space cat

xstarthesingingdemon  asked:

Hey boris? I have a question, why did blue run away anyway? I'm worried about him. He is my brother now, and I miss him. Boris, what are we going to do once we find him? He could be hurt or worse. But,somehow, I feel like something or someone wanted blue to run away.

“……… I don’t know… none of us know… Blue apparently can’t talk… Sammy’s not saying anything about it so either he doesn’t know or he’s keeping secrets from us… and since I haven’t been able to go in and see him yet I can’t really get any answers myself… As far as my knowledge of this whole thing, I can assume that crazy robot lady we destroyed was made out of the ink machine or at least a version of it and she was keeping Blue and an alien space cat thing prisoner or something… Laugh Track is the alien’s name, apparently the Tony guy is the artist who made him… there’s a long story about those two that they haven’t been too talkative about… no one has been very talkative really… 

I just want to see him…”

“And I swear if Sammy doesn’t let me see Bendy soon I’m gonna fucking tear him in half the next time I see him… Bendy is my best friend, my responsibility, and here’s Sammy just showing up and starts bossing everyone around and getting between me and my best friend when he needs me most… I don’t trust him, I don’t trust any of those humans other than Henry… that Tony guy carries a cross around and I’ve seen what it does to searchers, I don’t even want to think about what it might do to Blue…

But Blue’s not the only one who’s unwell right now…

Henry didn’t make it out all in one piece either…”

Space Pets

I wish you could have a pet in ME:A, like pyjaks and hamsters are cute, But I’d love to have a cat. Plus, I think Jaal would imminently fall in love with one.

Jaal: What is this fluffy creature? 

Ryder: That’s my son.

Jaal: …what.

Ryder: *laughs* That’s my cat. It’s a pet some humans have.

Jaal: *picks up the cat* 

Jaal: What it is doing with its claws?

Ryder: It’s kneading, it means it likes you.

Jaal: *pets the cat* Why does it vibrate?

Ryder: It’s purring, it means he loves you.


Jaal: Ryder, our son has my eyes.