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lol this post contains spoilers on the Halloween special, so if you haven’t already watched it, its on YouTube now.

K lol so basically i wanna talk about Jasper. More specifically, Jasper’s death. In the scene in the cellar, Nikki begins playing with the pogs on the floor, which, I assume, belonged to Jasper.

In the scene where Space kid takes off his helmet to go down the laundry shoot, he hands his helmet to Jasper, which falls right through his hands. This shows us that Jasper cannot hold/touch any physical objects.

This means that Jasper’s pog collection hadn’t been moved by Jasper after his death, meaning he probably bought his pogs to spooky island, and died there.

I’d also like to point out that, right before space kid hands Jasper his helmet, Jasper says, “im cursed to be confined to this island for the rest of time.” Most of the time, ghosts haunt the place that they had died, especially if they were murdered there. This leads me to believe that Jasper had been murdered by Cameron on Spooky island, probably sometime after the events with the bear attack. Cameron was probably worried that Jasper would say something about how he’d almost died during his stay at camp Campbell, which would obviously effect Cameron’s reputation and most likely get the camp shut down, so he killed Jasper to keep him quiet.

lol maybe im looking too deeply into it idk, but anyway, that’s my theory.

Scene Analysis: Max Shows Concern?


Ever since watching the season finale on Friday, I cannot forget one of the scenes I saw. It was the scene in which we learn that Space Kid is the actual great grandchild of Neil Armstrong. But it is not this reveal that stuck with me. The part that kept coming to mind over the weekend were the moments before Buzz Aldrin’s arrival. When Space Kid tells Max his parents couldn’t make it.

When Max asks where is parents are, he looks annoyed and genuinely uninterested in Parents Day. But when Space Kid says his parents couldn’t make it, something changes. Max pauses and says “Oh really? That sucks.” with more concern than we’ve seen in most episodes.

See that? His eyebrows curve and he frowns. They don’t turn down into a V, but outward, kid of like two half circles. That’s a normal facial expression for sadness, pity, concern, etc… And call me naive, but I don’t think that concern is faked. He notices Space Kid is parent-less as well and relates. Max knows what it’s like to have his parents be ‘too busy’.

After Max says how much that sucks, Space kid goes on to tell him his uncle came instead. Putting him back into a place of happiness and family. Something Max clearly didn’t have in that episode. This puts him back into a sour mood as he kicks the support of Space Kids ‘ship’

Basically what I wanted to say with this post is that Max CAN show concern. He doesn’t want other kids to be in the same situation as he is and shows concern for those who are.

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Headcanon: Max, Chucky and Nerris all come from the same town (because why not.)


Bless you, Anon, not only for this awesome headcanon, but because I’ve been wanting to talk about location headcanon’s concerning the campers and counselors for awhile now!

Okay, so I completely agree with Nerris, Max, and Chucky living close to one another, but I also headcanon that Nurf also lives somewhere nearby; at least in relation to Max. It just always seems like the two know each other better than the show leads us to believe, and might actually explain Max’s initial reactions during episode 9 - possibly in disbelief that this bully, someone he probably saw get shoved to the side because the adults around them just didn’t want to deal with yet another “problem child”, had such a similar, dysfunctional home life compared to his own.

As for everyone else, I can see Preston and Harrison living in the same area (they probably have sleep-overs where they just talk shit about everyone in their school), and I think it’d be really cute if Space Kid and Ered lived close by one another (they don’t hang out, but Space Kid still gives her a friendly “Hi” whenever they see each other on the street).

Unfortunately, everyone else is pretty spread out, and probably won’t be associating with one another once the summer’s over.

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Headcanon: Ered is Space Kid's babysitter. (I came up with this headcanon after reading your post on the camper's locations.)

D’aw, this is really adorable!

Now all I can think of Ered decorating a one of her dirt bikes to look like a rocket because Space Kid wanted to play rocket-ship with her, and the two riding it down a super-steep road. 

It ends with multiple bruises and scratches, but at the same time, it was worth it.