space cerberus

♇✨ Plutonic Protection Spell ✨♇

a spell for the aid of the power of hades and cerberus, to protect either oneself or an object. hellenic / celestial magic fusion. 

♇  gather: sign of pluto ♇ , smoky quartz and representative object of what you wish to protect, a box.

✨ beseech hades and ask for permission. do not complete the spell without it. 

♇  respectfully ask hades to take the what is to be protected into his territory.

✨ respectfully ask cerberus to guard it. 

♇  place the object into the box, attach the sign of pluto to it. 

✨ invoke the constellation cerberus and pluto, for protection.

♇  seal the box with the smoky quartz inside. 

✨  leave dog treats out to thank cerberus for his assistance, and an offering for hades thanking him.

🐕 💀 Cerberus Curse 💀 🐕

a curse that falls upon those who attempt to hurt something under the Plutonic Protection Spell, and sets Cerberus on their ass until they back off

🐕 often called the “hound of Hades”, is a multi-headed dog, who guards the gates of the underworld

💀 gather: scale (sequins are a replacement) dog fur (preferably shed while petting one), thorns and the box.

🐕 perform the Plutonic Protection Spell

💀 invoke and inscribe the constellation Cerberus on the box

🐕 arrange the thorns like teeth along the opening of the box

💀  attach the fur to the box

🐕 attach the scale or sequins in a pattern like a tail.

💀   seal the box and keep in a safe place. 

🐕 leave an offering out for Cerberus to thank him for protecting it. 

Some oversimplifications

So about the Spring 2016 anime…I’ve looked it over and noticed a few things.

[Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any offense taken]

On to it then. There are some scandalous shows that look like bastard children from extramarital affairs. We have:

Re: Zero: Erased x KonoSuba

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Attack on Titan x Guilty Crown

Seisen Cerberus: Chaos Dragon x Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

Big Order: Mirai Nikki x Code Geass

And then we have a few please-notice-me-senpai(s) shows:

My Hero Academia: One Punch Man and the Big Three

Bungou Stray Dogs: Noragami and Blood Blockade Battlefront

Bakuon: Yowamushi Pedal There’s already a girl bicycle club anime coming in the Fall, so no. So perhaps any other badass racing anime?

Endride: Comet Lucifer

Joker Game: a bit of Baccano perhaps?

High School Fleet: Girls und Panzer

Kiznaiver: AnoHana

Gyakuten Saiban: Detective Conan

Twin Star Exorcists: Blue Excorcist / D-gray Man

Space Patrol Luluco: Kill la Kill

We also have a spiritual sister and origin stories too!

Anne Happy♪: The spiritual sister of every Moe anime out there.

Sakamoto desu ga?: The ‘when-he-was-human’ origin story of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.  

12sai: The prequel to every magical girl anime ever.

And don’t forget the AUs:

Three leaves, three colors/ Sanshs Sanyou: Sore ga Seiyuu!

Tanaka-kun is always listless: Kuroko if he didn’t play basketball.

There are some shows I missed. I’ll check if I can make some comparisons once I’ve seen more of it, and add them later! 

anonymous asked:

I can't think of a specific question but I want to hear/see you talk about GiroNatsu :3

Oh lord, where do I start with these two?

GiroNatsu was my first ship when I started watching/reading KG, and to this day, they are still my top ship.

What I like most about them is that, unlike a lot of the other human/Keronian pairs in KG, Giroro and Natsumi are truly partners. They have each other’s backs and can fight side by side with no trouble.

They genuinely care for each other, though Natsumi is oblivious to Giroro’s true feelings. She’s tended to his wounds after he was badly injured. He planted an entire field of sweet potatoes for her. And then they worked together to harvest the potatoes. IT WAS TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

And lord help you if you put on of them in danger. Natsumi rode through a desert planet and did battle with an alien by herself to save Giroro’s life. Giroro broke out of his holding cell to take on his platoon mates after they assaulted Natsumi with soy beans.

And of course, I don’t think I need to remind you about Giroro defeating a Space Cerberus for its liver when Natsumi fell fatally ill.

Or when Natsumi was brainwashed by the robot suit and Giroro had to tell her loved her to get her out of it.

Or when Natsumi ran to the train station because she hadn’t gotten to say good-bye to Giroro.

Or when Natsumi struggled not to cry when Giroro disappeared from her yard.


[TECHNOLOGY] Experimental Jett Drive Wrecks Ship

via Advances in Space Propulsion Journal

A new experimental drive core from Jett Stellar Drives has wrecked their test ship on its first unsimulated test run. The star drive manufacturer has released only sparse details of their new product to the public, but the company claims that it will revolutionize space travel once it reaches technological maturity. Rumoured to be derived from salvaged Reaper technology, the new drive allegedly does not suffer from the electric charge build-up that necessitates contemporary starships to discharge regularly at stellar bodies to avoid systems and crew loss.

Footage shot from a distance shows that the test ship attempted to power up and accelerate to super-luminal velocity, but a visible arc of static discharge aft of the ship signaled drive failure and the end of the test. A stream of excited element zero could be seen trailing behind the ship, emanating from cracks in the hull.

Jett Stellar Drives’ CEO addressed the shot footage, which did not originate from the company’s own media corps:

“Error is a natural part of the development cycle for new concepts. We witnessed one just now. Fortunately this was only a drone ship, so the damages are merely material. According to our simulations this should not have happened, but we haven’t yet determined whether it was due to a failure in construction or a failure in theory. The latter option is much more exciting, as it would indicate new mechanics unknown to our current understanding of physics.”

Market response to the test has remained mild so far, with a 1% decline to Jett Stellar Drives’ value. No competitor saw their share prices rise in response.