space boss

As we approach the 7th of N and we move into a new era of space based gaming, let us look back fondly at the adventures we all shared in the most bestest of games ever “#1 space boss centre of the universe best person in world simulator 2183-2186″ more commonly known as “Mass Effect”. 

In honour of the occasion I’ve drawn the 100% true and real ending of ME3 that we all know well, where Shepard is totally okay and so is Anderson, he was just napping and then Thane’s ghost showed up and everyone was all like “wow, Shepard, you’re like the best dancer ever, we were all just pretending you weren’t to keep you humble!” and they all danced and had lemonade :3

Thank you Bioware.



(p.s. Mordin’s ghost is at the bar with Sam and Karin… The artist thought of this beforehand and is in no way a forgetful fool) (p.p.s. Legion is data now and is in that screen making that message.)

Some notes from Brazilian Lit. textes. Lots of Stabilo as you can see because the pastel highlighters are finally available in Brazil yayyy

What kinda aesthetic is ur boss into? Are they flower crowns and sakrua trees? Are they dirty gritty, grunge kings/queens? Do they partake in the night life neon aesthetic? Or are they more of a black and white gangster aesthetic?

Okay so like in Saints Row The Third, it’s canon ending that the Saints filmed their own movie out of what happened with Killbane.

And that makes me thing, what if instead of Gangsters in Space they made a movie about something that is a lot more tied to your Boss?

Like if your Boss is into medieval stuff, it was set in the Middle Age instead of the Mars.

Witch Garden tips

If you have a ton of space a labyrinth is boss. If you don’t, a labyrinth drawn on a smooth rock or step stone is awesome.

Look up companion plants to help keep pests away. For example? Parsley keeps aphids away from roses. So plant a border of parsley around your roses.

Plant flowers that attract bees. Bees charge your garden, pollinate your plants and are awesome. I love thinking of them as members of a tiny goddess cult, just out grabbing sacrifices for their fuzzy version of Frig

I keep a pretty bowl in my garden for bottles of water or ingredients I am charging in the moon/sun

I like bird feeders. They are a great place to put spells or charms you want to spread. I like to read the visitors to my feeder as signs.

neontortue  asked:

Can we just pause and appreciate Saeran sitting like a boss in space while nonchalantly watching his bro and MC get married? 😍 I mean, how can one look so good in space?! 😍

yup, no one can look dat good in space lol

also appreciate Vanderwood for them flowers XD