at Star all so he could be in the right place at the right time in a fight days away, to his foresight in destroying a certain spell just before Ludo stole the book. We have so many examples of that. And the fact that Glossaryck is more or less omniscient is so important for understanding what he does.

Glossaryck (if he is only one being- didn’t the Sanctuary decorated with icons of him kind of imply that there are more of him, even if they share the same personality? For the record, I don’t believe he’s dead) is in charge of maintaining the book of spells, knowing it cover to cover, knowing its history, the history of all its owners, and evidently, playing personal trainer to every queen of Mewni. In “Page Turner” he says this to Moon after she interferes with Star’s training:

“You don’t trust me, and what’s worse, you don’t trust Star. My Queen, your training was different because Star is different. You have to have faith in her to make choices that are best for her. And my job… is to train Star to be a queen.”

So it was clear back then that Glossaryck’s approach to mentoring was pretty hands-off and vague when the best way to teach was through experience. He’s not afraid to look like he isn’t doing his job because nobody else knows what he does. He’s not even afraid to look like a traitor if it’s the best way to turn Star into a strong, self-sufficient and competent queen. Again: “I’m sorry you saw it that way.”

My favorite Glossaryck scene is the one that most perfectly spells out that he always has a plan, and everything he does is for a very good reason: the scene where Star tries to rescue Glossaryck through the portal. While impressed with the magic she’s pulling off (”I’ve never seen that before” is Glossaryck speak for “wow, that’s impressive,” right?), he basically tells her no, he won’t go with her and he won’t be helping her with this one. “But I need you!” she says, because he’s her teacher, and she’s supposed to have him because she’s supposed to need him.

And he says, “Maybe this is what you need.”

Maybe this is what she needs to start taking herself seriously. Maybe this is what she needs to start independently learning magic. Maybe this is what she needs to learn how powerful she is, even in hopeless situations where the odds are stacked against her. Glossaryck knew that Star was powerful, but too averse to discipline to be trained normally. She’s the rebel princess who interprets instruction as oppression. When she hears do this, she goes in every other direction, just because.

So if you abandon her, she starts her own spellbook, learns how to deal with her corrupted wand, and returns to Mewni when it’s clear she’s needed to fight the increasing danger. She risks her own life many times over, and would have died in the blast from destroying her wand if her hunch about Toffee being absorbed into it had been wrong. Toffee corrupts almost all of her magic and then leaves her in that space to die. She chases one last piece of her magic into the depths until she almost drowns. And then, when you tell her the totally non-magical soup is boiling hot and shouldn’t be touched, she plunges her arms into the very bottom. With the last dregs of her old magic, Star rebuilds her wand and her body, replenishes her magic, and unleashes enough power to destroy an immortal monster. By herself.

Maybe this is what you need.

When you think about it, how else would she have learned?

Monthly Fic Rec May (x)

Louis is the best older brother anyone could ask for. He knows this because he’s agreed to help chaperone his younger sister’s school trip to Rome. As it turns out, Italy is full of surprises. Fizzy’s Italian teacher is surprisingly hot, Rome is surprisingly interesting, and Louis is surprisingly falling in love with more than just the city. 

The one where Harry gets roped into a four-day camping trip with the boy who kissed him and never called back.

The one where Louis just wants to win Trivia Night so he can get some free food, but he can’t because a certain guy with fluffy hair takes home the prize every week - except for one. 

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week. 

The study was to see if two strangers could live together for a month and fall in love.
Louis is allergic to peaches, Harry smells like peaches.
Louis just came for the money.

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Why you need to ward your inner spaces.

When I guide people to make their inner space, the third step is always “ward the shit out of it.”


An inner astral space is still a real space. External spirits and even other humans can come there and find it to visit you! Which is great if you invite them in. And not so great if they come to find your space without being invited.

Consider the following scenarios:

You invite a human friend to come to your astral space. Unbeknownst to you (and possibly, unknown to your friend) a nasty spirit has been following them, looking for a way “in”. Your friend has their inner spaces warded, but yours are not. When they travel to your inner space, this nasty spirit simply follows them, sets up shop in your inner space, and presents itself as a friendly nature spirit. Over time you begin to trust this new, cool being in your inner space and regard it as one of your companions. It’s there to eat you. It will destroy you as soon as you let your guard down.

You go on an astral adventure where you help a group of gnolls who were being targeted for genocide. The humans you fought against naturally, well, don’t like you any more. Among these humans are powerful mages and shamans who follow your energetic signature back home. They invade your inner space, camp out, and wait for you to return. The next time you enter you are ambushed, your astral body is trapped, and you are dragged back to their astral space to be executed.

You have been practicing divination with tarot and pendulum. You are reaching out to house spirits. Unfortunately you have not properly warded your home, and a nasty little spirit sneaks in. After you use your pendulum to speak with it, you enter your inner space. This spirit follows you, and attacks you.

You are doing a guided meditation to meet your guiding spirits. You have never met them before, this is very exciting. Instead of going to a new space, you are transported to within your personal inner space. You see three beings around you. They are all beautiful and smiling. “We are your guides!” they say. You smile. You feel uncomfortable for some reason. Maybe just anxiety from meeting new spirits? They crowd around you. “You need a healing, dear. Just relax, and let us in…” You lie down. You don’t like this, but they are your guides, right? You close your eyes. You feel something coming in. This isn’t right… Far above, your true guides are screaming. You can’t hear them.

Fortunately, warding your inner space is easy. Here are a few techniques:

Go to your inner space and fly up to space. Create a thick (perhaps two or three hundred feet/100 meters) orb around the entire space that you see. NOTHING may penetrate these wards except for you and beings you invite by name. Graft magical sigils in to the surface of your magical orb.

Build a guardian’s home. A big one. Create the most powerful astral creature you can imagine that is devoutly loyal to you. A dragon, a flock of griffins, a hydra, a cerebus. Anything. Charge it with guarding your inner space and chasing away all who try to approach. Speak to it every time you travel and get a status report.

Build an automated zapping system. Construct a huge tower that ascends far in to the sky. Fill it with powerful and infinite energy to target and attack any unknown, external entities that try to enter your inner space.

Return to the orb you built. Place an enchantment over it so your astral space is invisible to all who seek it out and impossible to find to outsiders.

Enchant or sigil your orb-wall so it causes great pain to whoever tries to enter unallowed.

Inside your orb-wall, ward your personal home or spaces you spend the most time in. Draw lines in the ground made of stone. Add sigils of protection.

Create multiple mini-guardians that travel your inner space. They can be wolves, lions, soldiers, whatever you like. Instruct them to travel and live in the land, and take care of any intruders.

Remember – there are LOTS of friendly, good, worthwhile spirits to be friends with. There is no need to entertain or accept random intruders just to have a “real” spirit experience. Trust me.

**Do not be worried about all this if you are just going out daydreaming. This is all for a permanent inner space that you identify as your astral home ^^


now that the stream’s over, here’s a recap on what happened!

What we’ve learned!
-Josh actually styled his hair like Shiro’s for the stream. It was amazing.
-If josh were a tree he’d be a japanese cherry blossom tree. Shiro would be a plumeria (whatever that one is)
-Shiro’s hairstyle is definitely something he does himself. There’s no way it just happens. lol
-voicing Shiro losing his cool was a highlight for Josh!
-Josh wasn’t sure what to expect with Shiro’s character when he first took on the job, only that he was excited because he grew up watching Voltron as a child.
-Besides Shiro, who would Josh pick to be? He said a cross between Lance and Pidge.
-Josh’s favorite lines as Shiro have been “Form Voltron!” and “Go, be great.” among others that are very inspirational.
-When asked about dealing with any difficulties recording, Josh said it wasn’t difficult but doing ADR can be tricky since he likes to do it on the fly.
-Josh gives tips and advice for those who want to try getting into voice acting!
-To get into Shiro’s voice, Josh likes to do forty push-ups before recording and he does some other elements of physicality, such as keeping excellent posture, to get into Shiro’s character.
-One of Josh’s favorite memories about Voltron is the announcement at Wondercon, it always makes him smile.
-He was then given some art that was posted online, and offered cupcakes.

Overall, it was a super short stream, but fun nonetheless, further details below the cut!

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